15 Exciting Features of Telegram Messenger App – All You Need to Know

Telegram is a free instant-app service founded by the people behind VK, which is Russia’s biggest social networking site primarily focused on speed and user privacy. Founded in August 2013, the app has managed to get over 100 million active users, sending 15 billion messages daily. In spite of this whooping figure, Telegram is way behind the world’s most popular messaging service Whatsapp. However, they have all potential to get over a billion subscribers.

There are many astonishing features that make Telegram messenger stand alone. For instance, you can coordinate groups of up to 5000 members, send documents of any type, destruct your messages with a timer, or even build your own tools on their API.
If you’ve already downloaded the app, we have some cool tricks for you that will help you use Telegram more efficiently.

15. Create Your Own GIF

Telegram has made it very easy for its users to make simple GIF and share with their friends.

To do it: Tab on the “Attach file” icon and select the “Video” option to record your reaction. After you’ve done recording, hit “Save” and trim the video to desired size. The video will be automatically looped into an animated GIF, and then you can share it with the person you are chatting. Isn’t that easy?

14. Edit Photos For More Beautiful Pictures

You don’t need a separate photo editor app to make your picture is more compelling, you can do it right in the telegram app itself. The friendly user interface makes it easier to do so.

To edit your photos before you send: Click on the “Attach file” and select the “Camera” or “Gallery” option. Choose your picture and you will be taken to the photo editor. Here you will see multiple options to Crop the picture, Adjust the color, exposure, contrast and curves. Also, it allows you to draw and add text to your photo.

13. Self Destruct Messages on Secret Chats

Sometimes you don’t want to leave any evidence of what nonsense you are about to say. Instead of deleting chats manually, you can use self destruct messages on secret chats by setting a timer.

To set self-destruction timer: Swipe left on the homepage and tap “New Secret Chat”. Now “Add Recipients”, and tap on timer icon on the top and select the time duration. That’s all! The message will automatically get erased after the set period of time.

 12. Terminate Active Sessions

If your phone is stolen or someone took it and you don’t want him/her to see sensitive information in your chat window, you can simply terminate all the active sessions with just one click using your Mac, Desktop, Linux or Web client.

To terminate all active sessions: Go to “Settings”, select “Privacy and Security” and then click on “Active sessions”. You will be displayed all active sessions along with your device information. Just select the session you want to terminate and hit “OK”. Moreover, you can terminate all the session in one go by clicking “Terminate all other Sessions”.

11. Manage Telegram Media

The app allows you to send and receive media or files without any limit on their type and size. However, if you don’t have enough space in your device, or don’t want to view the shared photos in Gallery, you can simply disable them. This is quite a useful feature, especially if you don’t want to waste your mobile data for downloading unnecessary files.

To do this: Swipe left on the homepage and tap on “Settings”. Now swipe down and you will see “Autosave GIFs” and “Save to Gallery” options under “Messages” section. Enable or disable as per as your convenience. 

 10. Hide Your ‘Last Seen’ from Specific People

Telegram messenger comes with an advanced option when it comes to ‘Last seen’ feature. You can either block a specific person or allow him/her to see your ‘last seen’ time.

To do this: Go to “Settings” followed by “Privacy and Security”. Tap on the “Last Seen” and select who can see your last seen time and “Add Exceptions” like “Never Share with” or “Always Share with”. 

9. Lock Your Conversations

We generally use various app lockers in order to make sure that no one gets a hand on our personal message. Thanks to the developers, they have included an in-built lock feature to bolt the conversations with a passcode.

To lock your chats: Go to “Settings” and tap on “Privacy and Security”. There, you will see a “Password Lock” option. Enable it and set your passcode. You can then set “Auto-Lock” time, which will automatically lock your chats if you do not open chat for that specific amount of time. Also, you can manually lock conversations by tapping the lock button (placed at the top-left corner) on the homepage.

Additionally, you can enable “Allow Screen Capture” that lets you take screenshots of the app, but the system will show your conversations in the task switcher even when the passcode is on.

8. Turn Off Message Notification and Message Preview

Message preview is a crucial option because they appear on the lock screen and notification shade. Someone can easily read your messages without opening the app. Isn’t that awkward? Thankfully, Telegram has an option to disable message previews as well as message notification.

To do this: Head towards “Settings” and click on “Notifications and Sounds”. Now you will see the “Message Preview” and “Popup Notifications” followed by 4 options. Enable or disable them as per your requirements.

7. Add and Preview Stickers

Nowadays, stickers have become a necessary option to do chat in a fun way. Telegram takes care of that. It lets you add full sticker packs via third party sites, Reddit threads and third party apps.

To add stickers: Go to the personal chat box and tap on the lower left “Sticker Icon”. It will show you dozens of trending stickers and masks. In order to add stickers, just click on the “Add” button. Once added, you can preview them by press-holding on the stickers. 

6. Keep-Alive Service

The “Keep-Alive” is newly introduced features in Telegram, which basically ensures that you get notifications by running app in the background. For instance, if you have a smart RAM cleaner app like Greenify, the Telegram will automatically restart in the background process, keeping your notification up to date.

To activate this: Go to “Settings” followed by “Notifications and Sounds”. Swipe down till you get to the “Other” section. Enable the “Keep-Alive Services” and “Background Connection”. Now the app will keep a low impact background connection to receive notifications. Furthermore, you can set “Repeat Notifications” timing. This will help you receive notification when events haven’t been acknowledged or accidentally closed.

5. Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are nothing but regular telegram accounts, which can be coded and used to add more features in order to enhance user experience. We are illustrating a few sample bots that you may like

  • @ImageBot – sends pictures related to your keywords
  • @RateStickerBot – allows you to rate or find random stickers sets.

To find such bots: Just tap on the top search bar displayed on the homepage and start typing what you want. It will start autosuggesting as a dropdown list.

4. Personal Storage

It has always been a tough choice whether to store or delete your favorite GIFs, videos or images in order to save a little amount of space. Even some of you might be spending money on cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Generously, Telegram cares about you: it provides you a personal cloud storage so you never have to compromise with your favorite stuff.

To use cloud storage: Go to the “Menu” and hit the “Cloud icon” on the right side of your profile picture. This will open a chat window with yourself. Here you can forward any message, media and file to store them in Telegram cloud. You will be able to access this chat from any device.

3. Create Channel

This feature is getting popular among bloggers and webmasters as they can broadcast to the unlimited number of subscribers on channel. If you are one of them, you can share link for quick join, new members can see entire broadcast history and each message has its own counter.

Telegram supports two types of channel – public and private. You are free to join or leave as many public channels as you want, anytime. On the other hand, private channels are hidden from search, and can be joined only via invitation links.

To create a channel: Go to “Menu” > “New Channel” > add “Channel Name” and “Description” > select type “Public” or “Private”, and create your unique URL. That’s it!

2. Search Friends by Username

The security-focused messaging app lets you add people without necessarily knowing their phone number. It has an option to register a unique username, although all users must bind their account to a phone number.

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To put a public username: Go to “Settings” section and then select the “Username“. You are free to alter your alias, so long as the new one is not already taken. People can now search you by typing your username on the homepage search bar.

1. Create APIs

Nowadays, Telegram APIs are on the top of the developer’s list. They offer two types of APIs (free of charge) –

Bot API – lets you build programs that use Telegram messages for an interface. You don’t need to have knowledge of MTProto encryption protocol. The intermediary server will handle all communication and encryption with Telegram API for you.

Telegram API – lets you create your own customized Telegram clients. You can read Telegram’s open source code to know how the platform works. It’s 100% free for all developers.

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Telegram has a lot to offer in the coming days, and these tricks shown above seem quite interesting. The app’s features are capable enough to alter the way you chat with your friends. So give them a shot and share your experience with us. You are also welcome to fill us if we miss anything.

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