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10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

Princess Juliana International Airport 1

If you are planning to visit some exotic places then it may become most thrilling if it will land you in some of the most difficult runways. Engineers have already proven them by building these airports while facing countless challenges. Takeoff and landings are the two most complicated facets of flying. Some runways are considered ...

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5 Amazing Mega Engineering in the World

Amazing Mega Engineering- The Millau Viaduct

From small as nano particles to big as giant earth study, Science and technology continue to amaze us. Today we will represent you 5 Mega Engineering examples that make you stand back in awe. A few decades ago, these constructions were even hard to imagine and today they really exist. But they were never easy to build and include ...

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10 Biggest Asteroid Impact Sites on Earth


Recently on 23rd 2012, an asteroid entered earth’s atmosphere above Russia which is recorded as the closest approach of a known object of this size. That asteroid injured over 1000 people in Russia; think what a 100 mile wide asteroid can do. Our planet has not always been so lucky. Since the inception of earth, ...

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10 World’s Biggest Engineering Projects | Man-made Heaven

sky cities

We live in an era where anything can be imagined and can be built. Advanced satellites, Floating hotels, massive underwater bridges and tunnels, skyscrapers are some compelling creatures made by human. But these projects were never easy to finish, they all gone through a great compilation including, accident, failure, cost overruns and even complete disaster. ...

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10 Largest Buildings in the World | Giant Structure

Sands Cotai Central 1

The whole world has noticed the modern architecture that has been advanced over in some last decades. Nowadays, anything can be imagined and built with the help of science and technology, but these projects were never easy to build. There is no doubt that the construction industry has amazed us time to time and still improving. From ...

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20 Biggest and Busiest Airports in the World

John Kennedy International Airport

The airway transportation medium is the only travelling medium which is globally present. It is the most convenient medium of travel in term of time and safety. Now, more and more people are travelling by air, so the number of airports and aircraft is also increasing accordingly. There are around 43,000 airports in the world, ...

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20 Biggest Malls in the World | Giant Buildings

Biggest Malls in the World - Golden Resources

Malls are built to provide a one stop for almost all daily use stuffs. Now they have become a lot more than shopping venues and turned into an inherent part of our lifestyle. Most of the big shopping malls are located in Asia. Malls are also a one of the best places for the college students ...

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10 Most Expensive Construction Projects Ever

Oakland Bay Bridge

We live in an era where anything is possible, where a small idea turns into mega projects. There is no doubt that the construction industry has amazed us time to time and still getting bigger as well as better. These constructions take you a mile away from earth. They can be considered as a feat ...

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10 Fastest Steel Roller Coasters for Thrilling Experience

Steel dragon 2000

Everyone loves the feeling of thrill or excitement and roller coaster is the best way to get it. Many people go to the amusement parks to get unforgettable and thrilling experience of speed. The trend of Roller coaster was started in the late 18th century. Now, with addition in technology and engineering design many popular, latest, ...

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