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Facebook AI Converts Music From One Style To Another

Facebook AI Converts Music

The Facebook AI research team builds a universal music translation network.  It replicates the audio it hears and plays it back in various styles, genres and instruments.  It can process unheard musical sources, like claps or whistles, and produce high-quality audio. When it comes to music, humans have always been creative in replicating songs and ...

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New AI System Teaches Robot To Learn Directly From Humans

The new deep learning system teaches a robot how to perform specific tasks by observing humans.  It observes human actions and uses an image-centric domain randomization method to generate human-readable programs.  Then robot executes these human-readable programs in n number of steps.  Machine learning methods are already being used in several areas, from space exploration [to ...

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18 Most Interesting Facts About Quantum Computers | 2018 Edition

Latest quantum computer chip

Quantum computers are not supposed to check your emails, update status, or do normal software/hardware tasks. Instead, they are based on something more complex – Quantum Mechanics. Quantum computer deals with particle much smaller than the size of atom. At such smaller scale, rules of physics do not make any sense. This is where exciting ...

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AI Can Predict Your Lifespan by Looking At Your Smartphone Data

iPhone app with AI Can Predict Your Lifespan

The new AI can precisely estimate biological age and major risk factors related to health.  It analyzes data collected by smartphones and wearable devices. Developers have released an app that observes how your daily activity pattern affects your life expectancy.   Many biological factors like gene expression, DNA and blood circulation levels show close correlation with age. ...

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New Microscopy Technology Can Provide Unprecedented Details Of Cells

Zebrafish eye's cells - New Microscopy Technology

Scientists develop a new microscope that can image subcellular dynamics in multicellular organisms.  To do this, they’ve combined Lattice light-sheet microscopy and Adaptive optics techniques.  They were able to observe organelles’ behavior as they shape themselves within cells, in real time.  In 1665, Robert Hooke used a microscope to look at a small slice of cork and discovered ...

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New Self-Driving Technology Can Navigate Without 3D Maps

New Self-Driving Technology

The new self-driving vehicle technology can navigate in rural areas without using 3D maps.  It combines local system with open street map for navigating individual road segments.   The mapless driving framework robustly tracks road boundaries using LiDAR sensors. Existing autonomous vehicles require 3D maps to navigate. That’s the reason self-driving cars can’t actually drive themselves in ...

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Quantum Cascade Laser Frequency Combs Could Be The Future of WiFi

Quantum Cascade Laser Frequency Combs

Scientists developed a technique to generate terahertz frequencies through an infrared frequency comb in a quantum cascade laser. Data traveling at this band can move more than hundred times as fast as existing wireless networks.  This is the first time someone has demonstrated that a laser is capable of acting as quadrature modulator.  Cellular data and ...

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Spam-Filtering AI Learns Behavior Of An Animal

Spam-Filtering AI used to learn hydra's behavior

Researchers use machine learning algorithm (originally developed for spam filtering) to analyze Hydra’s behavior.  It can analyze behavior in real time and show how Hydra’s neurons respond to varying environments.  To do this, they applied bag-of-words classification model to the video containing all Hydra’s activities.  We have been studying animals’ behavior for centuries. It involves a lot ...

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Google Develops Augmented Reality Microscope To Detect Cancer In Real Time

Google Augmented Reality Microscope

Google builds Augmented Reality Microscope for detecting cancer in real time.  It uses a combination of machine learning algorithm and head-up display in the microscope.  To better assist the doctor, digital projection is directly superimposed on the original specimen’s image.   Medical technology has advanced exponentially in the last couple of decades, but cancer diagnosis is ...

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A New Generic Algorithm To Detect Fake IDs on Social Networking Sites

Algorithm To Detect Fake IDs on Social Networking Sites

Researchers Develop a new method, based on machine learning technique, to identify fake users on social media platforms.  The algorithm is based on the assumption that fake users tend to build inappropriate links to other users.  The results show that the algorithm is capable of detecting both genuine and malicious users.  Identifying fake users has ...

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