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15 Best Test Data Generation Tools

GEDIS Studio Online

Test data generation is the process of creating a set of data for testing a software application. It is quite a complex problem and many solutions have come forth, most of them are limited to toy programs. We could use the actual data that has been taken from similar old programs or it could be ...

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20 Most Useful C and C++ Cheat Sheets | 2018 Edition

facts C++

C and C++ both was developed with a bias toward system programming and embedded, large systems, with flexibility, efficiency, and greater performance. They have been found extremely helpful in other contexts as well, with key strengths being resource-constrained and applications and software infrastructure, which includes performance-critical applications (space probes, telephone switches), servers (SQL, eCommerce) and ...

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8 Best Linux Distributions for Gaming in 2018

Best Linux Distributions for Gaming

There was a time when you had to go with Microsoft Windows if you wanted to play games. But, as always, times have changed. Linux, the free and open source operating system is more popular today than it has ever been. Sure, it still has a long way to go before it hopes to replace ...

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Able2Extract: A Tool To Securely Convert And Edit PDFs

Convert And Edit PDFs

This article has been submitted by Paulina Gibson.  The PDF (Portable Document Format) has been around for 24 years now and has become the most popular and most widely used document format for archiving and sharing information. The question is: “Why is the PDF file format so popular?” There are a number of benefits  for ...

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16 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android Users

NotifierPro - Smart Notification Apps

App notifications enhance the overall user experience by notifying a user of new messages or events, even when the user is not operating the application. The Android notification system has always been ahead of the curve, with other platforms like Windows or iOS. Although the Android notification center has matured a lot over the last couple ...

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