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17 Of The Interesting Science Books To Read in 2018


For years, many influential personalities such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg have advised their followers and audiences to read books and read books. For them, books don’t just help people become successful in life, but it also nurtures personality of the reader. Do you know that Zuckerberg reads about 25 books a year, while Bill ...

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Did SpaceX’s Secret Mission Zuma Actually Fail? | What Really Happened?

SpaceX's Secret Mission Zuma

Neither Northrop Grumman (manufactured the Zuma spacecraft) nor SpaceX confirmed if the mission was successful. Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported that the spacecraft actually fell back to Earth. Pentagon is saying “ask SpaceX about Zuma”, whereas SpaceX has told “that’s now our story to tell”. On 7th January, SpaceX launched a secret classified satellite ...

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Top 10+ Space Research Organisations in the World

Indian Space Research Organisation

Space Research (or sometimes called space exploration) is the scientific studies on earth’s outer space which involves advance material science, earth science, physics, mathematics, medicines and biology. There are numerous space organisations working on our planet to explore and find out the mysterious matters present in our space. Each organisation has certain rules and policies ...

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Did Our Solar System Form Inside A Massive Space Bubble?

solar system in bubble

Our solar system could have formed inside a bubble of a massive star type called Wolf-Rayet star.  These stars were nearly 50 times bigger than our Sun, and their cores were more than a million years old.    Like supernova explosion, the life of massive Wolf-Rayet star ended long ago. Despite numerous astonishing discoveries about ...

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CRISPR Therapy Can Prevent Hearing Loss

CRISPR Therapy Can Prevent Hearing Loss

Scientists develop a single solution of genome editing agent that partially preserves hearing ability. They have applied this strategy to a mouse model of progressive hearing loss. After 4 weeks, treated mice responded to 65 dB of sound, whereas untreated mice responded to sound starting at 80 dB. One of the common types of sensory ...

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20 Interesting and Weird Facts About Venus

Venus crater

Being the closest planet to Earth, Venus has always been a desirable target for amateur astronomers for their first interplanetary exploration. That said, this planet was once the focal point of all space exploration in the late 1960s and 1970s. Since the mid 20th century, many important and fascinating things have been uncovered regarding the ...

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Mars Has More Water | Way More Than It Seems – New Study

Today's Mars vs Mars 3.5 billion years ago

Most of the water on Mars is locked up as subsurface ice and in the rocks. Researchers discovered that Mars’ basalt rocks are capable to hold about 25% more water as compared to those on Earth. Approximately 9% excess volume of Martian mantle may include hydrous mineral species as a consequence of reactions in surface, ...

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The Basis Of Photosynthesis Began 1.25 Billion Years Ago | New Study

Photosynthesis Began 1.25 Billion Years Ago

The new research shows that the origin of photosynthesis in today’s plants had begun nearly 1.25 billion years ago. Previous studies had placed it somewhere between 0.7 and 1.2 billion years. Researchers put “Bangiomorpha pubescens” fossil’s age into a molecular clock to precisely measure when chloroplast was created. Photosynthesis evolved way early in the history of Earth. ...

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