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22 Exceptional Glass Buildings From All Over The World

Basque Health Department

In the wake of 20th century, the new and modern architecture emerged into the main scenario which only became more dominant after the World War 2. The modern architecture or modernist architecture is basically bold and audacious use of glass, steel and reinforced concrete. It brought a radical change in the architectural world, practicing modern styles ...

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28 Incredible Architectural Structures From The Renaissance

Poznan Town Hall

At the beginning of the 14th century, Europe witnessed a new cultural and political movement in the form of Renaissance, that profoundly affected the intellectual thinking in the early modern period. This new thinking was manifested in art, architecture, politics, science and literature. Renaissance architecture is the architecture of the period between the early 14th ...

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30 Longest Bridges in the World | Amazing MegaStructure

Liangshui River

Time to highlight another awesome man made mega structure i.e. bridge. It is a structure built to span physical obstacle such as water, valley for the purpose of providing passage over the physical obstacle. Do you know that around 30% them are built in China. Well, there are lots of surprising data you will find below. ...

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10 Famous Ancient Roman Architecture Designs


Roman architects are considered as one of the best and talented architects in the world who taught the world many cool engineering tricks. They used the classical architecture methods where the whole building is based on the columns. In the ancient time, they invent many tricks to build dome, concrete roads, heated floors, aqueduct and ...

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10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Yachts in the World

History Supreme - Most Expensive Yachts

Most people have purchased yachts just to embrace their life in the ocean and to show their wealth. Few rich people buy it to experience the feeling of spending some days in the ocean with the luxurious features like their own home. These yachts are so lavish and well equipped that they have all the ...

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Top 10 Most Futuristic Building Designs in the World

Gardens by the Bay

Science and Technology has increased at an exponential rate in last few decades. Some people are still wondering why we don’t have flying cars yet, why we don’t have a time machine, why we don’t know anything about aliens. Apart from unknown facts and mysteries, you can find much more innovative and modern technology around us. ...

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10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

Princess Juliana International Airport 1

If you are planning to visit some exotic places then it may become most thrilling if it will land you in some of the most difficult runways. Engineers have already proven them by building these airports while facing countless challenges. Takeoff and landings are the two most complicated facets of flying. Some runways are considered ...

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5 Amazing Mega Engineering in the World

Amazing Mega Engineering- The Millau Viaduct

From small as nano particles to big as giant earth study, Science and technology continue to amaze us. Today we will represent you 5 Mega Engineering examples that make you stand back in awe. A few decades ago, these constructions were even hard to imagine and today they really exist. But they were never easy to build and include ...

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10 Biggest Asteroid Impact Sites on Earth


Recently on 23rd 2012, an asteroid entered earth’s atmosphere above Russia which is recorded as the closest approach of a known object of this size. That asteroid injured over 1000 people in Russia; think what a 100 mile wide asteroid can do. Our planet has not always been so lucky. Since the inception of earth, ...

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10 World’s Biggest Engineering Projects | Man-made Heaven

sky cities

We live in an era where anything can be imagined and can be built. Advanced satellites, Floating hotels, massive underwater bridges and tunnels, skyscrapers are some compelling creatures made by human. But these projects were never easy to finish, they all gone through a great compilation including, accident, failure, cost overruns and even complete disaster. ...

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