40 Best Websites to Download Free STL Files for 3d Printing | 2020 Edition

The trend of 3d prints is growing; more and more users are looking for new and fun projects they can 3d print at home. You can also start once you get a 3d printer. All you need is material and 3d blueprint to print your product.

The 3d blueprint comes as .STL format (stands for STereoLithography), which contains data describing the layout of a three-dimensional object.

We’ve gathered the useful websites that offer free ready-to-print 3d models. The list contains the best 3d printing sites, marketplaces, content repository, and search engines for free STL files to download.

40. NASA


We know the site looks gray and boring, but don’t let the interface fool you. The is a cool collection of free stl files for 3D printing, created by none other than NASA. You can consider it as a one-stop shop for 3D models, images, textures, and visualizations. You can find landmark objects of space exploration like the Apollo landing site, Deep Space satellite, Europa Orbiter and more. The printable files are available for educational purpose only.

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39. Bld3r


Bld3r is a 3d printing social network – a community of makers who like to feature their creations. It’s an open source community where users can vote on the best creations, so popular models rise to the top and get better exposure. Along with objects, the site features tutorial and news related to 3d printing.

38. 3dSystems


3dSystems provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3d digital design and fabrication solutions, including 3d printer, print materials and cloud-sourced custom parts. The platform encourages you to buy 3d printed items and files. They also supply on demand parts, including prototype and casting patterns.

37. Instructables


Instructables is a site where you can explore, document and share your creations. People share their DIY projects and this includes 3d printed models. They also show how they have designed these models and some generous designers answer the questions asked by viewers.

36. Libre 3D

libre 3d

Libre 3D is a new online community of 3d printing fans, showcasing interesting 3d models. There is a lot of cool models of vehicle, art, animal, food, electronic, fashion, robotics, toys and tools, along with add-ons.

35. Fabbly


Fabbly contains some of the latest 3d models and stl print files. Most of the models featured here are free of cost, which you can download after registration. If you are interested you can upload and sell your creation.

34. 3dFileMarket


3dFileMarket aims to provide the best user experience by ensuring that all 3d printing files are proven printable before appearing for download. They show the final product outcome of each design uploaded. They also secure streaming of 3d printing files, that means you can sell copies of your creation without releasing the stl file.

33. Aipos3d


Aipos3d is an online network for searching 3d CAD models. You will find the ready-to-download 3d models from external websites. That’s why all contents shown on the website is not necessarily the property of Aipos3d. You can search by keywords, image, category, tags and filter the results based on number of downloads, views and likes.

32. YouWant3d


YouWant3d is a 3D printing models repository where you can collect project instructions, images, files and parameters. You can search the free downloadable files and filter the results according to category, dates, number of downloads and rating. You need to join the community to upload a simple 3d printable model or document your DIY project.

31. Pileprint


Pileprint is a Spanish website where you can get the best content for 3d printing in the most convenient and accessible manner. Here, you can discover thousands of printable objects and share your work with the rest of the world. Free stl files are available for different printing structures, including toys, gadgets, handbags, sculptures, elements of robotics and more.

30. The Forge

The Forge

The Forge is a repository of free 3d-printable models designed by Zheng3, a prolific character in the maker scene, and the most of his 3d models are either showcase or playing element. All models are distributed under the Creative Common License, so you are free to share and alter them as long as you give credit to the website.

29. 3DShook


3DShook has a catalog of over thousand ready-to-print STL models, sorted into more than 10 categories – from art and icons to work and office. They also offer a subscription print-on-demand service, and package deals ranging from $10 to $50, as well as monthly, yearly and commercial subscription.

28. Shapetizer


Shapetizer is an online store for Chinese market, which offers sizzling 3D print models in most categories from video games to jewelry. There is a good mix of free and paid STL files to download. Once you have registered, you can upload your own work.

27. Fabribles


Fabribles is a very small community of 3d printer fans. You won’t find a big collection here, but there are plenty of unique 3D models, constructables, kits and other physible. You can download them free of cost, or upload/share your own creation.

26. 3D Warehouse

3D Warehouse

3D Warehouse features millions of models created in popular 3D modeling software, SketchUp. If you are looking for architecture, product design or scale models, this is the place to visit at. The advanced search option lets you filter the database by dynamic and printable model, creation date, author, tag and model complexity.

25. 3Dagogo


3Dagogo is a California based startup that allows you to buy and sell 3d models, while also offering a wide collection of completely free STL files for 3d printing. Every single design uploaded to the site is “proven-to-print” and each one includes an image of the final 3d printed model.

24. Redpah


Redpah offers a mixture of paid and free 3d models so that both makers and designers could get the benefit. You can use this platform to find free print files as an open source library or just to reach more people with your amazing creation. There are plenty of categories to choose from.

23. Rinkak


Rinkak is Japanese marketplace that offers 3d print models together with the professional 3d printing service. Most of the models featured are premium only, but once you register, you can also browse through a tiny section of free STL files to download for your 3d printer.

22. TurboSquid


TurboSquid is a great source of professional 3d models. Their aim is to focus on creativity of artists around the world to improve their library of models, while helping them to build a career as professional 3d modelers. There are thousands of premium and free models available in different formats.

21. Yobi3D


Yobi3d is a quick search engine to find free stl models from all over the websites. The search engine features sharing, 3d visualization, one-click 3d printing via 3d Hubs. It also helps you to filter the results using advanced options like min or max polygon used, texture and printability.

20. FreeDees


FreeDees is a large collection of simple and free 3d print files. There is more than a dozen of categories to select from, including gadgets, jewelry, miniatures, fashion, tools, toys and games. You can also upload your own model by signing up.

19. Trinpy


Trinpy provides a subscription service, where you can download unlimited standard designs and one premium design per month without paying any fees. Designers can retain 100% right of their design and get extra money every time their premium model is downloaded.

18. STL Finder

STL Finder

Yet another search engine that crawls all the websites in search of free STL files. The user interface is clear and plain – it simply displays the last model added on the homepage. You need to make an account to bookmark your favorite models for future reference.

17. YouMagine


YouMagine is run by an open source 3d printer company, Ultimaker. It’s an online community of 3d printing enthusiasts who wish to work together to remix, share and provide tools in order to improve and invent. Here you will find over 12,000 designs that are ready to download and print.

16. Cults


Cults is a marketplace that brings together all the fans of the 3d printer world, so they can interact with each other. It has a collection of high-quality models that you can download for free (some of them are available for purchase). You can follow your favorite designers or makers to get instant updates when a new creation is posted. The name of the site is inspired by St. Luc, patron saint of artists and sculptors.

15. Sketchfab


Sketchfab is the fastest growing 3D and VR repository. It integrates with all major 3D creation tools and publishing platforms, and is the 3d publishing partner of Microsoft HoloLens, Adobe Photoshop and Intel RealSense. There are hundreds of printable model to explore, or you can upload files in almost any 3d format.

14. Yeggi


Yeggi is a search engine for 3d printable models. It collects data from all 3d communities and marketplaces, and searchers from over 880,000 printable files. The site interface is quite simple – most search and clicked models are displayed on the front page.

13. Autodesk 123D

Autodesk 123D

Autodesk 123D is a place to design, create and share 3d printing models. You can start by browsing existing models made by other users to get inspired, and then try them yourself using their application. Either start from the scratch or use their app to create models from photos. The site consists more than 10 thousand models along with the suite of tools.

12. Repables


Repables is a simple 3d printable file repository, nothing more than this. You can explore the different models, download free stl files, or upload your own creation to share with others. The site usually contains small and basic 3d models to print. So overall, it’s a great place for beginners.

11. Threeding


Threeding is a 3d printing marketplace and file sharing website where you can buy, sell or exchange any model suitable for 3d printing. The website contains thousands of premium as well as free models of unique 3d pieces. Furthermore, if you are interested to showcase or sell your creation, this is the place to look at.

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10. New Matter

New Matter

New Matter was founded in 2014 with the aim to bring 3D printing to every home, school, and office. They make the MOD-t 3D printer, a little machine with an amazing price tag. Their online store contains dozens of premium and free models, in a range of categories like home, toys, education, fashion and more. You need to register first in order to download free stl files.

9. STL Hive

STL Hive

STL Hive is probably the best place for students, hobbyists and inventors to download very high quality 3D models for 3D printer. They offer a wide range of ready-to-print models and many models that are made to modify. The site also provides tutorials to help you design difficult features by copying their designs.

8. MyMiniFactory


MyMiniFactory is curated social platform for 3D printable objects managed by iMakr. It connects 3d designers, users, makers and brands. Designers can upload their creations, share them, and earn money. Makers can print for others while users can download thousands of stl files for free, buy printed objects or follow their favorite designers and makers.

7. Zortrax Library

Zortrax Library

Zortrax is an open library, means anyone can browse and download the free STL files, and fabricate them on any FDM machine. Most of these models are optimized for ABS filament. Along with sharing your model, you are free to share your experience, knowledge and creative ideas.

6. Gamebody


Gambody is a premium marketplace where you can download computer games models in STL format. They are amazingly detailed and error-free 3d model files optimized for all types of 3d printers. You can upload your model, and get a private shop for your 3d printings with a unique URL that you can forward to customers/friends, and earn some hard cash from your creation. Overall, this a site for video game fans and 3D printing enthusiasts.

5. CGTrader


CGTrader is a 3d model marketplace for computer graphics and virtual reality, backed by Intel Capital and Practica Capital. There are more than half million models are available (few of them are free of cost). You can browse through plenty of different 3d print model categories – from trendy gadget accessories to eye-catching jewelry designs. You can also showcase your work, get valuable feedback from the community, interact in a designer-friendly environment and grow your brand value.

4. 3DExport


3DExport is a large store where you can buy and sell 3d models, 3d print model textures, and plugins for using in CG projects. Here you will find tons of free 3d models in different format, including max, 3ds, fbx, c4d and obj. You can subscribe to receive fresh tutorials and tips, and free products news.

3. Thingiverse


Thingiverse is operated by MakerBot Industries, the creators of the Replicator series of 3D printers. All designs are licensed under Creative Common License, that means any one can use or alter any design. The community has uploaded over half million 3d models. You can checkout or download all the incredible objects people have created, and get inspired to create your own.

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2. GrabCAD


GrabCAD helps engineers develop product faster by offering tools and unique platform. They have the largest community of designers, engineers and manufacturers, and over 1 million CAD models and tutorials are available for free download. You can participate in design challenges and stay up to date with eBooks, industry blogs, etc.

1. Pinshape


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Pinshape is a place where you can find, share and sell 3d print files. It’s a community of 70,000+ makers, designers, manufacturers and they are growing really quick. Along with free high-quality 3D printable designs, the platform gives you the opportunity to make money by selling 3d models and build your brand. Moreover, if you are a beginner, they can help you with the 3d printing basics to get you started.

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