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30 Useful Steganography Tools To Hide Secret Information


Steganography is the science of hiding secret data inside larger and harmless looking files, like picture, sound, text, etc. For example, the hidden message may be invisible ink between the visible lines of private letters. What are the advantages of Steganography over Cryptography? Cryptography is the practice of securing the content of a message alone. On ...

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20 Best Free Antivirus and Anti-malware Android Apps

best Free Antivirus Anti-malware Android Apps

Since Google had acquired Android in 2005, things have surely changed, from phone looks to the nature of the applications. Perhaps only a few can remember the first generation of Android games. Over the time, the obsession of Android based games may come and go, but as far as the antiviruses are concerned, they still remain one of the ...

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40 Free Medical Icon Sets For Designers | Ready To Download

Medical White Icons

Have you ever tried browsing a hospital’s website and weren’t able to navigate to which section you are looking for, or you got confused what button you should click on? If the answer is yes, then there is definitely a problem with how clinic and hospital websites use medical icons. It may seem a trivial feature, but medical ...

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16 Most Expensive Software in the World

CryEngine 3

In simple language, Computer software is made of more than one program – Bunch of program makes software. The term software was first used in 1960 to distinguish it from computer hardware. Don’t worry, we will not explain you any technical terms. The question is how you predict the cost of any software?? The answer is simple ...

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20 Best WordPress Theme Generators | Free and Paid

Divi Builder 

WordPress is one of the highly customizable platforms that lets you mold its themes and plugins according to your needs. To do this, one needs to have programming knowledge. But not everyone is a coder. That’s the reason there are hundreds of theme generators and framework available on the Internet. Not only beginners, but professional developers ...

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30 Best Game Of Thrones Inspired Web Resources

The biggest fantasy drama on TV, Game of Thrones has fascinated a huge audience world wide. The show gained such stupendous popularity because of its story line, scope, complex characters, bold scenes and production values. Unlike many other fantasies, it allows the audience to view characters from their perspective. George RR Martin (the story writer) is ...

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45+ Artistic Invoice Designs For Your Inspiration

industrial designer

Even in this age of automation, invoicing is an essential part of any business. Apart from billing, your invoice may also contain various important information about your enterprise or organization that you want to share with your customers. They are also important to keep track of your accounts and profits. So, we all agree that ...

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25 Best WordPress Cheat Sheet for Developers

WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system on the Web, empowering over 60 million websites. It is used by 28% of the top 10 million websites. What makes WordPress more popular is its easy-to-use features, which includes clean permalink structure, automatic filter, search engine friendly articles, easy link management, standardize formatting and styling of ...

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