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Magnesium-Ion Batteries Are More Efficient and Safer Than Lithium

Magnesium-Ion Battery

It is still quite early to promise a more energy dense solid-state batteries that do no explode. However,  researchers at the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research have developed a magnesium-ion solid state conductor that will go a long way towards creating non flammable magnesium batteries with more energy-storage capacity. The reason why lithium batteries ...

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NASA Will Use Disruption Tolerant Networking For Space Communications

Disruption Tolerant Networking

Sending/receiving data on Earth from any spacecraft is a difficult task, mainly because of the large distances involved. Delay and data loss are common when communicating across thousands and millions of miles. To make these delays and losses as minimum as possible, NASA is working on a reliable solar system internet connection, called Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking ...

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Soon We Will be Using ‘High-Speed Quantum Encrypted Internet’

High-Speed Quantum Encrypted Internet

In July 2017, China launched the world’s first quantum messaging and file sharing service, and now researchers from the Ohio State University, Duke University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have come up a new system that creates and transmits quantum keys up to 10 times faster than existing technology. There has been many advancements in ...

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13 Powerful Nuclear Form of Usual Things

Chrysler TV-8 Nuclear Tank

During the World War II, the nuclear power was widely abused. Scientist and engineers were keen to extend their power with the help of the indestructible force. Although, most of them were not as successful as they were expected, they show the extent of human imagination and will power towards their nations. Today we introduce ...

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Microsoft Vs Apple: Stats and Facts

Microsoft VS Apple

The Microsoft vs Apple is one of the most controversial topics for more than 3 decades. It’s a war that has raged across time and space. Which is better? Is there even a true winner? Some of these questions cannot be answered, but this page will provide some interesting facts and statistics of world’s two ...

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How iPhone X Face ID Works And How Accurate It Is?

The Front Panel  Combined With Advanced Technologies

This year, the technology that people are talking about most is iPhone X’s new identification system that has replaced touch ID. This new identification feature is called Face ID – it identifies you and unlocks your device when you look at it. It sounds so simple, but how does this actually work? The entire design and ...

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15 Different Types of Robots | Explained

hexa robots

AI and Robotics are undoubtedly two of the most promising fields of study right now. These two will certainly define the future of humanity. On one hand, we have ultra modern machines with sleek designs, agile and highly capable bodies, which are capable of doing almost any kind of work with efficiency, on the other ...

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12 Most Innovative Biotech Startups From All Over The World

Biotech Startups

What’s the best thing about entrepreneurs – they are excited about the possibilities and terrified of failure, both at the same time. At some stage of life, we all need medical care. Although doctors are front line of medical practice, their ability to serve well depends a lot on drugs and tools developed by biotechnologists and clinical researchers. So, ...

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13 Inspiring Automotive Startups That Predict Bright Road Ahead


The auto tech companies use software to improve safety, convenience, and efficiency in cars. Specifically looking at connected vehicles, fleet telematics, assisted driving, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, driver safety tools and auto cybersecurity, smart cars are the future. Beside tech giants like Alphabet and Tesla chasing self driving cars, a host of auto brands, tech heavyweights and small groups are ...

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