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27 Stunning Rainmeter Skins of 2017

Tech a

The best thing about Windows is it is completely customizable. As far as visual customization is concerned, you can change the wallpaper or use third party themes. But sometimes, that’s not enough. You want something that lets you tweak your Windows’ visual appearance to the fullest. Luckily, there are tons of programs that help you ...

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What’s New In Kotlin 1.2 | 8 Added Features and Changes

What's New In Kotlin 1.2

First appeared in 2011, the statically-typed programming language Kotlin is now picking up speed – it is getting popular day-by-day. As per data and predictions, more than 20 percent of the applications built with Java before Google I/O 2017 are being built within Kotlin language. In future, it might even change how Java is used on ...

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7 Best Artificial Intelligence Programming Language in 2017

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become on the hot topics and biggest research fields, every giant tech company and even startups are working on. It’s a very broad topic ranging from basic calculators and self-steering technology to self aware robots that can radically change the future. Developing systems that equal or exceed human intelligence is ...

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10 HeadLess Browsers For Automated Testing


A headless browser is a piece of software that access webpages, but doesn’t show them to real users. It’s a web browser without a graphical user interface. They are often used to provide the content of  webpages to other programs, for instance, it could be used by a program to access a webpage and extract some information like ...

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20 Useful PHP Testing, Debugging and Optimization Tools

PHP is most famous open source server-side scripting language that powers more than 250 millions of websites. It has detailed documentation, plenty of ready-to-use scripts, well supported frameworks and a huge community. And yes, the most important thing, it is much easier to get started with PHP than any other scripting language. We present a ...

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50+ Google Material Design Resources for Developers

Material Interaction

Google introduced the new design language “Material design” at the Google I/O conference on 25th June 2014. It focuses on grid based layouts, padding, floating action buttons, responsive transitions, depth effects like lightning and shadows. Unlike real paper, material design can expand and reform intelligently. With the addition of tactile surfaces, fluid motion and bold graphic ...

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15 Best CCleaner Alternative for Windows, Mac and Linux


We all want our machines to respond fast, no matter how old it is. One of the most popular application that helps us to make our machines quick is CCleaner. It cleans all junks from your computer, including temporary files and invalid/expired registry entires. Not only it does this, it can automatically delete the browser’s ...

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20 Best Android Apps to Learn Science and Mathematics

Chemistry lab

There is a tremendous amount of information present on the Internet that is enough to make you smarter without spending a penny, and that too on your Android smartphone. The device you are holding in your hand is an incredible educational tool, and app developers are taking advantage of the power of those mobile devices ...

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What’s New In Java 9 | 19 Added Features and Changes

What's New In Java 9

Finally, Java 9 (formally called Java Platform Standard Edition version 9) has been released for private and commercial use. It’s the biggest upgrade to Java platform standard edition, coming after 3 and a half years. The last update was Java 8, released in March 2014. Java 9 was previously delayed multiple times because of modularity controversy. ...

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