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22 Creative CSS Hover Effects

Card hover effect

Applying hover effects on texts, links, or images is not something new. However, with the rapid enhancements in various web technologies, the basic things on the internet have changed a lot. And the hover effect is no exception here. The latest technologies like CSS3, LESS and SVG pictures have shown us a lot of unique ...

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40 Best Websites to Download Free STL Files for 3d Printing | 2017


The trend of 3d prints is growing; more and more users are looking for new and fun projects they can 3d print at home. You can also start once you get a 3d printer. All you need is material and 3d blueprint to print your product. The 3d blueprint comes as .STL format (stands for STereoLithography), which contains data describing the layout ...

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14 Good Reddit Alternatives You Should Check Out

Stack Exchange 

Reddit has gained popularity in the last couple of years. It’s an amazing platform for finding cool content and discussing recent issues with people from all around the world. If you look on the positive side, there is so much user-generate content that you could spend hours browsing the site. It’s an extremely addicting and constantly ...

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60 Beautiful Typography Examples For Your Inspiration


The Typography represents the art of arranging type, processing data and printing from it. More importantly, it is a useful medium through which you can communicate creative ideas and your thoughts. It’s a crucial part, especially for web designer. Typography can make or break a website design. A good typography doesn’t only provide readability ease ...

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32 Modern Website Layouts With Geometric Elements For Inspiration


The ordinary squares from web design layout elements are already started to transform in triangles, rhombuses, hexagons and circles. Nowadays, unique sliders, gallery sections, bold fonts and blank spaces are used to catch user attention so used with common grids and rectangles. However, using unusual shapes and geometry in web designs doesn’t guarantee success as ...

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40+ Inspiring Examples of Visual Storytelling Websites

Slam Dunk History

Storytelling is a powerful approach, when done right, it can attract visitors to convert more effectively. Designing a website with visual storytelling is a big challenge. Not every visual story has to be interactive, however, must be engaging. If visitor barely look at it, or get bored, then what was the point of creating a ...

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22 Best Valentine’s Day Websites and Apps

On Valentine’s day men shoot themselves in the foot, often with the guns that they have cluelessly bought for their girlfriends or wives as a valentine gift. Some people express their love for each other by sending greeting cards or presenting flowers. But, for many men, buying a Valentine present often ends in disappointment and ...

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20 Web Design Trends for 2017

Parallax design

Every year, the web industry goes through an evolution cycle to stay engaging and inspiring. It’s time to look ahead and predict how web design will evolve over the next twelve months. From functionality to typography and color, immersive storytelling to virtual reality and AI-powered chatbots, 2017 will be a year of new ideas and fresh visual ...

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Facebook News Feed Ranking Factors | The complete Guide

Facebook News Feed Ranking Factor - The simplified equation RIP BUTT

Facebook is filtering news feeds, WHY? Every time someone visits Facebook there are around 1500 news feed on average (per day) and most users don’t have time to see them all. Also, every page on Facebook wants to show their posts to all active users. These reasons are forcing Facebook to play a role of ...

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