13 Concentrix Competitors and Alternatives In 2024

Concentrix provides outsourced services to help companies enhance customer experience and business processes. They serve more than 2,000 clients across multiple sectors, including technology, finance, retail, and healthcare. 

In 2023, Concentrix generated $7.11 billion in revenue, up from $6.32 billion in 2022. Their trailing twelve-month revenue exceeds $7.88 billion, with a net profit margin of over 3.5%. This demonstrates strong growth and a promising future. [1]

While Concentrix is a major player in customer experience and business services, many alternatives provide tailored solutions, cost benefits, superior service quality, and effective risk management.

We’ve featured some of the best Concentrix competitors and alternatives to ensure your business benefits from the latest industry innovations and improvements. 

Did you know?

The global business process outsourcing market is expected to reach $526.35 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 9.4%. The United States is expected to generate the most revenue among all major countries. [2]

13. Everise

Founded in 2016
Headquarters: Florida, United States
Valuation: $1 billion
Competitive Edge: Strong focus on healthcare solutions 

Everise provides healthcare solutions, digital transformation services, and customer experience management services, which include sales and upselling, technical support, and retention programs. 

It primarily focuses on the healthcare sector, providing specialized solutions to cater to the unique needs of healthcare providers, payers, and medical device manufacturers.  

The company has nearly 19,000 employees spread across facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. It is among the most awarded healthcare customer experience companies, garnering 70+ prestigious awards, including 26 tech awards, 17 leadership awards, and 12 diversity awards. [3]

In 2023, Everise raised money from global growth investment firm Warburg Pincus at a valuation of $1 billion

Everise announced in late December of 2023 that it had finally clinched capital from global growth investment firm Warburg Pincus. Though the amount invested remains undisclosed, added to capital from Canadian asset management firm Brookfield, the company’s valuation is now estimated at “around US$1 billion.” [4]

12. iQor

Founded in 1998
Headquarters: Florida, United States
Annual Revenue: $16 billion (2023)
Competitive Edge: Extensive global presence

iQor is one of the largest customer and product support companies worldwide, supporting many telecom and energy companies and consumer electronics manufacturers. It leverages AI, data analytics, and  RPA (robotic process automation) to deliver superior customer experiences and optional efficiencies. 

iQor operates over 40 contact centers in 10 countries. According to Zippa, the company generated approximately $16.0 billion in annual revenue in 2023. With nearly 45,000 employees, their revenue per employee was $355,556. [5]

In May 2024, iQor announced an agreement with Mill Point Capital, a private equity firm focused on North American investments. As per the agreement, Mill Point Capital will acquire a major stake in iQor and help them expand into new industries and markets. [6]

11. Foundever

Founded in 1985
Headquarters: Luxembourg, Germany
Valuation: $4 billion (2023)
Competitive Edge: Blends human expertise with AI-driven capabilities

Foundever provides a range of customer experience management and digital transformation services. Its multi-channel support and comprehensive technical assistance ensure quick resolution of technical problems. 

The company also has 30+ years of experience in managing sales and retention programs. Their 30,000 associates (in the sales & retention department) have delivered about 41% better sales conversion rates. 

In 2023, Foundever achieved $4 billion in annual revenue. They employ 170,000 people worldwide and serve over 750 brands, connecting them with their customers 9 million times daily in more than 60 languages. [7]

In 2024, Foundever was recognized as a Global Outsourcing 100 company by IAOP for the 18th consecutive year.

10. Alorica

Founded in 1999
Headquarters: California, United States
Total Funding: $727.6 million
Competitive Edge: Focus on creating long-term loyalty

Alorica assists companies of various sizes and sectors in advancing their business. With a team of 100,000 technologists, solutionists, and operators, they collaborate with global brands to provide tailored customer interactions.  

In 2024, Alorica unveiled Real-time Voice Language Translation (ReVoLT) to eliminate language barriers during live customer interactions. ReVoLT provides real-time bi-directional voice translation in 75 languages. It is expected to improve service operations and reduce costs by up to 50%. [8]

Alorica currently serves 250+ clients across various industries. Their clients have an average tenure of 10 years, which shows their ability to build long-term, trusted relationships and deliver consistent value. 

To date, they have raised $727.6 million through two funding rounds, of which $725 million was raised alone in 2023 from Cerberus Business Finance. [9]

9. Baker Tilly

Founded in 1987
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Annual Revenue: $5.2 billion (2023)
Competitive Edge: Extensive global network and industry expertise 

Baker Tilly is one of the largest accountancy and advisory networks, with over 650 offices across 141 territories and a 43,000 global workforce. [10]

It offers a broad range of accounting, tax, and advisory services. This includes technology consulting, management consulting, risk advisory, and other advisory services aimed at enhancing business performance and operational efficiency.  

They also offer financial advisory services, such as forensic accounting, restructuring, and wealth management, helping families manage their finances and plan for the future.

In 2023, the company achieved $5.2 billion in annual revenue, just four years after surpassing the $4 billion benchmark. Advisory services grew by 12.3%, tax services by 12%, legal services by 16%, and accounting by 10%.

Europe was the fastest-growing region with a 17% growth rate, followed by Latin America at 16% and North America at 11%. [11]

8. Qualtrics

Founded in 2002
Headquarters: Washington, United States
Total Funding: $1.53 billion (2023)
Competitive Edge: One platform handles everything

Qualtrics provides a single platform to manage customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. This platform includes a powerful survey engine that allows companies to conduct detailed market, academic, and customer research. 

Plus, there is a feature called CoreXM that allows companies to create detailed surveys and distribute them to their customers. It comes with pre-designed survey templates created by industry experts. 

Qualtrics currently serves 18,700+ clients worldwide, including 88% of the Fortune 100 companies. [12]

They make money through their subscription-based model, where clients pay for access to the platform on a recurring basis (monthly or annually). Additional revenue is generated through professional services, such as consultation, implementation, training, and support. 

In 2023, Qualtrics generated $1.53 in revenue, compared to $1.45 billion in 2022 and $1.07 billion in 2021. With 5,600, their revenue, thier revenu-per-employee stood at $273,706. [13]

7. Coastal Cloud

Founded in 2012
Headquarters: Florida, United States
Total Funding: $99.4 million 
Competitive Edge: End-to-end Salesforce implementation services

Coastal Cloud is a technology consulting firm that delivers Salesforce-based solutions to various industries. It helps companies transform their business operations and improve efficiency by leveraging cloud technology. 

They have worked with more than 1,500 companies, deploying 6,900+ projects. With a team of over 558 experts holding more than 2,400 Salesforce certifications, Coastal Cloud offers insights and expertise to a range of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, private equity, public sector, non-profit, and more. [14]

They charge clients based on the scope and complexity of the project implementation, which can include fixed-price projects or time-and-materials engagements. According to Zoominfo, their annual revenue is close to $99.4 million. [15]

In 2023, Inc. Magazine named Coastal Cloud one of the fastest-growing private companies for the second year in a row.

6. SmartBug Media

Founded in 2008
Headquarters: California, United States
Total Funding: $61.2 million 
Competitive Edge: Inbound Marketing

SmartBug Media helps clients implement and optimize marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot to streamline their marketing processes. They work with sales teams to align marketing and sales efforts, increasing lead conversion rates and sales effectiveness. 

They primarily focus on data-driven strategies, offering detailed analytics and reporting to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

In 2023, SmartBug acquired Globalia, the biggest HubSpot Partner in Canada and a Shopify partner. This acquisition positioned SmartBug as the only partner capable of serving the entire customer lifecycle across all HubSpot Hubs. [16]

In 2024, SmartBug ranked first on G2 in the HubSpot Consulting Services category. It was also featured in the Inc.’s 2024 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the Pacific region. [17]

5. Conduent

Founded in 2017
Headquarters: New Jersey, India
Total Funding: $3.72 billion (2023)
Competitive Edge: Public sector solutions

Conduent employs about 59,000 associates across 40+ countries, offering mission-critical solutions to both businesses and governments. Their government services include public assistance programs, transportation solutions such as tolling and parking management, and payment services like tax collections and disbursement services.

Several Fortune 100 companies and over 600 government and transportation agencies work with Conduent to manage their business processes and end-user interactions. 

Specifically, Conduent processes nearly 12 million tolling transactions daily, manages 43% of nutrition assistance payments in the United States, and facilitates 1.3 billion customer service interactions annually.

In 2023, Conduent generated $3.72 billion in revenue. In 2024, NelsonHall, a global analyst firm, named Conduent a market leader for Multi-Process HR Transformation Services for Large Enterprises. [18]

4. Infosys BPM

Founded in 2002
Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
Total Funding: $1.5 billion (2023)
Competitive Edge: Technology integration and global delivery model

Infosys BPM provides end-to-end transformative business process management (BPM) services to clients across various industries. It helps clients transition from a digital-first approach to a cloud-first and AI-first world. 

The company focuses on five key facets: 

  1. Deliver actionable insights,
  2. Innovate to improve operational effectiveness,
  3. Accelerate the digital experience,
  4. Assure Compliance, and 
  5. Re-define end-user experience

They operate 45 delivery centers in 16 countries, employing over 57,600 professionals and catering to 238 clients worldwide. [19]

The company has delivered significant business value to its clients — they have generated over $100 million in value for a major consumer products manufacturer, achieved over $38 million in savings for a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, increased free cash flow by $21.5 million for a Fortune 100 insurer, and reduced the total cost of ownership by nearly 35% for a large US retailer. 

Infosys BPM primarily earns revenue through long-term outsourcing contracts, where clients pay for managed services and business process optimization.  In 2023, they generated $1.5 billion in annual revenue. 

In 2024, it was recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing. [20]

3. Capgemini

Founded in 1967
Headquarters: Paris, France
Total Funding: $24.5 billion (2023)
Competitive Edge: Strong focus on AI and cloud computing 

Capgemini is a global leader in technology services, consultation, and digital transformation. It harnesses the power of generative AI, machine learning, and cloud computing to drive business transformation and innovation. It has over 340,000 employees. of which 57% are based in offshore locations. 

About 85% of the 200 largest public firms on the Forbes Global 2000 list are Capgemini’s clients.

In 2023, Capgemini generated $24.5 billion in revenue with a net profit of $1.85 billion. The largest business segment, Application and Technology Services, grew by 5%, while the Operations & Engineering unit increased its revenue by 3%. The Strategy & Transformation business was the fastest-growing segment, with a 9% increase in revenue compared to the previous year. [21]

In 2024, the Ethisphere Institute named Capgemini one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the 12th consecutive year. In the same year, Capgemini announced a new project with DARPA to investigate the use of quantum computing in carbon capture.

To date, Capgemini has acquired 59 companies, with the most recent acquisitions being Big Tree Technology & Consulting and HDL Design House. [22]

2. Genpact

Founded in 1997
Headquarters: New York, United States
Total Funding: $4.48 billion (2023)
Competitive Edge: Deep domain expertise  

Genpact aims to transform businesses through digital innovation and intelligent operations, creating lasting impact for their clients. 

It leverages AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, and RPA to drive operational efficiency and business transformation. Plus, its partnerships with tech leaders like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google enhance its ability to offer innovative solutions. 

The company has extensive experience running complex business processes for major global corporations, especially in industries such as banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer goods. They serve about 40% of the Fortune Global 500 companies. 

As per the official website, Genpact manages more than 72 billion transactions every month for consumer goods and retail clients. The company has 100,000 employees across 30+ countries, including 58,000 data analytics and trained professionals who drive insights and decision-making for clients. [23]

In 2023, Genpact generated $4.48 billion in revenue, with Digital Operations Services contributing $2.48 billion and Data-Tech-AI Services contributing $1.99 billion. [24]

In terms of customer satisfaction, Genpact ranks second on the Wall Street Journal’s Management Top 250 list.

1. Teleperformance

Founded in 1978
Headquarters: Paris, France
Total Funding: $9.05 billion (2023)
Competitive Edge: Extensive network of contact centers

With more than 45 years of experience, Teleperformance has established itself as a trusted partner in providing customer relationship management, telemarketing, consulting, and back-office Services

They serve a diverse range of clients, spanning from Fortune Global 500 companies to mid-sized brands across various industries. With a vast network of contact centers, managed by nearly 500,000 employees, they provide localized support and seamless service delivery across regions.

Teleperformance’s financial performance has been impressive, with steady revenue growth over the last decade. In 2023, they generated revenue of $9.05 billion, up from $8.83 billion in 2022. [25]

The company is strategically planning to expand its operations in developing countries. For example, in India, they aim to increase their headcount by 15,000, reaching a workforce of over 100,000 by the end of 2025. [26]

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