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An Artificial Salivary Gland Tissue That Produces Natural Saliva

Researchers created an artificial tissue that was very similar to real salivary glands.   The tissue functioned normally in mice without salivary glands.  Unfortunately, humans don’t have the incredible capability of regrowing organ when they lose it due to injury or disease. In animals, organogenesis is an important event during embryogenesis. It’s a complex process that goes ...

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Can Gold Be Melted At Room Temperature?

Can Gold Be Melted

In an unusual experiment, researchers managed to melt gold at room temperature.  They applied a strong electric field to change the state of the metal surface and observed the process using Transmission Electron Microscopy.   As a precious metal, gold has been used for several thousands of years all over the world, for jewelry, coinage, and even ...

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New Catalytic Reactors Convert Greenhouse Gases Into Industrial Fuels

catalysts Reactors Convert Greenhouse Gases

Researchers develop a new method to reduce carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide, using renewable electricity.  It can decrease the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every year.  In fact, industries can capture these gases and convert it into useful products.  The intensive consumption of fossil fuels and excessive emission of greenhouse gases such ...

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Solar Twin: A Star That Is Almost Identical To Our Sun

Solar Twin - star identical to sun

Astronomers discover a star that might have been born in the same stellar nursery as the Sun.  The age, carbon isotopes ratio and chemical abundances of this star are roughly same as the Sun. Named HD 186302, the star is 184 light-years away from Earth.  Like most low-mass stars, our Sun probably formed in a cluster about 4.57 billion ...

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Now You Can Visualize Supermassive Black Hole In Virtual Reality

Researchers build a 360-degree virtual reality simulation of a supermassive black hole. It is developed according to the observer’s general point of view, who can arbitrarily change his position and motion with respect to the black hole. It has been proven that most spiral and elliptical galaxies contain a supermassive black hole (SBH) at their ...

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The Most Precise Measurement Of The Shape Of The Field Around An Electron

Most Precise Measurement of shape of field of electron

Researchers find signatures of exotic particles that aren’t explained in the standard model of physics. They showed that field around an electron spontaneously transform into new particles.  In the Standard Model of particle physics, electrons are negatively charged subatomic particles that exist in atoms’ spherical shells of different radii, representing energy levels. The bigger the spherical ...

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An Innovative Method For Manufacturing Plastic Using Much Less Energy

Innovative Method For Manufacturing Plastic

New metal-organic framework can efficiently separate ethane and ethylene to manufacture plastic (polyethylene).  The process runs at room temperatures and requires much less energy.  Generally, manufacturing plastics requires enormous amounts of energy. The most common form of plastic, polyethylene, is made from ethylene – a hydrocarbon molecule found in crude oil refining. To make the manufacturing ...

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New Optogenetic Silencing Tool Can Manipulate Complex Biological Processes

New Optogenetic Silencing Tool

New optogenetic tool uses laser to ‘switch off’ the electrically excitable cells.  It reduces harmful side effects through artificial ion fluxes that were inevitable with the existing optogenetic inhibitory tools. Optogenetics is a technique that uses light to alter the molecular event in a particular manner in living tissues, mostly neurons that have been genetically modulated to ...

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Galaxy Collisions Fuel The Growth Of Supermassive Black Holes

Supermassive Black Holes grow in Galaxy Collisions

In the largest survey of nearby galaxies, researchers observed hundreds of pairs of colliding galaxy nuclei associated with supermassive black holes. They found that black holes expand rapidly during the last stages of galaxy mergers.  The force of gravity draws two galaxies together: light-year by light-year, inch by inch, the galaxies comes closer as the cosmic ...

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Creating The Most Precise Model Of Earth’s Interior

Model Of Earth's Interior

A research team has built a near real-time system for the simulation of Earth’s interior and earthquakes.  To do this, they used the world’s fastest supercomputer, Summit.  They are currently addressing issues in helioseismology, exploration geophysics, and global and regional seismology. Recent advances in high-performance hardware and efficient algorithms have enabled researchers to develop high-resolution, three-dimensional ...

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New Instrument Visualize How Sound Travels Through The Ear

How Sound Travels Through The Ear

A new technique named Optical Coherence Tomography vibrography can visualize how sound-induced vibrations travel through the ear.  This will help doctors distinguish various middle-ear disorders without performing a surgery.  The tympanic membrane collects the incoming sound energy and transmits it through the ossicles to the cochlear fluid, which is then converted into neural signals in ...

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