Top 20 Epic Logo Design Fails Ever

The one important marketing tool that affects the business is Logo. Logo defines the brand and almost all companies are known by its logo. It’s the first thing that sticks in people’s mind. Let me give you a demo, think of any popular company, say Google or Apple. What’s the first image that came into your mind? The unforgettable and famous logo associated with it!!

Do you know there are many big companies out there who spent millions of dollars on a single logo only? Well, it is also true that some logos gone wrong. Some design gone off-track of what the companies aiming to. Today, we are listing few blunders made by good designers. It’s important to see them and learn what they did wrong. Have a look at epic logo design fails ever that ruined the company’s reputation.

1. Clinica Dental

another dental carePhoto credit: flickr

Just after releasing this logo, Clinica Dental got a second name (in a funny way) Full Service participation.

2. Anthony Byrne

anthony byrne

Nothing wrong with the name, but what’s up with the design? I think the designer was dreaming about a p@n#s with 2 giant balls while creating this stuff.

3. Arlington Pediatric Center

Arlington Pediatric Center

The Arlington Pediatric Center employs talented physician. But after seeing this logo public might misinterpret their services. Because of failed marketing strategy, they have changed the logo.

4. Catholic Church

This logo represents Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission created in 1973. Also, the design won an award from the Art’s director of L.A.
This shows the generation gap. The new generation perceives things in a much different way than their elders.

5. Another Dental Care

dental care

Yet another dental care scandal 😛

6. Doughboys

Presenting tasty yummy pizza, salad and panini. Order Now!!

7. HASC Center

Hasc center

HASC Center is a nonprofit agency that provides necessary empowerment tools to live independently and sustain a quality of life that is productive as well as meaningful. But somewhere they went wrong with their own logo meaning.

8. Bureau of Health Promotion

healt promotion

The logo is not looking decent as the name.

9. Instituto de Estudos Orientais

Instituto de Estudos Orientais

The aim is to portray the sun behind yellow building but the dark curves at the roof is showing something else.

10. Islamic Understanding Institute

islamic university

They really need to understand their own logo first.

11. The Computer Doctor

the computer doctor

This logo could have been much better without the mouse.

12. Kudawara Pharmacy

Kudawara Pharmacy

This logo leaves people wondering what service they really provide behind those doors.

13. MegaFlicks

mega flicks

One lesson you should learn: Use fonts carefully.

14. Mont Sat


Can you figure out, is this Miss satellite or Mr. satellite?

15. Office of Government Commerce


Before publishing your logo make sure it looks good from all angles. You can learn from this example. Still didn’t get it?? Just rotate the logo 90 degree clockwise and you will get…

ogc vertical

16. A Restaurant


Few people judge the food center by logo and this restaurant might be losing those customers.

17. Anonymous

worst logo

I don’t know what those Chinese words mean. But the logo is definitely not looking so good.

18. SafePlace


It’s looking much like a hornyplace.

19. Shanghai Wu Nan Kindergarten


A kindergarten for mature kids.

20. KidsExchange

kids exchange

No, they are not changing the gender of kids. It’s KidsExchange which is consignment event. This logo shows the importance of using capital English characters.

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