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Inspiring People Who Changed Some Most Common Viewpoints

stephen Hawking

Heroes are a breed apart. They are gifted. They have never challenged a real tough situation, poverty, or thousand failures. They just got lucky whatever they did. Most of the people start thinking in this way whenever they face a couple of failures. That’s human nature; we often get depressed when things don’t work out. ...

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19 Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups


Artificial intelligence companies are sprouting all over the world. With rapid advancements ranging from virtual assistants to fraud detection, AI has come a long way recently. Almost every organization, whether it is fashion, banking or retail, is using AI in a way possible to innovate and make their services better. Technology giants like Apple, Google, ...

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40+ Excellent Examples of 3d Art for your Inspiration

Animistic Head

The trend of 3d art is not new but it is getting popular day by day. Adding an extra dimension can really do magic. Not only it looks attractive, but it puts life into the picture. The people are very creative, imaginative and talented. Plus hundreds of open source 3d tools are available on the internet. That’s icing on ...

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60 Beautiful Typography Examples For Your Inspiration


The Typography represents the art of arranging type, processing data and printing from it. More importantly, it is a useful medium through which you can communicate creative ideas and your thoughts. It’s a crucial part, especially for web designer. Typography can make or break a website design. A good typography doesn’t only provide readability ease ...

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How 25+ Big Companies Got their Names


Every famous company has rumors about how they got or earned their name. There are always appropriate reasons or some logics behind those names. For example, most of us don’t know what exactly Yahoo stands for; actually it’s not a word but an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. Cofounders selected the name because they liked ...

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10+ Biggest Companies Lead by Indian CEO

A chief executive officer /CEO is the highest ranking corporate officer of an organization. The CEO has the responsibilities of a director, decision maker, leader, manager and executor. In less than a week, Satya Nadella is world-wide known for being the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world, Microsoft. And the important thing is ...

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10 Inspiring 3D Printing Startup Companies

3D printer

3D printing is the latest manufacturing technique which continues to grow every day. It uses an advanced type of additive manufacturing process which creates a 3-dimensional object layer by layer. 3D printer allows creating things easy, fast and affordable. The technology can also be used on a larger scale in many industries including medicine, construction, ...

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10 Extremely Successful Companies Started in Garage


Are you a young entrepreneur who wants to start a new business on your own? If you are frustrated by how much time it will take to successfully, hold on and just don’t give up on your dreams because all the big and famous companies always start from a small business. There are lots of ...

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10 Greatest Scientist Ever who completely Transformed the World

Stephen Hawking

You probably know some scientist had their own extraordinary methods of experimentation and some others were thought as an idiot in their time. But those are some cases of misunderstood genius who changed the shape of the world. They have countless contribution in the advancement of human civilization. Many of them dedicated their whole life in ...

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10 Most Inspiring Famous Failures

Walt Disney

Nowadays who are residing on the top, never got smooth success after success. It’s natural when you reach the point of failing you are highly depressed and feel like to give up. If you fall then it’s your choice whether you want to get up and move on or not. It takes a lot of inspiration ...

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11 Most Profitable Small Businesses

Small business resource center - Most Profitable Small Businesses

A few decades ago, small businesses were targeting only limited audience and therefore limited profit they got. But now, market profile has been completely changed and small businesses can also target same as the big companies. They also have loyal clients because they are capable to provide real customer experience. Now there are numerous small businesses ...

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