10 Emerging Technologies of 2014

This is the era of gadgets and technologies and there is no doubt on the fact that we all love digital gadgets. Technology needs regular developments and produces several products and some of them are true milestones. Emerging technologies are the near future innovations that present development and research in technology. Few technologies are emerging in the market and will become future trending gadgets. The head mounted displays, better cancer treatment methods, brain and computer interaction are considered as the future trending innovations. Today, we are going to highlight 10 emerging technologies of 2014. The given list also contains ongoing development and innovations in various fields.

10. Nanowire Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium ion batteryPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Nanowire batteries are made up of nano size wires of silicon and germanium elements to increase the surface area of the electrodes. There are two designs of nanowire batteries but no one is commercially available. These batteries are expected to increase the battery life by over 20%. Recently a team of researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology developed a simple method to produce these batteries to make smartphone more reliable. Due to fewer raw materials, these batteries are very expensive to manufacture and now they are working on to make it cheap.

9. Body Adapted Wearable Electronics

Body Adapted Wearable ElectronicsPhoto credit: Medgadget

We have seen a great achievement from smartwatches to head mounted displays, still there is a lot more to be revealed in body adapted wearable gadgets. This is considered as the evolution of wearable gadgets such as Google Glass and many other gadgets. These are small in size and designed to adapt the human body with a wide range of sensors. These bodies adapted gadgets includes day to day useful things such as shoes, earbuds etc. It is estimated that these gadgets will be available commercially by 2016.

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8. Nano Structured Carbon Composites

Nano Structured Carbon CompositesPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Emissions of the world’s energy sources are continuously growing with the increasing numbers of vehicles. Now scientists are developing nano structure carbon fibers to reduce the automobile weight by over 10%. Light weight cars need less fuel thus increasing the efficiency of the vehicle and resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions. Another important concern is improving passenger’s safety. They are also trying to develop a recyclable carbon composite. These three major aspects of nano structured carbon composites could make a high performance vehicle.

7. Mining Metal from Desalination Brine

Mining Metal from Desalination BrinePhoto credit: Wikimedia

As the world population continues to grow and fresh drinking water is at risk, desalination processed sea water is considered as an alternate option. Desalination is a several steps of the process to remove some amount of salt from saline water. This process also has some serious drawbacks. With the currently available technologies, it is impossible to make saline water into drinking water. Now scientists are developing a new chemical method to remove harmful substances from the saline water to make it drinkable.

6. Bioplastic

BioplasticPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Bioplastics are a kind of plastic derived from biomass sources such as vegetable oil, starch and microbiota. Bioplastic can be made from all types of agricultural byproducts and plastic bottles. The common plastics are hazardous in nature and remain solid for hundreds of years. Manufacturing of normal plastic requires more fuels which produce more greenhouse gas. Bioplastics are designed as biodegradable which can break in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. This technology is being developed and some products are already developed but not available commercially.

5. Grid Scale Electricity Storage

Grid Scale Electricity StoragePhoto credit: Wikimedia

Electricity (Alternating Current) can’t be directly stored using current technologies. These electricity generators release greenhouse gases and pollute the environment. Now many countries aim to produce clean energy based generators such as non-fossils sources. Recently, scientists invented graphene supercapacitors, which provide extremely high efficiency over charging and discharging. The liquid metal, sodium ion and flow are being developed to store electricity in future. It is expected that in future, we will be able to store electricity such as the storage of coal and gas.

4. RNA Based Therapeutics

RNA Based TherapeuticsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

RNA is an important molecule in cellular biology which translates the DNA instruction into the production of proteins. The protein production is also considered as a main factor in human diseases. Over a last few years, RNA based drugs are being developed for a wide range of diseases and genetic disorders. RNA based therapeutics is estimated to treat a wide range of diseases where the drug based treatment cannot be used. Now many pharmaceutical companies are working in collaboration to make it on a large scale.

3. Screenless Display

Rainbow_hologramPhoto credit: Wikipedia

Screenless display is a technology in which the data is transmitted from the video source without the use of any screen. Screenless displays are majorly categorized in a visual image, retinal displays and synaptic interface. Holographic display is the best example of visual images which you have seen in numerous of current Hollywood movies. Retina display is a trending technology which provides high definition and high resolution virtual display. Eye Tap, Google Glass, Bionic lens are the great examples of screenless technology. This field has rapidly progressed since a last few years and soon it will become as a trending technology in future.

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2. 5G Cellular Communication

5G Cellular Communication - Emerging Technologies 2014Photo credit: Wikimedia

There is a lot of difference between 1G and 4G and now researchers are working to invent 5th generation (5G) cellular communication network. Still, 5G does not reveal any specifications in any document by International Telecommunication Standardization. 5G is expected to come before 2020 which will of course have the most improved communication network. In 2012, the UK government has announced that they set up the world’s first research lab for 5G network. Now many governments are trying to invent the 5G communication network to access information beyond 4G speeds.

1. Brain Computer Interface

synaptic interfacePhoto credit: Wikipedia

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A Brain Computer Interface is a way of direct communication between the brain and the computer. The research on BCI began in the 1970s at the University of California Los Angeles. This technology is similar to the synaptic interface where the computer can read the signals directly from the brain. Using this technology, any physically disabled person can control his robotic limbs through his mind. Scientists are developing this system for blind people so they can also access the computer using the power of their brain. This is one of the most emerging technologies of 2014.

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