13 Best Dump Trucking Companies As Of 2024

Dump trucks are usually attached with an open-box bed, which is hinged at the rear and has hydraulic rams to lift the front. These rams slowly lift the bed to dump the material (like dirt, gravel, and sand) on the ground behind the vehicle at the site of delivery.

In most cases, dump truck operators offer their services within local areas, adjoining towns, or cities. Some companies (although very few) provide services on a national scale.

Over the next decade, the dump truck services industry is estimated to benefit from the growth in the construction sector. As construction activities climb higher, especially in commercial and residential construction, demand for dump truck services will grow significantly (as bulk materials need to be transported to and from construction sites more frequently).

Furthermore, government projects, such as funding for highways and new public libraries, will also increase the demand for dump truck services.

Did you know? 

In the United States, the current market size of the dump truck industry is over $15 billion. There are more than 28,000 businesses employing more than 99,000 people nationwide. And the number is expected to grow substantially in the next five years.

If you are considering entering this industry, we have compiled a list of some of the best dump trucking companies that have been around for a long time and have a solid reputation. It’s a great article to start your research. 

9. J. Scaramella LTD

Founded in the 1950s
Headquarters: Staten Island, New York, United States

J. Scaramella LTD is a family-run business started by Joseph Scaramella Sr and his six sons. They have been providing services to high-profile customers for more than six decades. Most of their projects are located in New Jersey and the Metropolitan area.

The company has established a fleet of 18 new Mack trucks and dump trailers. They also have heavy vehicles for removing snow, payloaders, pickup trucks with plows, and heavy equipment for customers’ rental needs.


  • Dump truck rental
  • Trailer dumps
  • Disposal of construction debris
  • Heavy-duty snow removal
  • Supply of recycled material

They update their fleet every year by replacing the oldest vehicles with newer models to stay up to date with safety and emissions norms. They also have a strict maintenance program for each model.

8. RKB Trucking

Founded in 2004
Headquarters: White Plains, New York, United States

RKB Trucking specializes in masonry materials, landscape materials, sand, topsoil, and gravel. It’s a wholesale supplier of recycled stone and construction and aggregate materials.

With a fleet of 2-40 yard dump trailers and 3-20 years tri-axles Trucks, the company can provide services to a wide range of construction and demolition projects. Its primary customers include builders, suppliers, private contractors, and paving companies throughout Westchester County.

The company offers wholesale pricing and delivery of build materials throughout the Tri-state area. You can contact them to receive a free quote.

7. Barnes Hauling Company

Founded in 2019
Headquarters: Wilson, North Carolina, United States

Barnes Hauling Company is a subsidiary of Barnes Transportation Services, a medium-sized family-owned firm that offers flatbeds, dump trucks, vans, and specialized operations.

Barnes Hauling division is a for-hire fleet of new dump truck models servicing the Eastern North Carolina region and beyond. It is prequalified with the NCDOT (North Carolina Department of Transportation).

Since the company has numerous large-capacity dump truck models with steel beds, it offers a wide range of services. It primarily handles the transport of dirt, asphalt, aggregates, and contaminated materials.

Services and customer benefits 

  • Real-time load tracking
  • Access to more than 260 driver pool
  • Access to heavy haul equipment transportation
  • Safety equipment and monitoring systems in all vehicles

In summary, Barnes Hauling is more than just a truck company. They help owner-operators as well as supply vendors for whatever is needed.

You can join the company as an owner-operator or apply for the lease purchase program. Vendors can contact the company team to reduce their project costs and get it completed before the deadline. 

6. V. Dolan Trucking

Founded in 1953
Headquarters: Penngrove, California, United States

V. Dolan Trucking is a professionally managed family business that provides a wide range of construction trucking services in the Bay Area.

More specifically, the company hauls asphalt and aggregate for landscaping and construction in Contra Costa, Solano, Lake, Napa, Marin, Sonoma, and Alameda counties. Their dispatch service is open 24/7, so you can call them anytime to import sand, asphalt, and aggregate.


  • Super tag units
  • Super dump units
  • Transfer dump units
  • 10-wheel dump units
  • Double bottom dump units
  • Semi-end dump units
  • Semi-bottom dump units

V. Dolan Trucking takes care of their employees as well. They run progressive programs to help drivers increase their base pay. Plus, all drivers are trained to survive slowdowns through effective financial planning.

The company is always looking for professional drivers. Their team cross-trains drivers so they can work on various equipment. If you have some experience, you can give them a call. They will train you to perform even more complex tasks.

5. D & W Trucking

Founded in 2017
Headquarters: Inglewood, California, United States

D & W Trucking specializes in various logistical solutions, including local deliveries, long-distance deliveries, dedicated general freight, drayage, and construction material transportation. All services are provided at competitive rates.

It is certified as an SBE/DBE/MBE enterprise within the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Plus, all their vehicles comply with Heavy Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Reduction regulations.


  • Trucks are available 24/7
  • Automates workflow processes via electronic logging devices
  • Offers additional services like demolition, excavation, and dumpsite management

If you are working on a demolition or construction project, D & W Trucking can help you move bulk materials at reasonable prices. Their drivers are well-trained to load and transport material on and off site.

4. Holicky Bros Inc.

Founded in 1998
Headquarters: Le Center, Minnesota, United States

Holicky Bros Inc has been serving the Local, Midwest, and National regions of the US and Canada for more than 23 years. It manages a fleet of 75+ trucks every day, servicing 400+ clients throughout the Midwest. In fact, it is one of the largest end dump trucking corporations operating in the Midwest.

The company is made up of 98% owner-operators who operate on a local, regional, and national level. And since they offer several benefits to owner-operators, the retention rates usually hover around 91%.

Benefits for owner-operators 

  • Fuel card and plate program
  • Safety incentive program
  • Flexible home time
  • Wet Kit lease to own option

If you have a valid license, you can apply as a driver or owner-operator. In addition to the latest truck models, they also offer trailers equipped with grain doors, swing gates, and tarps. Choose from different volume capacities based on the type of material that needs to be carried.

The company transports a wide range of products, from red ball lime and landscape rock to de-ice road salt and fertilizer. They also deliver hundreds of tons of standard rock, sand, and gravel to construction sites on a daily basis.

3. TJ Hunt Trucking

Founded in 1996
Headquarters: Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

TJ Hunt Trucking has many different types and sizes of dump trucks. More specifically, it has multiple tandems and tri-axle dump trucks to meet customers’ specific requirements. Whether you need a small load of sand or tons of gravel, TJ Hunt can take care of whatever your job requires.

Since the company is in a growing phase, it continuously looks to hire full-time drivers with Class A or B licenses and at least two years of CDL experience. If you live within a commutable distance of Chattanooga, you can apply at their official website. The starting salary is $20 per hour.

Employees’ Perks 

  • Competitive wages
  • Performance incentive plans
  • Health reimbursement account
  • Paid holidays
  • Half pay for hours over 40
  • 401K

Overall, it is the perfect option for homeowners in Chattanooga who are looking for delivery of sand, topsoil, gravel, or milling material for their garden, yard, or driveway. They can deliver large volumes of material (in tons) if required. Plus, they provide haul-away services for discarded materials.

2. Monesi Trucking

Founded in 1985
Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio, United States

Monesi Trucking offers dump truck rental services to construction contractors in Columbus and Central Ohio. They have more than 60 trucks available for rent — more than any other company in the region.

The company provides hauling services for bulk materials. Their trucks can deliver the material (from the quarry to the construction site) at competitive per ton hauling rates. All vehicles go through regular maintenance, and all drivers are well-trained by the company.

What do they haul? 

  • Asphalt
  • Limestone
  • Sand and dirt
  • Gravel
  • Recycled materials
  • Excavation materials

As an added benefit, Monesi Trucking runs a repair program for their customers’ vehicles and heavy equipment. Their facility has 6 bays and numerous mechanics working on large machines used for excavation or transporting bulk materials. They also repair heavy equipment like dozers, backhoes, vocational trucks, and off-road equipment.

1. Berner Trucking

Founded in 1946
Headquarters: Dover, Ohio, United States

Berner Trucking is a family-owned business that serves a broad range of customers locally, regionally, and nationally. It offers transportation of stone, salt, aggregates, scrap, coal, hazardous waste, and other specialty products.

They manage a fleet of 100+ vehicles (which include dumps, flatbeds, and dry vans) and 20 owner-operators.

Besides vehicles, the company also takes care of its employees — all employment packages include decent compensation, percentage pay models, and performance incentives.

Employees’ benefits 

  • $5,000 signing bonus
  • Up to $2,000 per week with regional and dedicated routes
  • Incentives for performance
  • Paid vacations
  • On-the-job training for trailer operation

Berner Trucking also invests in technology to stay competitive and comply with internal mandates to enhance overall enterprise efficiency. For example, they have purchased Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, AppRiver Secure Cloud, and Microsoft 365 to improve the internal workflow.

They plan to invest in emerging technologies as well, such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, cloud-based ERP, CRM, and Treasury applications.

Other equally reliable dump truck service providers

10. Klumm Bros

Founded in 1989
Headquarters: Holland, Ohio, United States

Klumm Bros is an all-in-one resource for dump truck services. It provides a wide range of services throughout Northwest Ohio, including demolition, excavation, dump trucking, concrete crushing, concrete recycling, as well as waste removal services.

The company has a large fleet of dump and semi-dump trucks. It also rents roll-off dumpsters based on the projects’ requirements.

No matter how large the project is or what the level of debris involved, Klumm Bros has a suitable vehicle for you. They can help you with debris management, disaster cleanups, rental cleanouts, new construction projects, and remodeling projects.

11. Sekhon and Son Trucking

Founded in 1998
Headquarters: Ripon, California, United States

Sekhon and Son Trucking provides services in North California. It’s a member of the four largest trucking trade organizations in California: NASTC, WSTA, NAPTA, and California Trucking Association.

The company maintains a large fleet of dump trucks that can haul and load various types of materials depending on your needs. Supertag trucks, for example, can haul about 20 tons of bulk materials, whereas Double Bottom Dumps can haul up to 27 tons.

Their trucking fleet also includes 10-wheelers, mechanical sweepers, transfer trucks, regenerative air sweepers, flatbeds, wheel loaders, and water trucks. Every vehicle is clean, well-maintained, and equipped with advanced safety systems. Plus, their prices are very genuine and affordable.

12. Marquez and Son Trucking

Founded in 2002
Headquarters: Denver, Colorado, United States

Marquez and Son Trucking has more than a decade of experience in construction and road-work-based hauling services throughout the state of Colorado. They provide a range of services, including construction debris removal, concrete removal, rock and gravel removal, dirt hauling, and more.

The company has a fleet of belly dumps, side dumps, end dumps, tandem, flatbed, and live bottom trailers. Each unit is designed to meet the requirements of construction job sites.

Their team is available on the phone 24/7. You can book their services anytime to keep your job site running smoothly. If you have any doubts about truck rates, they will work with you to develop a pricing structure that fits the needs of your project.

13. Gulf Shores Trucking

Founded in 2007
Headquarters: Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Gulf Shores is a family-owned business that provides trucking services in Southwest Florida. It gives you access to hundreds of trucks, including Tri Axle dump trucks, to get your job done before the deadline and within budget.

The company has years of experience working on various renowned projects, from hospitals and local highways to airports and large shopping complexes.

No matter how small or big your project is, you can contact them to get the job done. They can haul material you have purchased or give you bulk hauling pricing.

More To Know

How much do dump truck drivers make a year?

In the United States, the average salary of a dump truck driver is $42,000 per year or $22 per hour. While entry-level jobs start at $36,000 a year, most experienced drivers make up to $56,000 per annum.

People working in California, Washington, Montana, Louisiana, and Massachusetts make at least 20% more than the national average salary.

Advantages and disadvantages of dump truck driving

While driving heavy commercial trucks can be rewarding, it is not a job for everyone. If you are looking for a career opportunity in this industry, make sure you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of dump truck driving before making a decision.


  • You have the option to work closer to home
  • Have standard working hours
  • Stable pay
  • Easy to make connections and build experiences faster


  • You have repetitive duties
  • Relatively isolated job: the solitary time can become lonely
  • You may have to work in muddy and dusty environments
How to contact an individual trucking company?

It’s quite easy! Visit their official website and navigate to the ‘contact us’ page. Or, you can find the information and customer reviews on Google Business Profile. All reliable trucking companies display their phone number, physical address, and email address.

Market trends and growth

According to the GMI report, the dump trucks market size is expected to increase at a CAGR of 7% from 2022 to 2030. It will surpass $30 billion by the end of 2030.

The major factor behind this growth is the increasing demand for off-road vehicles in the mining and construction vehicles. Moreover, an increase in government expenditure on infrastructure and transportation is also likely to play a crucial role.

Manufacturers have started developing specialized trucks that can operate in open cast mines, rough terrains, and extreme weather conditions. They are investing in low-fuel-consuming and low-emission engines to minimize carbon footprints. Such initiatives, combined with the need for transporting bulk materials and recycling harmful wastes, are driving the demand for different kinds of dump trucks.

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