The MegaList of Cortana Voice Commands

Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri. It’s an intelligent personal assistant for Windows 8.1. The name “Cortana” comes from artificial intelligence character in Microsoft’s Halo video game series. Microsoft has been quietly working on this project since the last couple of years and results are quite amazing. It answers questions using the information provided by Bing search engine. It is designed to make things easier for you and keep you up to date on stuffs that matter to you. Below we are listing all Cortana features in the form of voice commands. This technology is expected to be integrated with Windows 10 as well as Xbox one in coming days. Microsoft Cortana has smart and interesting answers to all following questions.

All Cortana Voice Commands - The MegaListFeel Free to use this infographic, but please do link us back. 

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General Search

What is meaning of “Astonished“?

Define “Machine“.

Who is “the tallest man in the world“?

How many “floors are in Burj Khalifa“?

What’s “the capital of Australia“?

Who is “the president of Sri Lanka“?

Who “build the White house“?

How old is “Johnny Depp“?
Who is “he married to“?

Show me the “pictures of dinosaurs“.

What is the “radius of Jupiter“.

Who founded “Google“?

How far “is it to the sun“?

How many calories in “Egg“?

Find recipes for “Chicken Curry“.

Phone and Messaging

Call “Ross“.

Call “Ross” on speakerphone.

Call “Dad“.


Call (call to another person while in a call).

Press (press a number while in a call).

Text “wife” “I’ll be there soon“.

Show me “messages from Daniel“.

Alarm and Calender

What do I have next?

What am I doing “this weekend“?

Add “Robin’s birthday” to my calender on 5th September

Change my “4pm appointment to 5pm

Put cardiologist appointment on calender “tomorrow”.

Set an alarm for “7am“.

Wake me up at “2am“.

Wake me up in “3 hours

Turn on my “6am” alarm.

Cancel all alarms.


Turn on “Airplane mode“.

Turn on “Quiet hours“.

Upload the “last video to YouTube“.

Flixster, Show “top movies“.

Open “Facebook/Twitter/Camera/other apps”.

Facebook, “What’s up with Monica?“.

Twitter, “new Tweet“.

Find “music apps“.

Notes and Reminders

Take a note: “Get coffee and milk“.

Note: “I parked on level 2“.

When “Larry calls“, remind me to “congratulates him for the new job“.

Remind me to “wish happy birthday Linda” “tomorrow“.

Remind me to “pay bills” when I leave work.

Remind me to “call uncle” when I get home.

Remind me to “buy milk” when I am at ” the SuperMarket“.

What do I have to do “tomorrow“?

Math and Finance

What is “23 times 45“? (Plus all algebraic queries)

Square/cube root of “125“.

How many “Rupees” in “a Pound“?

Convert “60 dollars” to “Pounds“.

How did “the Asian market” do?

What is “the value of Apple stock“?

Travel and Navigation

Where am I?

Show me the map of “Sans Francisco“.

How long will it take me to get to “Brentwood“?

How far is “Barnet“?

Find “restaurant” near me.

Find a “general bookstore” near “my work“.
Give me “directions” to “the fourth one“.

Show me “highly rated restaurant” nearby.

Is there “a McDonald” near me?

Find “cheap pizza place” that’s “open right now“.

Is “Zen Restaurant” open at weekends?

What’s the traffic like on the way to “East River Amphitheatre“?

What’s the traffic like on the way to “home“?

Flight and Weather Information

What’s the status of “Alaska Flight 376“?

Is “American Airline 362” on time?

What’s the weather in “New York“?
Change it in “Celsius“.

What’s the weather “right now“?

Is it cold out?

Is it hot in “Chennai” right now?

Do I need an umbrella “tomorrow“?

Will it rain on “Tuesday“?

What’s the forecast “tomorrow“?

News and Sports

Show me the “top headlines“.

Show me “today’s news“.

When was the last “India Australia Cricket” match?

Latest “English Premier League” score.

Latest “Real Madrid” score.

When do “the Giants play next“?


What song is playing?

Play “my music“.

Play “Eminem“.

Play “Criminal” by “Britney“.

Play some “jazz“.


Play/Pause/Skip Forward/Back.

Chit Chat (just checking the smartness of Cortana)

Tell me about yourself.

Where do you come from?

Are you real?

How old are you?

Who created you?

Are you human?

What do you look like?

Why are you blue?

Tell me a joke.

Tell me a story.

Who is your daddy/creator?

What is “Halo“?

Tell me about “Halo 5“.

Sing me a song.

Do an impersonation.

Do you know Siri?

What’s your favorite kind of music?

Can I change your name?

Roll a dice/Roll the dice/Flip a coin.

Can you Dance.

Kiss me.

Talk dirty.

Knock Knock.

What is love?

What does the fox say?

Where do babies come from?

Why should I buy this phone?

Who is better you or Siri?

Which is better Google or Bing Xbox or Playstation?

What do you think of Microsoft/Apple/Google/Android/Xbox/Windows?

What do you think of Steve Ballmer/Bill Gates/Satya Nadella/Steve Jobs/Obama?

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