30+ Amazing Features of Google Search Box

A box that changed the whole world. A box that worth more than $100 billion. No need to describe what it does. We all know the power of Google Search box. And since its inception, it is getting smarter day by day.
The main aim of search engines is to provide the accurate and helpful information of what user is asking for. And Google is the master of this job. It can fill you with all precise information without landing on any webpage. Yes, it understands the query as human does and responds a way faster than we do. Google has entirely changed the definition of search engine. To minimize your searching time and help you find the results we are going to introduce some amazing features of Google search box. Let’s see how many of those you are familiar with…


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1. Get the day and date, just by entering the festival name

festival date

2. “Songs by” will show you the list of songs by an artist

songs by

3. “Books by” will display the list of popular books by an author

books by

4. “Movies by” will display the list of popular movies associated with the person

movies by

5. Get the meaning/synonym of any word


6. Translate the word to another language


7. “Graph for math function” will show you the function plot


8. “Solve any shape” triangle/rectangle/square/circle etc.

solve shape

9. Get the exact current “time” date and your location


10. Convert any currency


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11. Do the math


12. Access the “cache:websitename.com”


13. Set the timer

set timer

14. Get the flight Schedule, just by entering flight number

flight schedule

15. Convert the distance/temperature/mass/speed/area/volume/time etc.


16. Sunset and Sunrise time


17. Get the weather details on your location


18. Live sports score

game score live

19. List the film showing

movies listing

20. Founder of the Company


21. Informs you about Distance from location

how far is


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22. Search for word in exact order by putting quotation mark


23. Search within a site

search within site

24. Search for a word in title

intitle search

25. Search for all words in title


26. Search for words in URL


27. Find similar content to URL

related content

28. Exclude the word from search results by adding “-” minus sign.

ommit word

29. Find specific file type


30. Search within a range of price. “Lowest price..Highest price limit”

set price range

31. Results from particular location

result from particular location

32. Find the article containing exact text


33. Find the article where one term appears in text and other term appear elsewhere (eg in title/image name)


34. Convert Numbers to Words

Convert Numerical to words

Additional Cool Tricks

I am not gonna spoil the fun by adding screen shots here. Enter the below texts in Google search box and see what happens.

  • Askew/Tilt
  • Do a barrel roll
  • Blink html
  • Marquee html
  • Webdriver torso
  • Zerg rush
  • Google Pacman
  • Google in 1998
  • Festivus

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