10 Beautiful Concept for a Redesigned Facebook

Facebook looks great with the app editions of its service for iOS, Android and Windows, but the desktop interface has fallen behind new design trends. Facebook serves a very particular user experience with some good elements, and other not-so-impressing elements.
Rather just sitting around and complaining, some designers took matters into their hands. They have developed few gorgeous new looks and concept redesign of the Facebook that could improve the user experience.

We have gathered a handful of custom Facebook redesigns from all across the internet, each with some updated UI components and specific enhancement. In case if they are implemented by Facebook, how they are gonna impact usability – take these thoughts into consideration.

1. The Conceptional Approach

The Conceptional Approach

A compelling design by Fred Nerby with expanding/collapsing side panels, fluid layout, primary and secondary column for filtering posts, horizontal profile page scrolling and timeline slide-out panel. Profile page and photos support thumbnail view, detail view and effects. The author has also created a calendar view, list view and event detail page view.

2. The Timeline

The Timeline

This is a multi-column timeline concept designed by Alejandro Osorio . It could be striking as well as off-putting to some users. It certainly feels like original timeline page as elements and colors stay true to Facebook’s design style. There is a sidebar link to switch between popular and recent posts. Everything is clearly organized except for the green button with a single plus sign on the left column, which is slightly confusing and doesn’t fit with style.

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3. Minimalistic Style

Minimalistic Style

Pontus Wellgraf come up with a full screen design by replacing all the empty spaces with intuitively and significant content. There is a UI kit for landing page, news feed, side menu, chat, activity, profile page, timeline, photos, album, and more. All pages are designed with clean colors, soft and light typeface, and with area that took full advantage of its high resolution potential.

4. Elegant Profile Page

Elegant Profile Page

There are many things that need to be altered by Haris Jusovic (a designer from Europe) point of view, from UX to pure design. He places more focus on prominent header photo and profile picture. Most of the buttons have been replaced with bigger typography and extra padding. Overall, the concept feels streamlined and compact.

5. Facebook 2.0

Facebook 2

This spacious design called Facebook 2.0 is created by Marcelo Silva. It shows an updated homepage structure that features collapsible/expandable left sidebar. The design is quite attractive, but has many flaws like the small icons are nice, but users would not understand what are they for.

6. Material Design Facelift

Material Design Facelift

A fresh and simple Material Design concept for a Facebook facelift by James Bergen Plummer. Most of the designers end up with something that doesn’t really bear much resemblance to the original. However, this concept looks like a normal Facebook.

7. Flat Design

flat design

In order to make users focus on content Rof tentik removed the right side stats like “trending” and “recent posts” since their secondary function doesn’t outweigh the distractive nature. Also, the unnecessary elements from the left menu has been eliminated, and the whole menu is replaced by “sticky” menu. Moreover, the designer has increased white space around every element – button, menu, blocks with posts, private messages etc.

8. Flip Design

Flip Design

The white cards on the blue background (designed by Monish) seem to make the content much easier to digest, and the circular profile images on each card give it a more savvy look. The left menu elements are adjusted to the drop down expanded list view.

9. Facebook Dark

Facebook Dark

Raphael Jiya designed a dark version of Facebook by removing white background. It has a secondary header menu as well as 3d look for columns and cards.

10. Facebook II

Facebook II

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Prakash creates a very unique concept – flat design throughout, 2 column news feed, separate public and friends news feed and search results organized into categories.

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  • Ronb28135 says:

    No thanks, FB II. I’m not into patronizing a redesigned FB. A redesigned FB will still have Zuckerberg’s draconian anti-Trump censors and other manipulators trying to sucker me into a left-wing Zuckerberg inspired Marxist/Communist-controlled society. Tell that jerk that all of the money in the world cannot mold AMERICAN patriots into his idea of a socialist Mecca. Tell him that if he hates AMERICA to get his ass on the next plane to Beijing or Pyong Yang, or Havana and transfer his billions into a Rockefeller/China bank. He’s not needed or wanted in AMERICA! Get the hell out!

    I’m a seventy-seven-year-old disabled UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Vietnam Veteran. I didn’t spend my time in Vietnam killing Communists to have the bastards come here today and try to mold me into the perfect Democrat Party slave. Uh, uh! NOPE! NADA! NO!

    If I’m forced to I will die on my feet standing tall as a free AMERICAN before I’ll serve on my goddamned knees as a slave to any Zuckerberg-approved Democrat. That’s the AMERICAN way. That’s how I was raised. Stuff it.