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15 Bizarre World War 2 Weapons

World War 2 Weapons - Schwerer Gustav

Human and weapons have a very special chemistry between them. Every weapon of different shape and size, exhibit the mental and economical characteristics of its inventor. No matter when or how a weapon was made, it is solely intended to disable or perish targets. But sometimes things can get horribly wrong and useless. During the ...

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35+ Unique Gadgets For Geeks (Available Online)

Black Scorpion Computer Mouse

There is no doubt that Internet has changed the way we learn, communicate, shop, in fact it has changed the whole living style. In a last few couple of years, the online marketing has grown at a tremendous rate. The great thing about online store is, it takes care of all types of audience. There ...

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20 Most Powerful and Dangerous Guns Of All Time

Sig-Sauer P226

Guns can be deadly, life taking, can do serious demolition, but at the same time it is lifesaving. Either in a gang war or world war or just in a museum, modern guns represent the technological innovations and modification by which they became more lethal to other. In this special article, we accumulate 20 most ...

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20 Amazing 3D Creations That You Can Buy Online

Animaris Geneticus Ondularis

It’s been more than thirty years when Chuck Hull invented the first 3D printer in 1983. After three decades of development, everyone wants the 3d printed machine in their home. But, most of the people are unable to buy a personal 3D printer due to its high price. With today’s 3D printing technology, we are ...

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11 Gadgets Designed For People With Disabilities

DEKA Robotic Arm

Technology for disabled people is a new term but the basic idea is as old as mankind. It’s very hard to experience our lives without some ability. Some big hearted inventors created many high-tech devices that help numerous disables to fulfill their lives. These gadgets allow them to complete their everyday task and other complex ...

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10 Heavy Machines Used in Mega Projects

Jumbo Hopper Dredger - heavy machines

We are surrounded by numerous technologically advanced machines that simplify our work. Nowadays, all the technical instruments and communication devices are getting smaller. But some machines are known by their big size. These are specially designed for mega construction tasks or big engineering projects. The following article introduces you some of the biggest man-made machines. Take ...

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12 High Tech and Advanced Wrist Watches

HD3 Slyde - Advanced Wrist Watches

Most of the people think why to wear a watch when they already have smartphones always in their hand. Well, it’s a same question like why to have a laptop when you already have a desktop. If you are a tech-savvy, then advanced wrist watches will definitely make your day. There are many geeks who ...

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8 Unavoidable Downsides of Using Google Glass

Less Versatile

Google Glass is a head mounted display gadget introduced by Google. It features an HD camera, touchpad and a thumb sized LED display. Most of its functions are controlled by voice commands. With few advantages, Google Glass also has a larger number of negative factors that make them unpopular in the market. Only those people ...

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12 Affordable and Cheapest 3D Printers For Home Use


The 3D printing technology was first introduced in 1980s and available commercially after 2010. There are many 3D printer companies but the problem is the high price for personal use. This technology is still very expensive but some crowdsourcing ventures have developed it at a less price tag. The manufacturers of these printers have many models and ...

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12 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots You Need To See


A humanoid robot is a robot that has the same body shape of a normal human being. They are built for particular purposes such as interacting with the environment or human in order to help them. Humanoid robots are also known as androids and are designed to replicate human facial features such as eyes and lips. ...

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Top 10 Coolest Robot Designs in the World

ASIMO robot - Robot Designs

Robotics is a part of technology that deals with construction and operation of smart machines. Robots are built to make our life simple through automation. The first automated digital robot, the Unimate, was built in 1961 to carry the hot metal pieces from a die casting machine. Now most of the robots are used in some ...

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