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30 Surprising Facts About Blood You Might Not Know

blood vessels laid end to end

A Human body works as a joint force to keep the entire system running, running properly. But, as a force our body needs a general to guide and govern the entire system. A substance that brings oxygen to the entire body parts, removes wastes, fights germs and disease. Ring any bell? Yep! Blood it is. ...

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28 Gripping Facts About Gravity | All You Need To Know

Gravitational Waves

We all know the first person to realize something strange when objects fell was Sir Isaac Newton. He began to see the pattern in nature and one of those patterns became his theory of gravity. The word gravity comes from an ancient word ‘gravitas’ which means ‘heavy’. Gravity is about much more than a fallen ...

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30 Latest Space Discoveries and Achievements

Atmosphere on Mars

The ‘space’ is maybe the most intriguing topic we have ever come across. Just the idea of space travel or unraveling the other planets is beyond overwhelming. For decades, our human race is trying to fully understand the nature and complexities of the extensive universe. Though our ancestors were often skilled astronomers and mathematicians, their resources ...

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14 Most Terrifying Astronaut Accidents

Voskhod 2

As fascinating and thrilling a space venture might present itself, those are actually more fatal, incredibly dangerous and insane than any other thing on the earth. We are more familiar with big space tragedies like Challenger and Apollo 13, but the fact is that there are other more horrifying and tragic space accidents which are ...

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35+ Weird and Interesting Facts About Human Brain


Every day, researchers learn something new about how the brain works. The neuroscience field is still in its infancy, but rapidly exploding – making the yesterday’s brain facts into today’s brain myths. Our brain enables us to think, create and feel. And to receive, store and retrieve memories. In order to dig deep inside your mind we have collected ...

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25 Interesting Facts About Protein You May Not Know


Athletes, bodybuilders, and wrestlers all love Protein as it provides some of the essential nutrients that the body needs to grow. Like water, protein is also very important to maintain a healthy physique. So shouldn’t we know more about them?. Here are some interesting facts about protein. 25. The word protein comes from the Greek ...

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All Interesting Facts About The Earth’s Moon

no man on moon since 1972

The Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite that was formed 4.5 billion years ago from the debris left over after a giant impact between Earth and Theia (a Mars sized body). A dense cloud of the vaporized rock was kicked up and went into orbit around the Earth. Eventually, the cloud cooled and condensed into a ...

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25+ Most Amazing Things Found In Space

Firefox Star

Space is full of strange things and human still don’t know much about them. NASA and other space agencies launch their satellites every year to study the numerous unsolved questions about the universe. While exploring the space, many strange things were discovered. Some of the most amazing things found in space include a star made of diamond, ...

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