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Wednesday War

Microsoft Vs Apple: Stats and Facts

Microsoft VS Apple

The Microsoft vs Apple is one of the most controversial topics for more than 3 decades. It’s a war that has raged across time and space. Which is better? Is there even a true winner? Some of these questions cannot be answered, but this page will provide some interesting facts and statistics of world’s two ...

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The Elder Scrolls Skyrim vs The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Skyrim The Elder Scrolls vs The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Welcome to RankRed, today in Wednesday wars we are pitching two of the biggest RPG franchises¬†against each other The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher. Today, these games largely define the next generation of RPG games. This is gonna be a showdown. But remember, we are pitting the entire franchise against each other and it isn’t ...

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USA vs Russia: The Military Stats | Weapon War

Russia vs USA

Since the days of bloody cold war, the world had and is still witnessing the hustle and tussle between the two greatest military powers in the world. There is not more appropriate time to finally analyze and discover the strengths and weakness of these two when pitted against each other, especially when the world is ...

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