13 Best Flatbed Trucking Companies In The World | 2021 Edition

A flatbed truck is a large vehicle that can be either rigid or articulated. Its bodywork is completely flat with no roof and no sides around the bed. This enables easy and fast loading of goods.

Flatbed trucks are mostly used for transporting heavy and large loads that won’t be compromised on rough roads or in bad weather. They can also be used to transport oversized and oddly shaped cargo that requires more space than is available in closed-body trucks.

These types of trucks are an invaluable asset to numerous industries, ranging from transportation and construction to general manufacturing. Even if your business doesn’t involve moving heavy materials like constructional steelworks or abnormal loads, flatbeds are essential in the world of agriculture, towing, and dumping.

However, all flatbed trucks are not the same. They come in various sizes and styles. In North America, most flatbeds have a length of 48 or 53 feet and a width of 96 or 102 inches. Their body and frame are made of either steel, aluminum, or a combination of both materials (steel frame and aluminum bed).

If you have an oddly shaped cargo to move, then you can’t do much better than using a flatbed to get it from one location to another. In this overview article, we have mentioned some of the best flatbed trucking companies across the world that maintain quality vehicles, utilize modern equipment for loading and unloading, and offer sufficiently good services.

13. CRST Malone

Area Served: United States

CRST Malone operates over 100 field offices and has more than 1,600 trucks to fulfill its customers’ needs. Whether you need regular transit, time-sensitive delivery, or coast-to-coast expedition delivery, it’s there for you.

As an independent contractor, the company helps owner-operators earn more by staying on the road. It reduces transportation expenses and improves service quality by building a dedicated fleet-operation for clients.

12. ACI Motor Freight Inc.

Area Served: United States

ACI Motor Freight offers overnight delivery, liftgate pickup, customs bonded, vendor consolidation, and hazardous material transportation services. In addition to LTL delivery, it provides weekend and holiday service, cross-dock loading, warehousing, storage equipment, GPS tracking, and in-depth reporting and analysis.

The company is not so big, but it is just the right size to ensure that shipments are where they need to be when customers need them. The small yet detail-oriented team makes sure that you receive top-shelf priority.

11. Mercer Transportation

Area Served: United States, Canada, Mexico

Mercer Transportation Incorporated is a truckload carrier of general commodities. It offers flatbed, drop deck, dry van, and special equipment shipping.

The company operates a large data network (of over 2,300 independent contractors and 90 independent agents) to provide load tracking, rate quotes, and manifest data. They have more than 1,500 flatbeds, 600 drop decks, 550 dry vans, and 50 Conestoga type trailers.

Mercer ensures their independent contractors meet all FMCSA specifications and performs thorough equipment inspections to maintain the maximum level of safety performance. As an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner, it also enforces strict compliance with speed limits.

10. United Vision Logistics

Area Served: United States

Headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, United Vision Logistics specializes in flatbed and truckload services. From hotshot to heavy haul services, the company has built a business over the past 5 decades with a strong presence in the US production and energy exploration industry.

Currently, it provides transportation and logistics services to numerous industries. United Vision has increased its service capacity and offerings in the past few years, adding strategic terminal locations and strengthening terminal relationships.

The company has maintained a base of over 100 truck terminals and a fleet of over 2,500 owner-operator-managed trucks, generating an annual revenue of more than $260 million.

9. Maverick Transportation

Area Served: United States, Canada

Founded in 1980, Maverick is the parent of three transportation firms: Maverick Transportation LLC, Maverick Truck & Trailer Sales, and Maverick Logistics LLC. It operates more than 1,600 units, delivering comprehensive transportation and logistics services.

All Maverick trucks are maroon (in color) equipped with collision mitigation, lane departure, and roll stability control technology. All have properly secured load, impeccably clean exterior, and a professional driver behind the wheel.

The company ensures that it delivers your load with the safest and best-maintained equipment in the industry. It has been twice honored with the SmartWay Excellence Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

8. PS Logistics

Area Served: United States

PS Logistics is a full-service logistics solution with more than 2,000 flatbed assets, step decks, transportation management, brokerage division, and dedicated fleet operations.

It has over 450 owner-operators who provide van, flatbed, containers, and Conestoga trailers for short and long haul freight.

The company assigns a dedicated group of drivers to service their business. In fact, they have a driver pool that is cross-trained for each account. They also cycle their equipment monthly to maintain modern fleets on the road and to offer used equipment for sale or lease.

7. Melton Truck Lines

Area Served: United States, Canada, Mexico

Melton Truck Lines is one of the leading flatbed and step deck trucking firms with a 98% on-time pick-up and delivery record. It monitors every single order, working diligently to ensure each arrives on time.

It has a large, growing fleet of modern, safe, and well-maintained equipment. The average age of their tractors is 2.3 years, and the average age of trailers is 5.5 years. All trailers have air-ride, spread axle suspension, and provide a payload capacity of 48,000 pounds (for flatbeds).

The company specializes in flatbed trucking, over-dimensional freight, step deck freight, and international freight transportation. It also sells new and used trucks and trailers.

6. TMC Transportation

Area Served: United States

TMC Transportation Limited provides flatbed transportation services and training. It hauls almost all kinds of flatbed freight, ranging from different types of machinery to building materials and steel products.

With more than four decades of experience in flatbed shipping, TMC can not only assist you in making informed decisions but maximize the efficiency of getting your freight from A to B.

Their vehicles and equipment are meticulously maintained by trained technicians to ensure safety and dependability. They also offer state-of-the-art technology, which allows customers to track shipments in real-time every step of the way.

5. Anderson Trucking Service

Area Served: United States, Canada, Mexico

Founded in 1955, Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) is a values-driven firm offering worldwide transportation solutions. It handles dry van shipping, heavy heal shipping, specialized flatbed shipping, temperature-controlled shipping, expedited & emergency shipping, and various other shipping needs.

ATS trucking units monitor a network of over 48,000 carriers and 750,000 trucks. It also offers logistics services, international freight forwarding, and warehousing and inventory management.

The company has its own load tracking and logistics management system — named ATS Customer Portal — specifically designed to fulfill customers’ requirements. It shows every load’s location and status whenever you need it.

4. Roehl Transport

Area Served: United States

Roehl Transport helps you control your shipping costs through a relentless pursuit of operational efficiency. The company uses advanced technologies to offer instant accessibility and easy management of the entire shipping process. It provides web-based load tracking, full-scale EDI capabilities, and optimization modeling and routing. 

It has terminal locations in Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Iron Mountain, Atlanta, Appleton, Marshfield, and drop yards in several other locations.

With more than 2,500 employees, 2,000 tractors, and 5,000 trailers, Roehl Transport is one of the top 60 trucking companies in the US. It specializes in dry-van, flatbed, reefer, curtainside, and step-deck transportation.

3. Prime Inc.

Area Served: United States

Prime Incorporated is one of the most successful trucking companies that provide safe, reliable, and on-time services to its growing international customer base. Since 1986, it has experienced steady growth in revenue each year.

The company uses the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology to serve its customers. Since their average truck age is two years, they can deliver better mileage and safety than other firms. All trucks are equipped with a 1,500-watt inverter and auxiliary power unit, which help drivers run safely and efficiently out on the road.

They also have a smartphone app to keep customers connected and informed. The app (available for both iOS and Android) shows load lists with detailed stop information and other useful data such as arrival, departure, routing, and best fuel recommendations.

2. Landstar System

Area Served: United States, Canada, Mexico

Landstar System specializes in third party logistics. With the resources of a multi-billion dollar company, it provides customers with personalized services at the local level with a global reach.

Landstar includes more than 1,200 agents, 10,000 leased owner-operators, 17,000 trailers, and 56,000 other approved capacity providers. Every independent agent and transportation capacity provider is effectively located to meet customers’ requirements.

The company has a mobile application, which makes it easier to coordinate freight shipments. They have also developed tools that provide agents with valuable insights, pricing structure, and access to available capability so they can provide top-notch service to customers.

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1. Daseke Inc.

Area Served: United States, Canada, Mexico

Daseke Incorporated is the largest flatbed firm in North America. Headquartered in Addison, Texas, it offers specialized transportation services through experienced workers.

The company has 13,000+ flatbeds, 6,000+ tractors, specialized trailers, and over 1,000,000 square feet of industrial warehousing space. It employs more than 4,500 people.

Its specialized and flatbed companies include The Boyd Companies, Central Oregon Truck Company, Hornady Transportation, and WTI Transport. While each of the operating companies has its own senior executive team, they frequently collaborate with each other to provide the best and most cost-effective services.

Daseke Inc. has shown a phenomenal growth rate in the past decade: its revenues grew from $30 million in 2009 to $1.6 billion in 2018.

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Things to know before booking a flatbed shipment

Freight Information: Make sure you understand all crucial aspects of your shipments, including the material being transported, the value, dimensions, and weight. If your shipment contains uniquely shaped heavy objects, then loading, unloading, and securing it might be more physically taxing.

Trailer Information: Familiarize yourself with the vehicle and technology before making the final order. This will help you make safe and cost-efficient choices. And if you require extended trailers, your service provider may need advanced notice.

Work with experts: Don’t always go for the least expensive services. Think about working with professionals who can safely deliver the load on time.

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