18 Useful CSS Cheat Sheets of 2024 | With New CSS3 Tags

CSS is an inseparable part of front-end designers and developers, probably because it’s the only real option to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language. It saves a lot of work by controlling the layout of multiple webpages all at once.

Along with HTML and XHTML, the Cascading Style Sheets can be applied to any XML document such as XUL, SVG, XML, and one can use it to render speech or other media. In most cases, browser support for CSS has never been a concern once you learn CSS. However, it’s is quite difficult for designers to remember all CSS properties and values.

To address this issue and increase productivity, most developers use cheat sheets. They are just a quick reference that helps you double-check the snippet of code you’ve doubts about. To make your life easier, we are presenting some of the most useful CSS cheat sheets that will definitely help you get all the necessary elements at a glance. Since they all are freely available, you don’t need to pay anything. 

18. WordPress CSS Cheat Sheet

WordPress CSS Cheat Sheet

You might be familiar with WordPress – it’s a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on web standards, aesthetics, and usability. The cheat sheet contains details of its blog info, list, dropdown, post, comment, author, trackback, and link manager tags.

17. CSS Layout Cheat Sheet

This is a brief cheat sheet divided into 3 sections – layout mechanics, centering elements, and common code. It is available on a single webpage in HTML format.

16. WordPress CSS Cheat Sheet For Beginners

The thing that makes WordPress so popular is its customizability. It lets you target very specific aspects of your website with CSS. On this page, you will find a WordPress cheat sheet for default body class styles, post, format, menu, widget, common form, and WYSIWYG editor style.

15. Animations and Effects

This webpage includes transforms, transitions, animations, filters, and target. All properties are well-described along with their syntax. If you are interested, you can learn several interaction methods and triggering animations and transitions with those interactions.

14. CSS Properties

If you are looking for descriptions and notes of important CSS properties and values, look no further than simple infographics of CSS_properties provided by genautica.

13. CSS Click Chart

CSS click chart provides dozens of example code to manipulate your elements, for example, code for box-sizing, adding text-shadow, keyframe animations, gradients, transforms, and much more. It also gives you a live demonstration and browser support information.

12. CSS Grid

As the name suggests, it’s an ultimate CSS grid cheat sheet that allows you to draw (for testing purposes) any number of grids (both columns and rows) of any size.

11. Media Queries

The CSS3 cheat sheet for media query that contains the code for the phone, tablet, and desktop, with orientation.

10. Flexbox

The Flexbox Layout (flexible box) module offers a more efficient way to layout, align, and distribute space among items present in a container, even if their size is dynamic or not known. This page gives detail on how to implement these flexible boxes.

9. CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet

A very brief cheat sheet that shows the parameters of commonly used properties such as border, font, background, example, color, and more. It is available in JPEF format only.

8. CSS CheatSheet

This cheatsheet is packed with detailed information about different CSS modules, including attributes, pseudoclasses, fonts, colors, composition, filter, effects, transitions, animations, transformations, positioning, alignment, and more. It’s available in PDF format.

7. Practical CSS Cheat Sheet

This is a quick reference guide by Toptal. It includes some of the most important selectors, properties, units, syntax, and other useful information in brief.

6. Interactive CSS Cheat Sheet

The interactive CSS cheat sheet consists of common codes that you can easily copy and paste into your project. With interactive widgets, you can generate code for styling gradient, text-shadow, box, background, fonts, buttons, transform, border, and more.

5. CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet

The is a collection of preset, plug-and-play animations for your next project. To implement this, you have to add the stylesheet on your webpage and apply the predesigned CSS classes to the element you want to animate. That’s all!

4. Mega CSS3 Infographics

printable CSS3 cheat sheet, containing all the properties, selectors types, and values in the current specification of W3C. All properties are provided in a different section, available in high-resolution PDF.

3. CSS Almanac

A quick reference guide to many features of CSS organized alphabetically. Clicking on each element takes you to the new URL, where will you find detailed information (along with examples) about the element you’ve clicked.

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2. Comprehensive CSS3 Cheat Sheet

This is an ultimate cheat sheet including all important CSS3 tags. It is designed as an eye-catching infographic that is available in both PNG and PDF format.

1. Mega CSS Cheat Sheet

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This is a long, detailed CSS cheat sheet of 29 pages, available in PDF and PNG format. You can treat it as a small book that comes with a neat table of content. All elements like backgrounds, fonts, texts, grid positioning, etc. are organized into different chapters to provide better readability.

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