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24 Most Influential Web Designers / Developers

Matt Mullenweg

The web design industry is changing very quickly and there are some people who are setting the bar higher with their extraordinary skills, works and contribution to the web design community. If you want to be successful, find others who are already being successful at doing what you want to do. The article is for ...

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16 Facts About Nikola Tesla And His Inventions

Tesla sitting in his Colorado Springs laboratory

Physicist, electrical engineer, inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in Smiljan (now Croatia). Apart from his famous invention of the alternating current, there are tons of different things about Tesla that will astound you. Do you know that, after almost 20 years of his death, the General Conference on Weights ...

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10 Noble Prize Winners Who Were School/College Dropouts


We all know how important it is to stay in school and college and get a good education. But not all people think in a similar way. A few people didn’t even complete their school or college education, still they managed to achieve what millions of people dream of. One of the most prestigious things a ...

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15 Scientists That Are Not Rewarded Fairly For Their Contribution

Fritz Zwicky

When it comes down to unjust, unfair or discrimination nothing is eluded from it, not even in science. The 19th and 20th century saw many spectacular inventions by equally god gifted minds. But not every scientist gets the recognition and fame that he or she truly deserves. We’ve listed (in no order) some of those scientists who ...

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14 Richest Superheroes Of Marvel and DC Comics

Black Panther

When we talk about superheroes, we talk about their super powers, their strength, their ability to attract women, and the same can be said for super heroines. But today we are not going to babble about some supernatural power, who is superior and all that, instead we will talk about their wealth. The question is ...

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14 Space Discoveries By Amateur Astronomers

Quadruple Star System in 2012

Amateur astronomy is a fascinating hobby. Today, amateur astronomers are easily being recognized for their contribution towards the field and are responsible for many space discovaries adding up to the universe we know today. But, their numbers are increasing. With advanced and cost effective telescopes and gadgets more and more people are gazing the night sky. Here are ...

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15 Notable Hacker Groups and their Famous Hacks of All Time

Legion of Doom

Hacking is a field to find an imaginative solution to a problem, primarily began for political/personal gain or for sending a message to the world. Hackers were very notorious in the 1990s due to lack of computer security. Still, we hear the news about hacker groups who took down several government websites and block the network. ...

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20 Greatest Computer Programmers Of All Time

Dennis Ritchie

Computer is a very complex machine, yet people operate it without any technical skills. They just interact with graphical interface and all the background process is usually hidden. Well, every single element you are seeing on your desktop is created by some genius developer. And, today we are highlighting these brilliant minds from all across the ...

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20 Most Successful Investors In The World

Prince Alwaleed Bin talal

When it comes to the world of investments, just three words come to mind: overwhelming, risky and yet lucrative. Investing is by no means an easy job as there are countless considerations and infinite risks to take care of. But thankfully, from Benjamin Graham to modern day pundit Dave Ramsey all have shared their priceless expertise ...

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15 Most Famous Mexican Drug Lords | Thug Life

Rafael Caro Quintero

Today, the Mexican drug cartels are the most feared drug trafficking organizations in the world. They first came into the existence in 1980s, initially smuggling small amounts of marijuana and opium into the U.S. Later, they worked as a middleman for the Colombian drug cartels, including Pablo Escobar. After the downfall of the Medellin and ...

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15 Things That You May Not know About Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is one of the few leaders in the World’s history that inspires millions of people and continued to do so. Well, there is no way that anyone can describe his extraordinary life. On 12 February every year we celebrate his birthday as a sign of prosperity and freedom. So, today we will relive a ...

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15 Famous Female Engineers Who Revolutionized Technology

Nancy Fitzroy

Throughout the history, women are always excluded from social activities and education system. During the 18th century, few women widely credited for some inventions that are still used in modern technology. They became inventor even before engineering was recognized as formal education. Nora Stanton Barney became the first woman to receive an engineering degree in 1905. ...

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