33 Coolest Concept Cars Of All Time

They are unique, radical, and they come from the imagination of the best engineers and designers of the automotive industry. Though, most of the concept cars never see the production line because of unavailable technology and resources. We still appreciate their exquisite design. Check out the world’s coolest concept cars that are insanely awesome. The list includes both historic and futuristic designs.

33. Mazda Nagare

Mazda Nagare

Nagare means “flow” in Japanese. According to its designer, Laurens van den Acker, Nagare is a celebration of proportions and surface language. The vehicle bodylines flow like liquid across its seamless design and its large windshield rakes at very sharp angle molding itself to a glass roof.

32. P-Eco


The sci-fi looking car P-Eco is designed by Jung-Hoon Kim. It is powered by piezoelectricity (generating electricity from pressure), specially made to make life easier in the city.

31. General Motors Firebird 1

General Motors Firebird 1Photo credit: wikimedia

Is it a plane or is it a car? Actually, it’s both rolled into a bizarre creation. The prototype was not intended for production; it was created to showcase the extreme in design and technology that General Motors was able to achieve. The design was completely impractical, with a bullet shaped fuselage made of fiberglass, a bubble topped canopy over a single seat cockpit, short wings and a vertical tail fin.

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30. Ford GT90


Ford GT90 is a high performance concept car unveiled at the 1995 Detroit Auto Show. Pumping out 720 hp from quad-turbocharged V12 engine DOHC, it could accelerate to 60 mph in 3.1 second and 100 mph in 6.2 seconds, before attaining a lightning top speed of 235 mph.

29. Toyota EX-III

Toyota EX-III Concept Car

The EX-III was the big brother of former concept model, shown at 1969 Toyota Motor Show. Like EX-I, it was designed for high speed, long distance but it was bigger car. The aerodynamic body has no bumper (pointed front), a long bonnet, sharply sloped sides and a tapered rear.

28. Nissan Motivity 400C

Nissan Motivity 400CDesigner: Tryi Yeh

Motivity 400C uses a maglev’s engine system which makes it even more powerful. The triangular shape body reduces air drag, therefore, the car provides superior acceleration and saves more power. Steering wheel has been kept traditional so that you can enjoy driving without facing any unusual problem or discomfort.

27. Alfa Romeo Caimano

Ferrari 512S Modulo

Alfa Romeo Caimano was a sportier version of the small Alfasud saloon, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of ItalDesign and featured at Turin Motor Show in 1971. Because of the unusual dome-windshield, it offered great views of sky and trees from inside.



TH!NK FROST is an all-wheel-drive electric car made for snowy terrain and arctic conditions. The two-seater car features hydraulic wheel extender, double wishbone suspension, superior traction, and it allows you to control air flow into the cockpit and adjust the temperature of battery packs and electric motors.

25. Ferrari 512S Modulo

FERRARI 512 S MODULOImage credit: wikimedia

Ferrari 512S Modulo was unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. It had an extremely low body with a canopy-style roof and all four wheels were partially covered. The interior was not so comfortable. Very few people would actually be able to get inside the car.

24. A360


This small UFO looking design was made by Huynh Ngoc Lan. The car runs on 3 spheres (rather than wheels) which allow it to move in any direction. Also, the interior cabin can sweep 360 degrees to accommodate the change.

23. Dolphin


Dolphin concept car is made of full transparent glass and carbon fiber frame that can accommodate an entire family. The drive machine consists of dual-stators maglev DC machine. The concept mainly focuses on size, lightweight body and reducing the energy consumption.

22. Audi Shark


Audi Shark is a futuristic flying concept vehicle designed by Kazim Doku. This two-seater flying sports car is inspired by motorcycles and airplanes. The exterior offers a visual reference to the car’s name and the interior features sporty seats integrated in the cockpit structure. Both headlight and taillight are made by transparent tubes having LEDs.

21. Fiat EYE

Fiat EYE

It’s a compact personal vehicle based on Segway technology that allows swift and sustainable ride in city roads. The system is balanced gyroscopically and equipped with voice command and biometric reading sensors. It has elliptical wheels that allow the vehicle to rotate around its axis and make comfortable moves in irregular obstacles.

20. Cadillac World Thorium Fuel

Cadillac World Thorium Fuel

Nicknamed Cadillac WTF is designed by Lorus Kulesus. It has a grille the width of the body, 24 wheels in bunch of 6, and it is powered by a nuclear reactor. The company claims that every part of the vehicle can perform well for 100 years without maintenance.

19. Valmet Dawn EV

Valmet Dawn EVImage courtesy: diseno-art

Perhaps the most bizarre and impractical vehicle on the list. Valmet Dawn EV is single-seater electric car designed by Finnish car manufacturer Valmet for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The plain white body is intended to grab audience attention. The vehicle is equipped with electric motor, power electronics control module and wireless induction charging system.

18. Mercedes Benz F105

Mercedes-Benz F105

It’s better to call F105 a research car rather than a concept car. The car can drive itself and recognize your presence. A high-intensity laser is attached beneath the car’s badge that can project symbols onto the road, like a green crosswalk or any sort of sign. The exterior has metallic windows and the interior cabin is a mixture of leather, wood and polished aluminum.

17. Kazaguruma


Kazaguruma uses wind as its power. The mechanism is similar to a rotor ship – wind force and Magnus effect create whirlwind at the back that forces the vehicle to move. Moreover, the tires are made from 6 light, identical parts that can be replaced if the tire is partially damaged.

16. Audi Makaon Speed Sailor

Audi Makaon Speed Sailor

Makaon is a two-seater concept car powered by wind energy. The seating compartment can be adjusted to balance the car when wind gets too strong. It is equipped with plenty of cameras and sensors that can record vehicle’s run and overall performance.

15. Honda Air

Honda Air

Honda Air is powered by compressed air pneumatic regulator system. It utilizes turbo vacuums and external air flow to regenerate tank pressure for extended range. The vehicle has glass reinforced seating panels, skeletal sub-frame components, urethane tire composition and body panels are completely made from vegetable based polymers.

14. Ford Nucleon

Ford NucleonImage credit: wikipedia

The Ford Nucleon was a scale concept car developed in 1958 as a design on how a nuclear-powered car might look. It was powered by a small nuclear reactor in the rear of the car. In theory, the car was to use a steam engine powered by Uranium fission. Ignoring the safety issues of crashing in a mobile nuclear bomb, Ford Nucleon wasn’t such a mad idea.

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13. 1947 Norman Timbs Special

1947 Norman Timbs Special

The front-mounted cockpit and curves leading to a raindrop tail makes this vehicle completely unique. The design of the car was influenced by several World War II race cars, like Mercedes-Benz W25 Avus Grand Prix and Auto Union Type C. It has the aerodynamic designs with a Buick Straight 8 engine placed at the rear of the chassis.

12. erRinGo


This ring shaped vehicle (with 3 wheels) is designed by Mohammad Ghezel. The gyro system keeps the car on main wheel and other two side wheels are used to provide support and balance through turns. This two seater car has steering wheels for both passengers, allowing either to drive.

11. Peugeot Ozone

Peugeot Ozone

Like erRinGo, Peugeot Ozone requires gyroscopic technology to balance itself. The car works on hydrogen powered fuel and controlled by joystick. The semitransparent glass doors slide 360 degrees into the symmetric metal body and the interior structure might make you feel uncomfortable in your seats.

10. BMW 42-wheeler

BMW 42-wheeler

BMW has designed a 42 wheel, 19 engine super sports car to fulfill a dream of 4 year old boy, Eli. He had very specific demands – first, the car has to be BMW, and second, it had to have 42 wheels, 19 Porsche engine of 459 horsepower each and 3 steering wheels. Also, it had to have a trunk full of toys. Eli’s uncle asked for help from artists and eventually BMW themselves decided to help. They produced the great design which fulfills the promise of Eli’s dream.

9. Peugeot Globule

Peugeot Globule

Peugeot Globule consists of 4 separate pods, each with its own motor that can be arranged in many ways. Each pot accommodates a single passenger and connected to a central battery. You can align them one after one, side by side or stack on top of each other to fit in a parking space.

8. Nike ONE

Nike ONeImage source: deviantart

A hypothetical high performance concept car with eight-gear automatic transmission that can go up to speed of 230 miles per hour. It uses Human Energy Potential (HEP) as source energy and controlled by a series of non-invasive bio-ports on the driver’s hands. The design of the car is inspired by Nike founder’s principle “Less is More”.

7. Opel Flow


Opel Flow is a single seat, solar powered concept car. It generates its own power by using your body; your body movement to be exact. However, the main power comes from solar panel and the Flow comes with an adjusting seat for more comfort. It includes electric motors in the wheels and the weight of the battery keeps the vehicle stable.

6. Jaguar Mark XXI

Jaguar Mark XXI

Jaguar XXI embodies a symbiosis of luxury and eco-technology. The major part of the exterior body is covered with photovoltaic panels that are lifted up (towards Sun) when the vehicle is parked. The energy produced by these panels is stored in an onboard battery package that runs the vehicle when Sun does not shine.

5. BMW Lovos

BMW Lovos

Anne Forschner created this to encourage viewers to escape from the embrace of pleasant conformism. Like something out of transformers, it includes 260 identical interchangeable parts (called scales) in its structure that operate as solar panel (when close) and air brakes (when open). Moreover, each wheel has 12 scales that retract to create a semblance of turbines when wheels are in motion.

4. BMW Gina


Gina is fabric-skinned shape shifting sports car concept designed by Chris Bangle (BMW’s head designer). Gina stands for Geometry and Functions in ‘N’ Adaptations; the body changes its shape according to speed and exterior conditions. Moreover, when the car is parked, its interior instruments (like steering wheel) sit in idle position allowing easy entry for driver.

3. Volkswagen Aqua

Volkswagen Aqua

This is futuristic hovercraft concept created by a 21 year old Chinese designer, Yuhan Zhang. It uses 2 engines to run; the primary motor runs on hydrogen fuel cell which inflates the rubber skirt around the vehicle and provides lift, and the fans at the rear are powered by individual electric motor to provide thrust and direction.

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2. Honda Native

Honda Native

The car represents all the advancements that are expected to be applied to automobiles in upcoming years. Flying wheels, engine that talks and runs on pure H20, and exterior that changes color according to environment; this all looks like a science fiction but it’s reality. The interior is made of light aluminium and exterior body uses photo-chromic technology to change its color.

1. SAIC Yez


The first concept car that removes more pollution than it creates. SAIC stands for “Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation” and Yez means “leaf” in Mandarin. It employs some novel technologies like photoelectric conversion (or artificial photosynthesis) that lets the vehicle inhale carbon dioxide and expel oxygen.

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