29 Fresh Examples of Timeline in Web Design & Infographics

Sometimes it is better to use graphics than a thousand words to explain a complex topic.

You might have seen a few websites that use timelines to present information in a specific order. It’s an efficient way to display events and data chronologically on a single page.

A timeline can be used to present information effectively and cleanly. For example, you can use the timeline on the “About Us” page to show how your business has grown in the last couple of months/years.

These days, many websites and smartphone apps are adapting timeline-based designs to present their stories. Your Facebook profile page is a great example of that.

Here we will not explain the patterns, traditional designs, or the way stories are presented on social media platforms. Instead, we have showcased eye-catching designs based on a ‘timeline approach.’ These designs will help you figure out how to display data in creative ways and increase customer retention and conversion rate.

Below are the live examples of timelines in web design and infographics for your inspiration. They are listed in no particular order. You need to open websites and templates to see real effects in high resolution.

29. Histography — Timeline of History

28. Xerox History Timeline

27. Bristol Myers Squibb

26. BMW History – A simple slideshow

25. Computer History

Computer History

24. Credilogic Poster


23. Formula 1 History

Formula 1 history


22. The History of Chocolate

The History of Chocolate

21. Ferrari’s Past Models

Ferrari History

20. Gramercy Park Hotel

Gramercy Park Hotel


19. BEL 50 Story

BEL 50

18. Android History

Android History


17. Key Events in the History of Online Shopping

16. A Brief History of Advertising

A Brief history of advertising

15. Pregnancy Timeline

Pregnancy Timeline

14. Inception Movie

Inception movie timeline

13. 100 years of Women’s Fashion

100 years of Womens Fashion


12. Geological Time Piece

Geological Time Piece

11. History of Gay Marriage Bans

History of Gay Marriage Bans

10. Largest Bankruptcies in History

Largest Bankruptcies

9. Geological time spiral

Geological time spiral


8. What A Year

7. Project Timeline

6. Fundraising Summary

5. Gradient Step Collection

4. Barber Beard Timeline Infographic

3. How To Start A Business

2. Notion Timeline Scrolling

1. Hand-Drawn Infographic Template

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