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12+ Biggest Software Failures Of All Time

y2k bug - Biggest Software Failures

No matter how much tedious testing engineers have done, the sleepless night they spent coding until dawn, at the end, what you get in return: a bug that causes a complete failure. Do you know that software errors cost the United States economy billions annually in lost productivity, rework and actual damage? The common reasons behind ...

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Top 15 Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects

Project Tango

The Google X lab has been cooking something new since its inception that could dynamically and rapidly set the precedent for revolutionary jump in technology. Their vision seems limitless and indefinable. The company spends more into research works from small computer program to artificial intelligence pinpointing what all of us using in upcoming decades. Today ...

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15 Amazing Space Suit Designs

Orlan Space Suit

We all know that astronauts couldn’t survive the rough environment of space without their suits. By the time we were ready to go into the space, the suits designed to be worn had discovered and been quite enhanced. There are tons of things you might not know how these suits go from concept to prototype ...

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28 Amazing CSS3 Effects To Give Your Website a Modern Look

Flat Long Shadow

We can do a lot of things with CSS like, create pretty effects, make models, build different shapes etc. Putting a perfect CSS in your application isn’t hard these days. There are thousands of effects and tutorials available on the internet and that’s too for free. Picking a right combination of ideal effects is really a tough task ...

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13 Advance Police Technology Every Cop Want to Use


It is a decisive part of our society that people have different opinion about the police enforcement. Cops have a tough job to fight terror and create a safe environment for civilians all over the world. As the crime increases, law enforcement will have to do the same to keep the civilians safe. Enforcement technology ...

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12 Unfamiliar Uses of Nanotechnology in the Modern World

Nanotechnology in Food Industry

Nanotechnology is not just an industry; nowadays it is referred as a general purpose technology. In the last two decades, scientists have given more emphasis on the research and development of applications using nanotechnology. Today, it is improving and revolutionizing several technology sectors. Nano particles are mostly used in cosmetics products, food, medicines and many ...

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9 Ancient Examples of Green Architecture and Technology

Ancient Persian Windmill - Green Architecture

The natural fuel used by humans for the first time was around thousands of years ago. We all know green design, sustainable architecture and alternative energy sources are very important to create a sustainable environment. In ancient times, practical uses of different types of energy were discovered at different places. The ancient Chinese used solar ...

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7 Scientific Predictions For 2015 That May Change Our Lives

Worldwide Availability of Data Science

Since over a last decade, we have seen many incredible things happened in the scientific world. The best thing about science is that we progress after every failure. We are developing technology at a tremendous rate. We are now at a level that we could not have imagined a decade ago. Every year, thousands of future technologies ...

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12 Advanced Surveillance Technologies For High Security

Verint System

Surveillance refers to the monitoring of all kinds of information about people in order to protect them. It may include observation from a short distance using cameras to electronically using internet or phone calls. The primary goal of the surveillance is intelligence gathering, prevention and investigation of any crime. At present, high-speed surveillance technologies and 3D biometrics ...

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14 Smart Home Innovations You Never Heard Of

Nest Learning Thermostat - Smart Home Innovations

Do you ever think of living in a smart home? Wouldn’t you want to control your home wireless? One day, we will live in a smart house with all advanced automation features. Smart home innovations include many things that make your home digitally smart. It covers lightning control, home automation and smart security system. It improves the ...

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The MegaList of Cortana Voice Commands

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri. It’s an intelligent personal assistant for Windows 8.1. The name “Cortana” comes from artificial intelligence character in Microsoft’s Halo video game series. Microsoft has been quietly working on this project since the last couple of years and results are quite amazing. It answers questions using the information provided ...

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15 Awesome Inventions Inspired By Science Fiction


Inventors aren’t the only people who developed technologies with their mind. Some of the great gizmos were inspired by the science fiction stories. Science fiction is full of amazing and creative ideas. Can you imagine the impact of the science fiction had on modern tech? The following inventions were only inspired to the basic design of ...

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