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Top 10+ Best Smartwatches 2014

LG G Watch

Watches were invented as a small timepiece that is carried in pockets or worn on hands. As the technology developed, a simple automatic watch is turns to digital electronic watch. The first digital electronic watch was developed in 1970. Nowadays, all things are getting smart, then why not watches. A watch inbuilt with microcomputer and ...

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15+ Super Stylish PC Keyboards with Amazing Design

Logitech diNovo Edge

Gone are the days when keyboards are referred as a simple plate with alphanumeric buttons. In the last decade, we have seen ugly, bulky monitors shaping into sleek, sexy design and now this is the era of smart, cool and stylish keyboard. Nowadays, keyboards are not used for just entering textual data but also for ...

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10 Most Expensive Gadgets in the World

MWE 200 PC Workstation

Gadgets are a very important part which makes our life simpler and comfortable. We can’t afford to live without gadgets these days. Smartphones and some other gadgets are considered as an essential part of our life and now few designers have been launching the modified version of these gadgets as most expensive gadgets. This list ...

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Top 12 Mega Machines that are Extremely Powerful

Liebherr T 282B Haul

A machine is anything that makes the human task easier. Technically, it is a combination of small components that takes energy to perform a specific task.  Look around, you are surrounded by hundreds of machines. Earphones, Air conditioner, fan, calculator, phone, computer, bulb, suitcase, charger, purifier, stove, the list is endless, they all are machines. ...

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10+ Portable and Cool Gadgets That You Can Buy

Mini Robotic Printer

There is absolutely no doubt that we all love digital gadgets. In fact, these days it will be very hard to live without them. We have many gadgets around us and each of them has their special use in our life. From ultra HD TV to Smartphones, portable camera to portable washing machine, there are ...

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10 Largest Navy Warships in the World

Modified Kiev Class1

Everyone wants to build everything bigger and stronger to become the most powerful. A long time ago, if a country rules the sea, then it was considered that it rules the world. Having a large Navy is a symbol of power and wealth. With the power of nuclear weapon and modern technology, navy is considered ...

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Top 10 Best 3D Printers in 2014

Cube 3D

3D printing technology or additive manufacturing is a process of making a three dimensional solid objects using over hundred materials including metal and nylon. The technology has been founded in 1980s but available commercially in 2010s. A 3D printer needs a file, computer aided design file that is created by the 3D modeling program. It ...

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10 Microscopic Gadgets For Better Future

top 10 Microscopic Gadgets

The tech trend of the future has already begun. From an electric bike to a bionic arm, there are many innovative technical gadgets evolving every day. We know we have to use Eco friendly gadgets for developing a better tomorrow and the following list contains some micro gadgets which may be responsible for developing a ...

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