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20 Best WordPress Subscription Plugins to Increase Traffic

WP PopUp Revolution

You always get various advantages if you are hosting on the most popular CMS, WordPress. The one advantage among them is hundreds of fancy subscription plugins. Lots of new bloggers don’t know the importance of subscription. Every time you publish a new post that will be broadcasted through email. Let me tell you, returning visitors ...

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How to get Google Adsense Approval: The Complete Guide

How to get Google Adsense Approval: The Complete Guide and how we got it

There are hundreds of advertising networks and the truth is you can’t compare any of them with Google AdSense. We have tried numerous top level advertising networks and here the interesting fact: Money earned from 10 highest paying AdSense alternative networks Combined < Money earned from Google AdSense alone For basic information like how much you can ...

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10 Latest Web Design Trends 2014 + Infographics

Latest Web Design Trends 2014 - flat

As a web designer/developer, you are visiting thousands of websites just to get an idea of any new available design. In the last couple of years, numerous compelling designs have been introduced. The web technologies are really expanding at an exponential rate and the W3C standard has pushed the website to the next level. The new ...

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How often you should Update Blog post?

How often you should publish a new blog post to get maximum profit.

Before starting a blog, you should design a roadmap to make it successful. The roadmap refers to What topic you are going to put there What kind of audience would you like to attract Design and structure of website and for nowadays the most important thing ” Blog update frequency“. The new search engine algorithm considers date ...

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High Quality Content: What does it really mean?

What does High Quality Content really mean?

If you ask any blogger or SEO expert that how to get on top of search engine, they all will give you a common answer i.e. Create High Quality Content. I know you have heard this zillion times and this cheesy line doesn’t help a bit understanding the whole concept, especially if your website is ...

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Top 20 Methods to get Penalized by Google

top 20 Methods to get Penalized by Google

Google is working very hard in order to provide accurate and unique information to its users. They continue to improve their algorithms so that best content gets the exposure. And to do the same they have to penalize few spammy or low quality content websites. What is Google Penalty? It simply refers to the negative ...

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How to Earn Money from Google Adsense

We are getting many questions by email and the majority of senders are desperate to know how to earn money online especially through AdSense. No doubt, AdSense is the most popular and best way to earn money online. How to use this program efficiently? What you need? How much you can earn? Can you make ...

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Free Theme vs Premium Theme | Which one you should use


The very first thing people see on your site is content as well as the overall design. Along with the quality content it is equally important to design good looking and impressive blog. If you are running a website on CMS platform the first thing to do is select a decent template. There are thousands ...

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10 Effective Ways to Decrease Web Page Load Time

Ways to Decrease Web Page Load Time

What is Page Load Time? The amount of time (in seconds) website/blog takes to load from initiation of page view to load completely in the browser. Page Load Time = Network Server time + Browser time Why to Decrease Page load time? Web page loading speed is the most crucial part SEO. Google consider it ...

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Image Optimization Tips and Tricks for Better SEO

Most of the bloggers didn’t know the role of image for generating organic traffic. Sometimes even webmasters are so focused on their written content SEO that they underestimate the role of images. Today our article is based on Images present in the content and how to get more visitors through it. Believe me, your images ...

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10 Best Ways to Increase Alexa Rank of your blog

how to increase alexa ranking

Does Alexa Rank really matter? Let’s find out!! Most of the blogger thinks that Alexa Rank has nothing to do with web traffic or blog status. This is a huge misconception among few fresh webmasters. In fact, Alexa is given the highest priority after Google Page Rank. Many visitors and even advertisers judge your site ...

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