10 Weird and Interesting Facts About Poop

It’s a good time to read smelly post. When people talk about poop, only one thing come in our mind, the morning number two. Except schoolers, most of the people don’t talk too much about poop. All of us like to keep our bathroom secret but they are really weird and interesting. We don’t want to make you clumsy after reading the article because it contains some strange and educational stuff. There are also many other uses of poop which has been utilized for the past many decades. Here are the 10 weird and interesting facts about poop which you will never forget until the last day of your life.

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10. Dubai Sewage System

The leading city of the United Arab of Emirates, Dubai was a homely and urban area until the finding of oil. Dubai has been ranked as the best place to live in the Middle East. One side, it has the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa and many other notable skyscrapers and on the other hand, the city suffers from the sewage system. The city has only one processing plant and truck drivers have to wait for many hours. Now the situation has improved with a second processing plant.

9. Reason behind Floating Poop

There are two main reasons behind floating poop. One is, if we have lots of gas in our poop and the other one is excess fat in feces. Other reasons can be related to a disease occurring in your body. If your poop has excess gas then it forces it to the surface of water. As you know fat is lighter than water. If poop floats due to high fat content, it is a sign of a serious problem in which you can’t absorb enough fat and nutrients.

8. Used as Fuel

Every year animals create million tons of feces but the cow dung is mostly used as fuel. Both dry and humid dung can be used as fuel but dry dung is commonly used around the world. This green source of energy is used by more than two billion people around the world. This technique is widely beneficial as it is cheaper than other methods, efficient and renewable energy source. Also, it has a disadvantage of air pollution.

7. Bird’s Poop

The Bird’s kidneys do the same work like ours but their poop is white because they don’t pee. Their kidneys produce nitrogenous waste from the blood and dissolve it in urine and expelled in the form of uric acid. It looks like a white paste excreted through the cloaca, a multi-functional part for birds. Sometime you feel too unlucky when a bird poop falls directly on your face but in Japan, their poop is used on the face to remove the dead skin cells.

6. Poop Colors

The vividness of the poop varies significantly and it depends on what type of food you eat and your health meter. You can learn more about your poop through a poop chart and it may avoid serious problems to your health. Green vegetable can cause green stool and white stool can be caused by lack of bile. The red feces could be a sign of bleeding in your intestinal tract.

5. Art work

Surprisingly, there are many artists who used their body fluids and feces in the artwork. Many artists pour their sweat, blood or tears into their artwork but in few exceptional cases they use their own fecal matter. An English artist, Chris Ofili is widely known for using elephant dung in his popular artwork. Piero Manzoni, an Italian artist came into news when he preserved 90 tin cans of his own poop in 1961. Later in 2007, these tin cans sold for an estimated price of $180,000.

4. Medicine

Even after reading this, many people might have got the feeling of vomiting. Do you know that poop is used in a medical therapy called, fecal bacteriotherapy. Recently in New York, a pill made of human poop tested on patients who are suffering from intestinal infections. In the final result, most of the patients were recovered. The pill does not have any kind of negative effect on patients’ health. This fecal therapy can also be used to fight off the diarrhea.

3. Indonesian Coffee

Civet coffee or Kopi Luwak is the coffee berries which are extracted from the scat of the Asian Palm Civet. A Civet is a small size mammal, native to tropical regions of Asia and Africa. After the Civet eats coffee beans, fermentation occurs and converted into peptides and amino acids. When the Civet poops, all the fecal matter is collected and the undigested coffee beans are separated out and powdered. They believe that the taste of the coffee enhance and improve after the digestive process of Civet. This Indonesian coffee has been called the most expensive coffee in the world with a price of over $700 per kg.

2. The Word “Poop”

Poop, feces or stool is also known as excrement process. According to a source, the word poop comes from the Middle English word “Poupen” or “Popen”. Now these words considered as the root of the word i.e. “fart” and based on the sound created by a fart. This seems quite nasty, but this is the reality behind the creation of the word, poop.

1. Constituents of poop

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The food we eat normally can be broken into five components as water, carbohydrates, fat, protein and fiber. Around 75% of human poop is water, in case of diarrhea, the water percentage is more than 85%. In the remaining 25%, one-third is undigested fiber, other one-third is dead bacteria and the other one-third is a mixture of protein, fats and live bacteria. Human fecal also varies in color and shape which depends on health and diet.

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