28 Crowdfunding Websites (of 2023) To Turn Your Dream Project Into Reality

Do you have a Dream? Because you have landed on this page, let me assume, Yes. So, do you have an idea to turn your dream into reality? If yes, and if you trying hard to implement your idea, there are few important things you should know about crowdfunding.

What is Crowdfunding?
It’s a simple funding method where people (like you and me) fund any personal/non-profit/business project with their own money, usually via Internet.
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Crowdfunding can help you financially whether you want to start a company, creative project, or an app. New crowdfunding platform launches every day. Different sites could have different approaches, but the overall concept is quite simple: Post your project idea/details and investor will fund you if they find it interesting. Sometimes, the platform can be used for publicity also as there is nothing to lose. Most of the sites will charge you only if you have raised the funds.
We’ve listed some most popular crowdfunding websites (along with their crucial details) based on project type and industry.

For Charity and Non Profit Projects

For Non Profit Projects

28. StartSomeGood

Website popularity: The site is new and it has been featured on abc, Forbes, theguardian and more.
Popular campaigns: Do Good Bus, The ASRC Food Justice Truck.
Their Cut: 5% + 3% transaction fee.

StartSomeGood is an effective platform for raising funds for causes like education, environment, health etc. They assign you a team member who acts as your personal guide at every step of your campaign.

27. CauseVox

Website popularity: The site has raised over $5 million.
Popular campaigns: Stoves for Kenya, Raise the Roof for Wildlife!
Their Cut: No monthly fees until you raise $5000. 5% transaction fees still apply.

CauseVox is a NYC startup that helps small and medium sized nonprofit project to raise funds and social impact. It allows you to create your personal fundraising pages.

26. Crowdrise

Website popularity: The platform has raised over $23 million since its inception.
Popular campaigns: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Holiday, Young Innovators.
Their Cut: 5% + 2.9% transaction fee.

Crowdrise helps you to raise money for your cause. You can create your own fundraiser or join an existing team. There are two types of campaign: non-profit and individual. Furthermore, you don’t need to create an account to contribute.

25. GoFundMe

Website popularity: Featured on Forbes, USA Today, Mashable, Time and more.
Popular campaigns: Hope of research for a rare disease, Thousands aid evicted animal shelter.
Their Cut: 5% + 2.9-3.5% transaction fees.

GoFundMe allows you to create campaigns for any cause or for yourself. It provides a dashboard with social media integration and numerous widgets to help you raise funds.

24. GiveForward

Website popularity: It has raised over 144 million.
Popular campaigns: Mike Maloy’s Kids, A New Breath of Life for Donna.
Their Cut: 5% + 2.9% transaction fee.

GiveForward helps you raise money for yourself or a loved one. Just tell your story, upload pictures, submit and start sharing. The platform provides you instant fundraiser setup to quickly reach family & friends.

23. Fundly

Website popularity: Till date, Fundly has raised over $330 Million.
Popular campaigns: Fight Against Sex Slavery, Mummaroo’s Ministration Miracle.
Their Cut: No monthly fee for a single project (basic plan). For donations up to $50,000, Fundly takes 4.9% + 3% credit card processing fee.

Fundly is easy to use and scales to any size fundraiser. Just create your page and start accepting online donations. They sent helpful guide and tutorials at every single step of your campaign.

22. Classy

Website popularity: They’ve helped 300,000 individual campaigns raise over $130 million.
Popular campaigns: Season of Promise, BuildOn, Heifer International.
Their Cut: 5% Transaction fee for starter.

Classy is all in one fundraising platform for nonprofit projects. The site provides various tools to make your campaign more effective such as funding micro-site, dedicated testing environment, roll up reports etc.

21. Causes

Website popularity: 1 billion action taken by 186 million registered users in 156 countries.
Popular campaigns: World Wildlife Fund, Center for Environmental Health, James Williams.
Their Cut: Nothing (4% transaction fees apply).

Causes is a funding platform that provides tools to make the world a better place. Here you can build profile, join with friends, leaders and work together. You can support or organize campaigns and extend your reach by sharing on other social platforms.

20. YouCaring

Website popularity: They’ve helped over 90,000 fundraisers. More than $160 million has been raised till date.
Popular campaigns: Kennedy’s Angels, Help Fight for Idan.
Their Cut: Nothing (3% transaction fees apply).

YouCaring helps you raise for all types of personal and charitable causes. You can easily create and share your page. They transfer funds to your account as soon as they are donated.

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For Artists, Musicians and Filmmakers

Music and Film industry

19. Slated

Website popularity: New platform featured on the New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter & more.
Notable actor/producer: Emilio Estevez, Eric Watson
Their Cut: Nothing

Slated is a film industry marketplace that enables introduction to projects, talents and financing. It includes wealthy investors, sales agents and distributors.

18. Patreon

Website popularity: Featured on Forbes, Time and Billboard magazines.
Popular campaigns: Visiting Vincent, White Winter Hymnal, Virtual Empathy
Their Cut: 5% + 4% processing fee.

Patreon allows artist to obtain funding from patrons on recurring basis. It is popular among Youtubers, webcomic artists and musicians.


15. Pozible

Website popularity: Over 7800 projects launched which have raised $25+ millions.
Popular campaigns: Paick Smart Watch, Moving Music 2015, “Basic Conception” Smart Bike.
Their Cut: For successful campaign, 5% + 3% transaction fee.

Pozilbe helps people to raise funds, realize their aspiration and make great things possible. It provides a platform for project creators to show their ideas to the world. If people love what you are creating they will donate you. There is an ambassador network made by successful project creators who offers expertise and advice.

For Science and Technology

Science and Technology

14. Experiment

Website popularity: Featured on Popular Science, TED, BBC, Nature, The Economist and more.
Popular campaigns: Stop Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer Progression
Their Cut: Successful campaigns are charged 5% + 3% transaction fee.

Experiment is a community of scientists and researchers, committed to helping ideas grow. Backers don’t have to sign up in order to fund campaigns.

13. TechnoFunding

Website popularity: New platform
Popular campaigns: MyzharBot, Energy for free.
Their Cut: Successful campaigns are charged 5% + transaction fees.

TechnoFunding is and online crowdfunding service for innovations and technological projects. The projects are published on website for up to 60 days.

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For Small Business

Small business

12. Funding Circle

Website popularity: They have lent around $700 million globally to small business owners.
Their Cut: Interest rate falls between 10-15%.

Funding Circle is a platform to match institutional investor with small American business looking for finance to grow their business. The traditional bank load system is quite complicated, so the idea is to create a better financing solution for small sized businesses.

11. Community Sourced Capital

Website popularity: Over 3,000 Squareholders have loaned more than $629,000 to dozens of community businesses
Popular campaigns: Embellish Salon, Adrift Hotel, Canine Adventure.
Their Cut: They charge one time launch fee i.e. $250. If your campaign is successful, they will charge $100 per month until the principal amount is repaid.

The idea is to create an innovative financial system for communities. Community Sourced Capital helps small organizations/business access capital from people in their community.

10. Fundable

Website popularity: The platform has raised over $148 million.
Popular campaigns: GrubMarket, Novi Security, LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer.
Their Cut: $179 per month. No fees on the funds you raise, but transaction fees still apply.

Fundable helps companies to raise capital from friends, investors and customers. Their profile creation wizard helps you to set up an attractive campaign page.

For Startups

Startups - building new

9. StartupValley

Website popularity: New platform.
Popular campaigns: ScreenPay, ScreenPay, The Farmery, ContainerHome.
Their Cut: 5% of successful campaign.

StartupValley is currently in beta version while the regulations being finalized by the SEC. It helps you create startup pages related to technology or business. You can also follow or invest in other businesses listed there. Checkout their blog for crowdfunding tips.

8. SeedInvest

Website popularity: They have raised over $327 million in collective investor interest
Popular campaigns: Virtuix, image32, Clean Cube.
Their Cut: 7.5% for successful campaign + $250/month technology fees

SeedInvest is designed for funding startups. They feature highly vetted investment opportunities that adhere to strict requirements. They have seamless end-to-end fundraising process and a brilliant support team to help you at every single step.

7. Crowdfunder

Website popularity: Over 83,000 crowdfunders has raised $162+ million.
Popular campaigns: Deepflight, Gocoin, Atlas Wearables.
Their Cut: Select from 2 plans: $299/month or $999/month.

Crowdfunder is a platform for business in early stage finance. It helps you build your own campaign that includes confidential document protection, live support and investor analytics.

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For Miscellaneous Projects



Website popularity: Popular in India, has raise more than $15 million
Popular campaigns: “Help Pushpesh fight blood cancer”, VITC Formula Electric.
Their Cut: 6% + payment gateway charges (3%)

Ketto is platform for raising funds for social, creative and personal causes from a large number of people who your share concern or passion. In its first year, the website raised around $80,000 from 18 different campaigns – their causes ranged from women empowerment to education.

6. FirstGiving

Website popularity: Till date, they have raised over $10 million
Popular campaigns: Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation, Project Athena Foundation
Their Cut: 4.25% +2.5% credit card fee.

FirstGiving provides tools for non-profit, individual and developers to plan and execute successful campaign. You can integrate your donation effort with CMS, email, analytics and social media.

5. Razoo

Website popularity: Over 90,000 campaigns has raised $250+ million.
Popular campaigns: Friends Of Sullivans Island Elementary School, Wales Church Plant.
Their Cut: 2.9% + 4% credit card fees.

Razoo makes fundraising easier for non-profit, individual and community. However, it focuses more on the causes than profitable campaigns. They also help you to expand the visibility of your project to raise funds quickly.

4. Tilt

Website popularity: They have helped over 300,000 groups pool funds.
Popular campaigns: Save the Toy Store (Edwardsville, IL), Haunted Halloween Riverboat Party
Their Cut: For successful campaign 2.5% +2.5% transaction fees.

Tilt helps you collect money for causes, projects and brands. Just describe your goal, upload a picture and set the minimum target. It has inbuilt sharing tools that help you collect more money faster.

3. RocketHub

Website popularity: Featured on BBC, The New York Times, The Economist & more.
Popular campaigns: Shotspeare Down Under, Lunar Lion, Renovation Productions.
Their Cut: 4% if you cross raising goal otherwise 8%, plus 4% transaction fees.

RocketHub is helping thousands of people to raise money for their creative ideas. There is a support network to help you at every single step of your campaign.

2. Indiegogo

Website popularity: The site is viewed by 9 million people every month, all across the world.
Popular campaigns: ZBoard 2, AmpStrip, Ghost Drone.
Their Cut: For flexible funding, if you reach goal, Indiegogo takes 4% otherwise 9%. For fixed funding they take 4% + transaction fees.

Indiegogo is a global crowdfunding engine that supports film, music, community, small business, technology, art, sports, writing, education and health related campaigns. They leverage all the tools to amplify campaigns and raise maximum awareness and funds.

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1. Kickstarter

Website popularity: Countless projects add to this site every day. The site has raised above $1 billion for around 76,000 projects.
Popular campaigns: Trunkster, CLANNAD Official English Release, 3Doodler 2.0.
Their Cut: For successful campaign, 5% + 3-5% transaction fees.

Probably the hottest crowdfunding site on the internet. Kickstarter is for everything from music, films, games to art, technology and design. They support big as well as small projects. Each project is independently created and creators set a funding goad and deadline.

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  • This is a great list of existing platforms that you can find out there. There are even more niche platforms that you can find as well targeting specific types of projects. It’s worth to note as well, that you can utilize wordpress themes and plugins as well to create your own crowdfunding website. If you’re looking for a more turnkey solution, there is existing white label crowdfunding software that can be used. Software like Thrinacia can quickly launch your own crowdfunding website.