35 Helpful Cheat Sheets for Programmers and Developers

In the computing world, developing something great needs a clever programming skill. And unfortunately, it isn’t an easy task. You may get stuck anywhere while writing code. It becomes even worse when you are writing thousands lines of codes. A single semicolon misplace can cause hundreds of errors. Moreover, a developer needs to have knowledge about the basics and in-built functions of programming languages. Nowadays, it is quite impossible because the new language versions are released almost every year with more advanced capabilities. The good news is, there exists a lot of tools that tells you about all new features and functions added to the new version.

We have gathered a few functions, variable, types, methods, tutorials for various programming languages that will help you in your next project and grab the basic knowledge on each language. We are calling it Cheat Sheets for Programmers and Developers/Designers.

The images are only representing a small part of Cheat sheets

1. CSS3 


2. HTML5


3. JavaScript


4. CoCoa FrameWork


5. HTML/XHTML Character Entities

HTML XHTML Character Entities

6. jQuery


7. Bootstrap


8. MySQL


9. PHP


10. WordPress


11. Drupal


12. Blueprint


14. Detailed HTML5 Cheat Sheet/Infographics 

15. Bootstrap 3 Glyph icons 

Bootstrap 3 Glyph icons

16. Nodejs


17. Flash ActionScript

Flash ActionScript

18. Google App Engine for Java

Google App Engine for Java

19. WordPress Architecture 

Wordpress Architecture

20. ASP/VBScript


21. JavaScript + Ajax

JavaScript + Ajax



23. MySQL – Common SQL Commands

MySQL - common commands

24. Blogger


25. Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3

26. Font Awesome

Font Awesome

27. XSS Filter Evasion

XSS Filter Evasion

28. WebMatrix: Advanced Web Development Made Simple


29. SQLite


30. Java GUI Development

Java GUI Development

31. Joomla


32. Google Web ToolKit

Google webkit tool

33. JSP


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34. SVG Visual 

SVG visual

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35. HTML Canvas (by skilled.co)

HTML Canvas

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  • Nelson Baptista says:

    Hi all. I am writing to ask something about Bootstrap. I know about it for a friend some months ago. Since that day I use it in each project. The thing is. Are there other framework but like joomla? I mean can I install it and use it just clicking some links?

    Hope u can review this post and answer me.


    • Varun Kumar says:

      Hello Nelson,
      If you are looking for frameworks similar to Joomla, have a look at: Drupal, SilverStripe, GetSimple. Microweber.

  • Star Light says:

    I wish I could meet your list sooner.

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