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How to Download a Website for Offline Viewing

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Want to access your favorite website without internet connectivity? Fortunately, there is an easy solution for that. Connectivity error is rare but sometimes it causes the huge loss of money as well as time. And it is also true that you can’t access internet everywhere.
Now you don’t have to stop your work because of connection problem.

The solution is, download the website contents to your hard disk. It’s up to you whether you want to

  • Download the entire website
  • Download specific content only
  • OR Download the latest article/news

To accomplish this, I recommend the best and easy to use software, HTTrack Website copier.

Note: All methods shows above are used to copy the front-end content only. You can’t copy the design or code of the website.

Download the entire website

You can download all the contents present on a single website.

How much time would it take?
That totally depends on the size of the website. For example if you are going to download Wikipedia, it may take almost a day. On the other hand it will not take more than 30 minutes if you wish to download this website.


1) Install the software we recommended you.

2) Open it and start a new project

3) Fill the project name and category

save new project httracker

4) Select Action download web site(s) and enter the URL.

You can also upload the URL list in text format.


5) Click on next and finish button.

finish the process

6) Downloading has begun.
This software also displays the transfer rate, bytes saved on hard disk and current URLs that is being transferred.

How to Download a Website for Offline Viewing?

Use Internet Download Manager

To copy the whole website you can also use the most popular software i.e. Internet Download Manager.


1) Run site grabber

copy a website

2) Name the project and fill the URL of website

3) Select whether you want to download the video/images only or the complete page content.

internet download manager

4) Choose the storage location and click on “explore the whole site” option.

explore the entire website

5) That’s it. Downloading is in process.

downloading files

Download specific content only

This is more helpful and time saving option as it allows you to download only the page you need.


1) Install the software we recommended you. (HTTrack Website copier)

2) Open it and start a new project

3) Fill the project name and category

4) Select Action Download web site(s) and add the directory URL you wish to copy. For example if you want to download the bizarre posts of this website, just enter the URL www.rankred.com/bizarre.  This will download all the posts present in bizarre category.
Or upload/enter the list of URLs you want to copy individually.

5) Click on next and finish button.

6) Downloading has begun.

Download the latest article/news

Many websites contain a lot of outdated content and probably you don’t want to download that. Here comes the use of Calibre. This software lets you download the recently published articles on source website. Also it automatically converts the download content into eBook format of your choice.


1) Choose the device and storage folder

2) Click on Fetch news and select from more than 1500 news sources


3) Schedule download time. All done.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of other ways to download a website, we have shown you the easiest option. Of course the above methods are not useful if you wish to download only a few pages, as you can use save as option directly from browser.