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Top 10 Famous People Who Were Adopted

Bill Clinton1

Most of us donate money, our old toys or used stuff to orphans, but a few great personalities adopt them. There are many celebrities in the world such as Nicole Kidman, Babe Ruth, and Angelina Jolie who are adoptive parents. Adoption is a sensitive issue and it is our duty to help those orphans and give them ...

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10 Most Influential People of All Time


There have been many great personalities in the history who influenced the people throughout the history. There are some people who are well known for changing the world for better purpose. They had a great impact on culture, society and history. It means that everyone on this list has a significant effect on how modern people live their ...

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Top 10 Richest Authors in the World

Stan Lee

Reading novels is the best way to improve your reading skill and career opportunity. The reading habit not only power your vocabulary but it will also keep you entertained when you have nothing to do. Who says an author makes less money than any other professionals? There are many famous authors in the world, but ...

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Top 10 Most Generous American Philanthropists of 2013

Sergey Brin

Philanthropy means love of humanity in the sense of caring and developing. And a person who donates his time, money and reputation to charitable causes is known as Philanthropist. There are some people in the world who are doing the most wonderful job, not for their own but for whom they don’t even know. They are trying ...

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10 Most Influential People of the 20th Century

Nelson Mandela

The 20th century witnessed a good lifestyle of people as a result of the social, political and technological transformation. The 20th Century is very important because of the foundation of the global communication and motorization. There are some people who are well known for changing the world for better purpose. They are the people who change the ...

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Top 10 Indian Freedom Fighters | The Original Rebel

Bhagat Singh - Indian Freedom Fighters

Freedom fighters are the great people who brought us glory and freedom from the Britishers on 15th August 1947. Their strategies included both physical and psychological tricks to get independence. On 26th January 1948 Indian constitution was prepared and celebrated as the republic day of India. But some people don’t value their hard work and ...

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10+ Smartest People in the World | Human Supermind

Tim Roberts

The Human brain is the center of the human nervous system enclosed in a hard shell called cranium, one of the most important part of our system. The Human brain is three times as large as the brain of a normal mammal with an equivalent body size. Few people are born gifted by the most precious wealth ...

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Top 10 Most Popular Bodybuilders Ever

Most Popular Bodybuilders Ever

The first large scale bodybuilding competition was organized on 16th September 1901 in the Royal Albert Hall in London. Now it is one of the popular sports all over the world. Usually at the initial stage of bodybuilding, most of people do simple dumbbell, dips and now very much depend on machines. In competition, they ...

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10 World’s Most Successful College Dropouts

Mark Zuckerberg

In our society, receiving regular college education seems a necessary way to get succeed in life. But there are few people in the world who rather like to do THINGS DIFFERENTLY. Some extraordinary talents dared to break off the shackle of traditional perspectives. Now they have climbed up to the peak in various fields. They proved that ...

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10 Most Powerful Dictators In the World Ever

Adolf Hitler

“If you don’t like the Rule, just follow it, reach at the top and then change the Rule”. There are many politicians/generals who wanted to do things in their own way. They didn’t even care the value of life as much as they do their selfish motives of domination and power. We have seen some ...

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