25+ Fresh Examples of Timeline in Web Design & Infographics

In some cases, it’s better to use graphics rather than 1000 words. You all might be familiar with use of timeline in website(s). For those who don’t know: it’s a way where all events are displayed in chronological order on a single web page. These days, many smartphone apps and websites are adapting timeline based design to present their stories. Your Facebook profile page is the best example.

Here, we’ll not talk about the pattern of stories displayed on social profile page or any traditional design. We’ve included some eye catching designs that are using timeline mechanism. A timeline can be used to present information in an effective and clean way. For example, you can use the timeline in “About Us” page where you can show how your business has grown in the last couple of months/years. Similar to this, we are going to show you how you can use the timeline in creative ways. This will help you to increase your customers or conversion rate. Here are some great examples of timeline in web design and infographics for your inspiration (in no particular order).

You need to open the site to see real effects and high resolution.

26. 50 Years of NASA

50 Years of NASA

25. Computer History

Computer History

24. Credilogic Poster


23. Formula 1 History

Formula 1 history

22. Rodania History

Rodania history

21. How Music Travels

1 How Music Travels 1

20. The History of Chocolate

The History of Chocolate

19. The Evolution of the Web

The evolution of web

18. Ferrari Past Models

Ferrari History

17. Gramercy Park Hotel

Gramercy Park Hotel

16. iPhone Timeline

iPhone Timeline

15. History of Lois Jeans

lois jeans history

14. Internet Memes

Internet meme

13. BEL 50 Story

BEL 50

12. Android History

Android History

11. Anne Frank Timeline

Anne Frank Timeline


10. A Brief History of Advertising

A Brief history of advertising

9. Pregnancy Timeline

Pregnancy Timeline

8. Inception Movie

Inception movie timeline

7. 100 years of Women’s Fashion

100 years of Womens Fashion

6. The History of 007

History of 007

5. Geological Time Piece

Geological Time Piece

4. History of Gay Marriage Bans

History of Gay Marriage Bans

3. Largest Bankruptcies in History

Largest Bankruptcies

2. Geological time spiral

Geological time spiral

1. Graphic Design in 1950’s

Graphic Design in 1950s

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