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20 Famous Logos With Their Hidden Meaning


Every day you see thousands of logos around you but have you ever tried to find the detail and meaning of these logos. There are many popular companies with their famous logos but only few people actually know the meaning of these symbols. Every famous company is recognized by its logo. Most of the people don’t ...

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7 Creative Ideas that got People Rich in No Time


Everyone on earth want’s to die rich. We all do the hard work for years to earn money and still couldn’t get to a million dollars. However, there are few people who earned more than a million with their amazing ideas. You might find there concept/idea was quite crazy but to be successful you must ...

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100+ Inspirational Quotes by Famous People

Inspirational Quotes by Famous People

The definition of progress is different for everyone and depends on all your profession. We all are struggling and want to become a successful person. Everyone faced many difficulties in their life and motivational and inspirational quotes helped us a lot to go through a tough time. Whether you are a businessman or having a 9 ...

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10 Self Motivation Tips For Successful Career

10 tips for successful career - Self Motivation Tips

According to few psychologists, motivation is concerned with the activation and intention and a driving force that changes the desire to will in our life. Motivation is an inner drive and you have to enhance it regularly for self-motivation. It is very important in any business and if you are an entrepreneur, it becomes a ...

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Top 10 Great Inventions Made By Kids

The Algae Mobile

Kids are considered more creative and inventive than elders. They are natural innovators. Some of them turn their small ideas to a multi-millionaire company. Some of the following kids invent new things by luck while others really do hard work to shape their dream. These kids are idol to inspire anyone who wants to get into ...

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Top 10 Most Inspiring Startups in India


Indian startups continues to grow very rapidly and gaining their position in the global technology platform. Many Indian based startups were acquired by the world’s top companies which show their value in the market. Hunger for success, determination and inspiration are the signs of a successful startup. Whatever business you want to start, you have to ...

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10 Self Made Teenage Millionaires

DAVID COOK, CATHERINE COOK - Self Made Teenage Millionaires

A million dollar business starts with one sparkle of innovation and hardworking determination to give something very useful to the world. The following list features 10 self-made teenage millionaires and most of them are entrepreneurs. Some of them made their first million dollars before the age of 20, this show that age doesn’t matter in the business. ...

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Top 10 Famous Inventions By Women

Automatic Telephone Switching Network

May be the necessity is the mother of invention. Throughout the history of the 21st century there are many famous women inventors who have played an important role in the world of innovation. Numbers of women are increasing linearly in the field of discovery and inventions. According to the statistics, in the 20th century, only ...

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10 Extremely Successful People Without Formal Education

Dhirubhai Ambani

People who have partially or wholly self taught education are known by the name autodidacts. We are not telling you to quit education or not to get any degree because every person must be qualified to get a decent job. Nowadays education is very important, the more education you receive, more you gain knowledge, more you ...

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10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in the World

Debbi Fields

New generation women across the globe are trying to prove themselves. Few women entrepreneurs have contributed a lot to the society and influenced others. The number of self employed women has been increased very fast in the last three decades and most of the businesses is home based. According to statistics, as of 2012, there ...

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10 Motivational & Inspirational Movies For Entrepreneurs

Motivational & Inspirational Movies

Today’s generation is the entrepreneurship generation. Every person wants to become an entrepreneur but there are many difficulties every entrepreneur face throughout his/her life. Many times you just feel to quit it and GIVE UP. Sometimes it just gets harder to feel motivated to finish it off as you have planned. Then all you need to be ...

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The 7 Biggest Challenges Every Entrepreneurs Face


Nowadays it is very easy to become an entrepreneur, but also the toughest time to become a successful entrepreneur. A billionaire said that “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun and it has to exercise your creative instinct”. For any type of business, the most essential part is the customers. The first ...

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