24 CSS3 and HTML5 Animation Tools for Designers

People tend to easily observe the things that are moving. The smart and clever use of animation can enhance the user experience of a website by simply drawing attention to the important elements that your users need to quickly notice. Building animation can sometimes be time consuming and complicated. However, animation libraries and tools can be excellently used to make your design more appealing and finish the work as quick as possible without compromising with the quality.

In this list, we have gathered CSS3 and HTML5 animation tools that will help you make your website more presentable and thus giving you more business.

HTML Tools

24. NodeFire


NodeFire is a responsive HTML animator, which creates one animation that automatically responds to fit any device. It does all the heavy lifting tasks when it comes to user interactions. It gives you the freedom to add any style to any individual component while switching between default, scene based and even driven timelines.

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23. TweenJS


TweenJS is a simple JavaScript library for tweening and animating HTML5 and JavaScript properties. You can apply easing and delays, create complex tweens by chaining commands. It works stand-alone or you can integrate it with EaselJS.

22. HTML5 Banner Maker

HTML5 Banner Maker

This is a Chrome extension for creating HTML animation that looks great on desktop, tablets, and mobiles. It’s a simple tool with very basic operations like move, fade, scale, rotate, add effects etc.

21. Motion Composer

Motion Composer

Motion Composer follows an easy approach – it lets you create a slide for each module, then select your animation style and MotionComposer will automatically generate the animation path. You can add audio, transitions, buttons and create complex animation with the help of useful built-in toolset. Your work can be exported, embedded and viewed on any platform, any device.

20. GSAP


GSAP (stands for GreenSock Animation Platform) provides highly optimized performance and flexibility. It’s a suite of tool for scripted animation which comes with many plugins so that you don’t need to load as many files. You can round values, reverse on the fly, automatically accommodate getter functions and manage conflicting tweens with ease. Moreover, in order to minimize load time and maximize performance it isn’t built on 3rd party tool like jQuery.

19. HTML5 Maker

html5 maker

HTML5 Maker has a large collection of templates, images and text filters that can be used in your project. Here, you can create amazing animations that support transitions and easing. You can either choose template or start from the scratch, create or edit through free animation maker, save your work on the cloud and share it with your audience.

18. Hippo Animator

Hippo Animator

Hippo Animator makes it easy to scale interactive animation, videos, complex games, presentations, multimedia sites and applications. It has a built-in JavaScript engine, image editor, timeline system and extensive list of interactive commands. In order to generate perfectly smooth edges the tool uses vector graphics whenever possible.

17. Tumult Hype

Tumult Hype

Tumult Hype is a key frame based animation tool for creating interactive web content that works on all devices. You don’t need to have any coding skills to run this tool. Hype watches your every move and it is easy to create natural curves by clicking and dragging on component’s motion path. Along with powerful custom animation, you can create presentation, eCards, Inforgraphics, eBooks and more.

16. Animatron


Animatron bridges the gap between professional designers and newbies. It provides a streamlined interface that works on all browsers and supports real-time collaboration. The free version of the tool allows you to host up to 20 public projects with 2 GB storage and 50 GB bandwidth (per month) facility and access to basic pre-animated objects.

15. Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is software that lets you create engaging, interactive HTML5-based design and motion graphics that can run on any device. It handles the CSS3 and HTML5 part so that you can focus on creating extraordinary visual experiences. And because it’s a Google product, you get seamless integration with other products like Google Drive, Adwords and DoubleClick Studio.


CSS Tools

14. CSS3Gen Animation

CSS3Gen Animation

CSS3Gen has an easy-to-use generator that allows you to quickly create basic animation. You don’t need to write any code. The generator outputs the CSS and HTML code while you preview the animation live.

13. CSS3 Keyframes Animation

CSS3 Keyframes Animation

If you want to create quite more complex animation, try CSS3 keyframes animation generator. It comes with a detail interface containing set of more properties and animations like bounce, swing, shake, etc. It generates the CSS code side by side for all browsers.

12. Stylie


Stylie is a fun web animation tool that lets you easily configure your animation graphically. No need to get your hands dirty with code, there is an option to specify keyframes and motion path on browser tool. When you are done, you can export/copy the CSS file.

11. Coveloping


Coveloping animation generator comes with an easy-to-use interface and live preview panel. It has more than 60 different CSS animation, including flip, rotate, pulse, fade, hinge, bounce, swing, shake, wobble and more. You can view these animations at different speed and define easing options. When you are done with creating animation, you can generate required HTML and CSS code.

10. CSS3 Animation CheetSheet

CSS3 Animation CheetSheet

It’s a collection of preset, plug-and-play animation that uses CSS3 keyframes and works on all latest browsers. All you need to do is add the stylesheet to your project and apply the appropriate class to the element you want animated.

9. Textillate.js


Textillate.js is a lightweight plugin for CSS3 text animation. It is built on top of simple yet powerful lettering.js and animate.css libraries. It triggers the inAnimation and outAnimation events, each with sync, reverse, sequence and shuffle properties.

8. Odometer


Odometer is a CSS and JavaScript library for smoothly transitioning numbers. The CSS part is written in Sass. You can select from different themes – Train Station, Car and Digital. All you need to do is add the JS file and choose theme file, then add a class named “odometer” to the element you want to animate. Using this transition effects on social counts would look good.

7. CSS Spinner

CSS Spinner

This is a collection of loading spinners (written in LESS) animated with CSS. Each spinner has its own “div” with a class named “loader”. Each loader is given a font size in pixels and all other sizes are specified in ems. And yes, it runs on all modern browsers.

6. Animate.css


Animate.css is a cross-browser library of CSS animations, great for home pages, sliders and emphasis. All you need to do is add the class “animated” to the element you want to animate. All animations are divided into groups – bouncing entrance, bouncing exit, attention seeker, fading entrance, flipper, lightspeed, and more.

5. AniJS


AniJS is a JavaScript library that can be used to create sophisticated UI components such as mobile app notification, animated tabs, scroll reveals, modal, tabBar and more. In case, if you want to experiment with different effects, here is a spectacular showcase for you –Anicollection.

4. Tridiv


Tridiv is a web-based editor for creating 3d shapes in CSS. You can create four different shapes – cuboid, cylinder, pyramid and prism. The interface displays all views (top, front and side) at the same time. You can shape the structure, resize or rotate them within a click. When you are finished, you can generate the HTML/CSS code and use it in your project.

3. Magic Animation

Magic Animation

It’s a collection of CSS3 animation with special effects like vanish in/out, rotate, slide, open to right/left and then return, and many others. Just copy the code and paste it into your CSS file and add suitable class in jQuery. And of course, you have freedom to alter the setting of timer, transition and effects.

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2. Bounce.js


Bounce.js is a JavaScript library for creating amazing CSS3 powered keyframe animations. It lets you generate static keyframe which can be used without any extra JavaScript. You can use numerous methods (like rotate, skew, translate, etc.) to create animation and all these methods accepts common options (starting and ending points).

1. Snabbt.js


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Snabbt.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that focuses on moving things around. It will scale, rotate, translate and skew your elements. By using matrix multiplication you can transform your elements in any way you want. The above image shows you the moving cards.

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