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12 Best Camera Apps For Android | 2018 Edition

Google Camera

In today’s fast-paced world, smartphone cameras are a huge deal. Instead of carrying a separate camera, more and more people rely on their smartphones to take snapshots of the moments they don’t want to miss. Smartphone companies are also seizing every opportunity to improve camera hardware on their products to make it bankable, but what ...

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12 Best Malware Removal Tools Of 2018

Norton security - best malware removal tools

The first major computer worm or malware outbreak occurred in the year 1988 when a Cornell University student Robert Morris launched the ‘Morris Worm‘ from MIT systems. This was the beginning of an era of new and more powerful malicious software. The first documented computer virus, however, was ‘Creeper Worm’ which came out in 1971. Things ...

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13 Best WordPress Alternatives In 2018


I guess you are planning to start a new online business, perhaps a blog or trying to launch a business website for your employer. Whatever your reason for starting a website is it’s more likely that you are aware of the fact that the days to hand-coded HTML and CSS pages are long gone. Now ...

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12 Best Keyboard Apps For Android With Advanced Features Of 2018

Multiling Android Keyboard app

For many smartphone users, the standard built-in keyboards are just not enough. While the pre-installed apps are largely workable, they lack certain features which are sometimes necessary to do things efficiently. Fortunately, there are a number of good alternatives available out there with all the fun customizations, proper language support, and other features. But before ...

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15 Best Music Player Apps For Android In 2018


A music player is something that comes pre-installed or by default in smartphones, such as Google Play Music but we still need a third party music application for our Android device, why? Well, there could be a multitude of reasons for that. For instance, a default music application might not have the particular feature you’re ...

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13 Best TeamViewer Alternatives Of 2018

TigerVNC - teamviewer alternative

TeamViewer is without a doubt one of the most popular desktop sharing application available right now. It allows users to access and control systems remotely. People around the world use it to conduct online meetings, provide assistance in real time, among other things. System developers also use such platform for easy deployments. But like every other thing, ...

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8 Best Artificial Intelligence Programming Language in 2018

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become on the hot topics and biggest research fields, every giant tech company and even startups are working on. It’s a very broad topic ranging from basic calculators and self-steering technology to self aware robots that can radically change the future. Developing systems that equal or exceed human intelligence is ...

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18 Best Apps For Small Business In 2018


Being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially if you’re running a small or medium-sized business. You not only have to sustain your business but also search for new possibilities to grow. Then there are other important things to take care like managing account books, invoicing, tax filings and other management related requirements. These are the ...

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12 Best Star Wars Games To Play In 2018

the knights of old republic

The Stars Wars is without-a-doubt one of the most popular franchises created on T.V over the years with millions and millions of hardcore fans all over the globe. I am proudly one of them and I guess you are too. The journey of games based on the Star Wars universe started in 1983 with the ...

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7 Best VPN For Chrome Broswer in 2018 | Free Extensions

SaferVPN - Chrome extension

A Virtual Private Network or VPN secures the internet connection of your device to make sure every single data in and out of your system is encrypted and protected from potential data thefts. It also helps users to bypass security measures put in place by site administrators and governments. There is no doubt that the ...

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