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AI Algorithms Render 3D Hair with 30,000 Strands In Real-Time

HairNet for rendering 3D Hair

Researchers develop a neural network that can produce full 3D hair geometry from 2D image.  The network is capable of rendering up to 30,000 strands of hair in milliseconds. It can smoothly sample and interpolate variety of hairstyles, including wavy, curly and straight.  Rendering realistic hairs on machines is probably the toughest task when digitizing ...

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AI And Quantum Mechanics Can Increase Magnetometer Sensitivity

Increase Magnetometer Sensitivity

Researchers develop a new method to measure magnetic fields using quantum system and machine learning techniques. They reach a sensitivity that is 6 times higher than what can be achieved with conventional techniques.  There are certain limits to how precisely one can measure things. Take an X-ray image for example, it’s quite blurry and requires an ...

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A New Type Of Algorithm That Exponentially Speeds Up Computation

Exponentially Speeds Up Computation by new algorithm

A new algorithm exponentially speeds up computation by drastically decreasing the number of iterations required to solve a problem. It performs far better than conventional (sequential) algorithms on large scale datasets, such as social media analytics and clustering genetic data.  Thousands of optimization problems (problem of finding the best solution from all feasible solutions) like ...

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DARPA Is Using AI To Develop Better Batteries and Explosives

automated chemical synthesizer

DARPA has developed machine learning-based tools to produce new molecules. The program, named Make-It, can speed up the process of chemical discovery for several military products and applications. One of the toughest challenges of modern-era organic chemistry is teaching computers how to plan chemical syntheses. Despite years of research, we haven’t been able to achieve ...

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Even Smartphone Batteries Can Reveal All Your Private Data

Battery-level Attack overview

Batteries can be used to steal sensitive information on your smartphone.  To do this, engineers integrated a micro-controller inside the battery to monitor battery’s usage spikes.  Then, they used an AI to match these spikes with specific keystrokes.  Security researchers at the University of Texas, Israel Institute of Technology: Technion, and the Hebrew University, have discovered ...

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WPA3 Protocol Makes Public WiFi More Secure

WPA3 protocol

Wi-Fi Alliance releases a new WiFi Protected Access protocol, WPA3.  It’ designed to make the process of configuring security simple for devices with no or limited display interfaces. WiFi networks with higher security requirements will use a 192-bit security suite.  The Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit organization that certifies Wifi products if they meet certain standards ...

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AI Learns To Debate On Controversial Topics | Project Debater

AI Learns To Debate

IBM’s Project Debater performed live in public debates with humans and it was really impressive.  In a debate, it actually convinced 20% people to change their minds in favor of it. The AI works on unscripted reasoning and can argue both sides of an issue.  Can artificial intelligence (AI) expand a human mind? Soon, it will. ...

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Self-Learning Software Can Look Several Minutes Into The Future

Self Learning Software to predict future

A new self-learning program can predict future activities within a time horizon of up to 5 minutes.  This includes sequence, duration and type of activities.  The program achieved over 40% accuracy, but its performance got worse when it had to look far into the future.  Over the last few years, we’ve seen an enormous growth in ...

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Nvidia AI Can Convert 30fps Videos To 240fps

30fps Videos To 240fps

Nvidia develops a new deep learning-based technique that converts a standard video to superior-quality slow-motion video. It’s a variable-length multi-frame interpolation technique for generating any number of intermediate frames. In video editing, one of the most difficult effects is slow motion. It requires software to generate hundreds of new in-between frames that are both spatially ...

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