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8 Different Types of Telescopes | Explained

Spitzer - different types of Telescopes

Astronomers and stargazers use telescopes to observe faint, distant objects in the universe because they have much higher resolution and can gather more light from a small portion of the space than our eyes, obviously. But do you know there are actually more than one type of telescope available? The earliest known telescope in the ...

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Optical Microscope Can Provide Atomic Accuracy

Calibration of optical microscope

Researchers develop a new technique to make optical microscope more accurate while imaging nanoparticles.  They put an optical microscope under a microscope to achieve precision with high accuracy.  Optical microscopes are one of the simplest and oldest design of microscope developed in the 17th century. Over the past 20 years, researchers have made several improvements in ...

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5 Quantum Processors [of 2018] That Features New Computing Paradigm

IBM Quantum processors

Tech giants like IBM, Google, Intel, and numerous startups are racing to develop the new machine that utilizes quantum mechanical phenomena, like superposition and entanglement. Quantum computing will be extremely useful to the next-generation of computing and communication technology. However, the quantum computing is not going to come easily, and we don’t know anything for ...

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New Robotic Spine Exoskeleton (RoSE) Could Help Treat Spine Deformities

Robotic Spine Exoskeleton

RoSE is a dynamic spine brace that characterizes the 3 dimensional stiffness of the human torso.  It identifies and treats spinal deformities. The system consists of 12-degree-of-freedom supervised via 12 motors. Spinal deformities, like kyphosis and idiopathic scoliosis, are abnormalities of formation and alignment of the curvature in the spine. There are more than 4 million cases ...

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Intelligence-Augmentation Device Can Transcribe Words You ‘Silently Speak’

Intelligence-Augmentation Device

Researchers develop a system that allows you to communicate seamlessly with your personal digital device and other people without speaking anything.  The system analyzes neuromuscular signals in the face and correlates them with specific words.  Input modalities have surely come a long way since punch cards. Today, we’ve advanced systems (like touch-enabled and voice inputs) ...

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13 Extremely Dangerous Weapons That Are Banned In Wars

White Phosphorous

After the horrible events of World War I, governments of different nations and other international institutions penned down various worldwide treaties and agreements, that refrain anyone from using certain poisonous gases and other bacteriological weapons against their enemies in war. One such agreement is the Geneva Protocol of 1925. The protocol prohibited the use of several ...

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The New Graphcore AI Chips Are 100 Times faster


One of the hottest U.K. based startups, Graphcore focuses on accelerating the processing of complex machine learning models for training and inference. They are working on an Artificial Intelligence chip to lower the cost of AI applications in enterprise datacenters and cloud, and increase the performance by up to 100 times compared to the fastest system available today. The ...

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