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Electric Propulsion Technology For Nanorobots Is Now 100,000 Times Faster

Electric Propulsion Technology For Nanorobots

Scientists develop a new technique for controlling the nanorobotic arms by applying electric fields.  The electrical control can be implemented with low-cost instrumentation and it’s contact-free. In future the technology could be utilized in diagnosis and pharmaceutical development.  Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have developed a new electric propulsion technology for nanorobots that ...

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Microsoft Develops AI That Can Draw Pictures Based On Your Description

drawing bot creating birds

Microsoft’s new drawing bot can create any picture using text-description and captions.  It consists of two machine learning models – generator and discriminator.  The AI can even draw details that are not described, using its own imagination.  In future, this technology can be used to make animated movies based on screenplays. In the last couple of ...

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Russia Approves 70 Megawatt Floating Nuclear Power Plant

Russian State Expert Examination Board approves $232 million project of floating nuclear power plant.  The nuclear station has two optimized KLT-40 naval propulsion reactors that together provide 70 Megawatt of electricity or 300 Megawatt of heat.   It will completely replace the old Bilibino power plant in Chukotka district by 2021.  The floating power plant project named Akademik Lomonosov ...

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The Mind-Reading AI Can Now Visualize Your Thoughts

Reconstruction quality of colored artificial shapes 

Japanese researchers have developed an AI that can literally see what you’re imagining. The system uses deep image reconstruction from human brain activity.  After initial training, the DNN was able to reconstruct pictures it had never seen before.  The research done in the last few couple of years on artificial intelligence has amazed us all. On ...

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A New Type Of Solar Cells That Can Be Washed and Stretched

Scientists develop a new organic, ultrathin solar cell that can be washed and stretched by half their length.  It transforms sunlight into electrical energy with 8% efficiency, while being very stable in both air and water.  A few companies have shown interest in commercializing the technology.  Developing solar panels sounds great, but washable and flexible ...

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Samsung’s AI Can Convert Low-Resolution Video To 8K

samsung AI

Samsung revealed the world’s first 85-inch 8K QLED TV that uses machine learning to convert low-resolution images to 8K quality.  The TV comes with a built-in database that observes and analyzes million of pictures in advance. The technology also enhances sound quality for specific scenes without having to configure auto settings. At Consumer Electronics Show ...

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Intel Shows Brain-Like Processor And Quantum Chip | “Loihi” & “Tangle Lake”

Brain-Like Processor

Intel advances neuromorphic and 49-qubit superconducting quantum processor (codenamed Tangle Lake).  Neuromorphic (codenamed Loihi) is a new computing approach inspired by how brain functions, which will make machine learning more effective.  Intel’s roadmap suggests they could achieve 1,000-qubit system within 5-7 years.    Intel made two major announcements at 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which ...

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WPA3 Protocol Will Make Public WiFi More Secure

WPA3 protocol

Wi-Fi Alliance is going to release a new WiFi Protected Access protocol, WPA3.  It will make the process of configuring security simple for devices with no or limited display interfaces. WiFi networks with higher security requirements will use a 192-bit security suite.  The Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit organization that certifies Wifi products if they meet ...

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A New Type of Lens That Could Revolutionize Virtual Reality | Metalens

New Type of Lens - metalens

Harvard researchers have developed metalens that can focus all visible light spectrums at one particular point in high resolution. It uses titanium dioxide nanofins that focus all wavelengths of light equally, eliminating chromatic aberration. Metalens opens a new range of possibilities, including applications in lithography, microscopy, endoscopy, virtual and mixed reality. A metalens is a flat-surface ...

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Depth Sensors In Self-Driving Car Are Now 1000 Times Better

Depth Sensors In Self-Driving Car

Researchers develop a new approach that enhances the resolution of time-of-flight depth sensors thousand fold. It uses ideas from interferometry and LIDAR that allow to capture things at higher resolution. The system has a depth resolution of 3 micrometers at the range of 2 meters. The evolution of self-driving car is here, and big players like Google and Tesla ...

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Neural Networks are the Future of Machine Translation

Future of Machine Translation

The article is written and submitted by Rachel Wheeler.  The idea of machine translation stretches back many decades. First, it was just a system for rule-based machine translations. Then in the 1980s, researchers developed statistical machine translations. In the 21st Century, the great leap in machine translation technology is going to come from machine learning and ...

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Meltdown and Spectre Bugs | 8 Major Things You Must Know

Meltdown and Spectre Bugs

Almost all computers and devices worldwide have been exposed to security flaws that leave them vulnerable to attack. Luckily no information leak has been reported till date, but the bugs that have been discovered could be considered as one of the worst security flaws in the processors. Below we’ve covered almost all aspects (technical as ...

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