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10 Most Notorious Hackers of all Time

Gary McKinnon

Hacking is an art which not everyone can do. Few programmers take many years to do something in the hacking world while some others become famous at teenage. I am not talking about just hacking an email, some hackers take it to the extreme level. They are categorized into black hat hackers and white hat ...

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10+ Most Generous Philanthropists in the world

george kaiser

What is to be human?  Doing something good and caring for others makes us Human. Why you donate your own precious stuffs or money to charity? Help other people (They really need it more than you) Make a difference Feel good After you have bought big house, most expensive vehicle, designer clothing, and jewelry, after ...

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10 Self Made Teenage Millionaires

DAVID COOK, CATHERINE COOK - Self Made Teenage Millionaires

A million dollar business starts with one sparkle of innovation and hardworking determination to give something very useful to the world. The following list features 10 self-made teenage millionaires and most of them are entrepreneurs. Some of them made their first million dollars before the age of 20, this show that age doesn’t matter in the business. ...

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Top 10 Greatest Leaders of all Time

Greatest Leaders of all Time

Leadership is not an easy task but this world has produced few precious people, who motivate millions of other people all over the world. Leadership needs some native skills such as good principles, positive thinking and abilities to motivate others. Few people start their own journey alone to give birth to new ideologies and beliefs ...

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Top 10 Famous Inventions By Women

Automatic Telephone Switching Network

May be the necessity is the mother of invention. Throughout the history of the 21st century there are many famous women inventors who have played an important role in the world of innovation. Numbers of women are increasing linearly in the field of discovery and inventions. According to the statistics, in the 20th century, only ...

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10 Famous People Who Died While Performing

Steve Irwin

As you know, live performance is demanding and exhausting and the performers have to show their abilities. While performing, some get hurt and in extreme cases some die. Some of them died on stage publicly and others while filmed. Most of these entertainers suffered from injury and died in the mid performance. They would never ...

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10 Extremely Successful People Without Formal Education

Dhirubhai Ambani

People who have partially or wholly self taught education are known by the name autodidacts. We are not telling you to quit education or not to get any degree because every person must be qualified to get a decent job. Nowadays education is very important, the more education you receive, more you gain knowledge, more you ...

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10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in the World

Debbi Fields

New generation women across the globe are trying to prove themselves. Few women entrepreneurs have contributed a lot to the society and influenced others. The number of self employed women has been increased very fast in the last three decades and most of the businesses is home based. According to statistics, as of 2012, there ...

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10 Greatest and Popular Authors of all Time

William Shakespeare - Popular Authors of all Time

Some of you might have read over hundreds of books but do you ever think of popular writers of all time or story behind these authors? The following authors ranked according to popularity and bestselling books but you are invited to suggest us your favorite authors. These authors always influenced and become the idol of ...

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10 People Who Claimed to be God

Apollo Quiboloy

There are plenty of people out there with a Messiah complex. Also, there are many people who become atheist and do not believe in God. But there are also some human who claimed to be a God or part of God. Most of the time these claims were nothing but just a hoax and sometimes people ...

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Top 10 Richest Politicians in the World

Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Politics is an art of managing the affairs of society and is one of the jobs that don’t need any college degree. So now, more and more people want a seat in legislative assemblies to earn a decent salary. These politicians also have many other businesses or some other sources of income. The following article is an attempt to familiarize ...

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10 Most Powerful and Successful Indian Women

Naina Lal Kidwai

Those days are gone when men are always used to be a dictator and women are considered nothing. The new generation women across the world proved themselves beyond doubt. India has always been rich in every field including arts, media, science and corporate world. It has given birth to some of the most extrovert and extraordinary ...

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