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Galaxy Collisions Fuel The Growth Of Supermassive Black Holes

Supermassive Black Holes grow in Galaxy Collisions

In the largest survey of nearby galaxies, researchers observed hundreds of pairs of colliding galaxy nuclei associated with supermassive black holes. They found that black holes expand rapidly during the last stages of galaxy mergers.  The force of gravity draws two galaxies together: light-year by light-year, inch by inch, the galaxies comes closer as the cosmic ...

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Creating The Most Precise Model Of Earth’s Interior

Model Of Earth's Interior

A research team has built a near real-time system for the simulation of Earth’s interior and earthquakes.  To do this, they used the world’s fastest supercomputer, Summit.  They are currently addressing issues in helioseismology, exploration geophysics, and global and regional seismology. Recent advances in high-performance hardware and efficient algorithms have enabled researchers to develop high-resolution, three-dimensional ...

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New Instrument Visualize How Sound Travels Through The Ear

How Sound Travels Through The Ear

A new technique named Optical Coherence Tomography vibrography can visualize how sound-induced vibrations travel through the ear.  This will help doctors distinguish various middle-ear disorders without performing a surgery.  The tympanic membrane collects the incoming sound energy and transmits it through the ossicles to the cochlear fluid, which is then converted into neural signals in ...

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What if NASA Had The US Military Budget?

What if NASA Had The US Military Budget

Do you also have a space fantasy (fantasies), like most of us, which you want to come true? Being realistic, there is only one space organization in the entire world that can actually make it happen. And it’s NASA, a no-brainer. While, there are other successful space agencies, which are either doing advanced space research ...

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fMRI Reveals How Dogs Process Words

brain imaging shows how dogs process words

Researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging to see how dogs understand human words.  They showed that dogs can differentiate between words they have heard before and those they haven’t. What does human word mean to dogs? How do they understand what their owners are saying? Many dog owners believe that their dogs understand some words, but ...

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Light Melts Materials Different Than Heat | Laser-Induced Phase Changes

laser-induced phase change

Researchers used electronic ripples to analyze phase changes in materials.  They found that laser-induced phase change unfolds very differently. It produces several topological defects that affect electrons’ dynamics and lattice atoms in the material. For years, scientists have been studying how the matter undergoes a phase change, like freezing or melting. Recently, MIT researchers detected that ...

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Is Pluto A Planet? 16 Most Interesting Facts About Pluto

Is pluto a Planet?

What actually is Pluto? Is it a planet or just another trans-Neptunian object (dwarf planet)? The uncertainty over Pluto’s planethood is without a doubt one of the most flaring issues among researchers and space fanatics. Scientists have been arguing on how to classify Pluto accurately for more than a decade now. Pluto was discovered on ...

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Using AI To Monitor Single Molecules Within Living Cells

Monitor Single Molecules

New AI-based tool can automatically search and focus on individual molecules within living cells.  It is 10 times faster than other techniques and can be implemented with high-magnification microscopy. Analyzing cell signaling and other molecular phenomena in living cells has been made possible by single-molecule imaging techniques. They allow scientists to directly monitor the behaviors of biomolecules, ...

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All Interesting Facts About Black Holes and White Holes

Gravitational Depends on Mass and Distance

Because we don’t wanna sound racist, we are presenting some unknown and interesting facts about both- the black holes and the white holes. What exactly is a Black Hole? Simply put, a black hole is incredibly dense region of space that nothing can escape front its surface, not even light. The boundary of the region ...

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How Many Cancer Cells It Takes To Trigger Metastasis?

How Many Cancer Cells

Researchers determine the number of cancer cells that trigger the spread of tumor in different body parts.  They found that many common metastatic tumors can be triggered by a range of hundreds to thousands of colonizing tumor cells.  According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 1.6 million new cases of cancer get diagnosed every year, about ...

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A New Way To Measure Extremely Low Pressures

ultracold trapped atoms to measure lower pressure

New cold-atom vacuum standard can accurately measure low-pressure levels.  Researchers are currently testing individual modules and a working prototype will be available soon.  It will be the first absolute sensor to operate in ultrahigh and extreme-high vacuum. There are many methods to measure pressure/vacuum. Several research labs are using new technologies to remove a large number ...

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