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T-CUP: World’s Fastest Camera Captures 10 Trillion Frames Per Second

T-CUP: World's Fastest Camera

New single-shot 10-trillion fps compressed ultrafast photography (T-CUP) technique captures any event with 100 femtoseconds frame intervals.  It can be used to study interactions between matter and light at an unprecedented temporal resolution.  The pump-probe methods allow us to capture transient events through repeated measurements. However, several dynamics are either non-repeatable or hard to recreate. For instance, ...

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New Flying Drone Can Be Controlled By Eyes

Drone Can Be Controlled By Eyes

Researchers develop a new system to control flying drones with eyes.  This includes a lightweight eye-tracking glasses and inertial measurement unit.  The glasses provide a 2D gaze coordinates, which is further converted in 3D using a deep neural network.  The popularity of drones has increased over the past few years, and the trend will continue in ...

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New Lithium-Ion Batteries Do Not Explode Under Any Circumstances

New Lithium-Ion Batteries Do Not Explode

The non-explosive lithium-ion battery is inspired by an interesting behavior of unique liquids that turn solid on sudden impact. They are made by dispersing spherical silica particles in battery liquid, which block the flow of ions on impact.  The lithium-ion batteries are the most energetic rechargeable batteries available in the market. You can find them ...

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Most Efficient, Dual-Layer Solar Cell With 22.4% Efficiency

Dual-Layer Solar Cell

New double-layer solar cells use photoactive materials to harvest a wider solar spectrum.  It sets a new record of converting 22.4% of the sunlight into electrical energy.  The double layer solar cell sits on a two-millimeter thick glass substrate. The conventional (single-junction) solar cells convert less than 20 % of sunlight into electricity. Tandem (multi-junction) solar cells, ...

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Affordable Road Bikes: How To Choose The Best Model For Your Needs

Affordable road bike

Road bikes are known for their comfortable ride on asphalt and cobblestone, incredible load-caring ability, and on-road racing. These lighter and environment-friendly means of transportation keep you in shape. The key materials that distinguish road bikes from other bicycles are their lightweight frames and skinny tires that don’t go above 0.9 – 1.1 inches. Two cogs ...

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Dactyl: A human-like Robot Hand That Uses AI To Achieve Unprecedented Dexterity

human-like Robot Hand uses AI

Dactyl learns to solve the object reorientation task through simulations, without requiring any human intervention.  It can analyze fingertips’ coordinates and images from 3 conventional RGB cameras.  They used MuJoCo physics engine to measure physicals attributes like damping and friction. For humans, dexterous manipulation of objects is a daily task, but it’s still challenging for ...

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10 Different Types of Computer Keyboards

Robotron Z1013 membrane keyboard

The keyboard is an important piece of computer hardware which is used to insert all sorts of characters into the system. In a typical keyboard, each button usually corresponds to a single character or symbol, however a combination of key punches are required to produce a desired character. Although, the interpretation of key punches in ...

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The High-Performance Long-Lasting Organic Flow Battery

Long-Lasting Organic Flow Battery

Researchers develop a new organic molecule that offers the high-performance, longest-lasting organic flow battery so far.  It has tens of thousands of charge-discharge cycles with a degradation rate of 3% per year. Fossil Fuels are polluting our environment at an extremely fast rate. If everything goes at the pace, we won’t be able sustain human civilization in the ...

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