25+ Informative and Free Ebooks for Web Designers

Ebooks are the great way to learn and gain a lot of knowledge. They have their own benefits like less page flipping, linked pages, faster search, additional resources etc.
The good thing of the modern era is you don’t have to consume hefty books to learn something new. The web world is full of informative and interesting stuff, for all of us.

We’ve gathered few free eBooks for web designers and front-end developers, which will take their professional skills to the next level. They are listed with author details and a brief description of the content. All are available in HTML or PDF format.
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26. 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Content Description: This is for beginners. It revolves around the basic concept of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, cloud computing, hardware, plug-ins/extensions, security, IP address and DNS and more.

Author: Christoph Niemann

Available Format: HTML

25. FontShop


Content Description: This is a field guide to typography, a great resource for not only type but also helpful in layouts. Here you will learn about typographic details, appropriate typeface selection and font licensing.

Author: FontShop

Available Format: PDF

24. Guide to Usability Testing

Guide to Usability Testing

Content Description: This is a 109 page book that includes practical explanations, tips and tricks for more than 30 different usability testing mechanisms, expert advice, and practice from companies like Apple, Yahoo, Buffer and more.

Author: Chris Bank and Jerry Cao

Available Format: PDF

23. Practical Typography

Practical Typography

Content Description: A collection of all things you always wanted to know about typography. The book starts with “typography in ten minutes” and from there it goes on to cover pretty much everything with perfect mix of details.

Author: Matthew Butterick

Available Format: HTML

22. Logo Design

Logo Design

Content Description: This eBook includes everything you would ever need to learn about logo design. Here you’ll learn the basics, rules for creating logo and key factors to consider like color and typography.

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Author: Bluesodapromo

Available Format: PDF

21. UX Design for Startups


Content Description: A must read eBook for any startup or developing company that wishes to keep its startup spirit and conquer the world with amazing UX design. The book includes more than 60 UX design tools and real life based advice.

Author: Marcin Treder

Available Format: PDF (zip file)

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20. Web Design UI Pattern

Web Design UI Pattern

Content Description: This eBook includes 63 web UI patterns and proven design solutions from the best companies. Hottest websites and apps like Amazon, Quora, Mailchimp – what UI pattern they use and why? All explained in 200 pages.

Author: Chris Bank and Waleed Zuberi

Available Format: PDF (zip file)

19. 11 Things to Do with Every New WordPress Install

Things to Do with Every New WordPress Install

Content Description: Getting started with WordPress can be overwhelming. This book will help you by guiding you 11 essential stuff you can do right now to build a great WordPress site.

Author: iThemes Media

Available Format: PDF

18. Pixel Perfect Precision

Pixel Perfect Precision

Content Description: This is a comprehensive handbook on digital design covering pixel perfect principles, design and development, prototyping, collective knowledge and accessibility.

Author: Gyppsy

Available Format: PDF and iBook

17. Designing Mobile Interface

Designing Mobile Interface

Content Description: This is a 64 page eBook packed with display information, control, lateral access, labels and indicators, general interactive controls, typography, light, screens, sensors and much more.

Author: Steven Hoober and Eric Berkman

Available Format: PDF

16. Design Your Imagination

Design Your Imagination

Content Description: This is a complete and comprehensive guide on web design suitable for beginners as well as experts. There are total 30 chapters ranging from the history of website development to modern style guideline and more.

Author: Webguru

Available Format: PDF and text

15. Time Management for Creative People

Time Management For Creative People

Content Description: A Few great tips to manage your time efficiently, wrapped in 32 pages. You’ll also learn to prioritize your work that is ‘important but not urgent’.

Author: Mark McGuinness

Available Format: PDF

14. 10 Keys to Great Landing Pages

Keys to Great Landing Pages

Content Description: This book will tell you what’s the difference between home pages and landing pages, why they are important, what’s their purpose and how to create smart and successful landing page, all in 20 pages.

Author: iThemes Media

Available Format: PDF

13. Magic of CSS

Magic of CSS

Content Description: A simple and short CSS course for developers who want to put some compelling effect in their project. It is well written, easy to understand and packed with various interactive examples.

Author: Adam Schwartz

Available Format: HTML

12. Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

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Content Description: SMACSS is a style guide to examine your design process and learn how to structure your CSS. The free version comprised of lessons depth of applicability, selector performance and prototyping.

Author: Jonathan Snook

Available Format: HTML

11. Book of Speed

Book of speed

Content Description: This is a well written, detailed eBook about web performance. It starts by focusing on business implications of web performance – the negative effect of slowing down, Google/Bing/Yahoo/AOL case studies, the positive effect of speeding up, search engine optimization and then moves on to the methods that can enhance performance.

Author: Stoyan Stefanov

Available Format: HTML

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10. Modern front-end tooling

Modern frontend tooling

Content Description: This is an open source book introducing you to the world of tooling for modern web apps. It will walk you through the application development cycle and help discover new concepts.

Author: Book of modern front-end tooling

Available Format: HTML

9. Getting Real

Getting Real

Content Description: A leading design agency have penned down their ideas and thoughts in the book. It covers almost all details on the web designing right from basic stage to the advanced level.

Author: 37Signals

Available Format: PDF

8. Pay Me… Or Else!

Pay me or Else

Content Description: What to do if you haven’t been paid for your work? Most of the designers, at some point of career face this situation- the situation of non-paying clients.
If you are going through the same phase, read this one. The book is divided into 3 parts: Getting your money, why clients don’t pay and make sure this never happens again.

Author: Lior Frenkel

Available Format: PDF

7. 27 Page Type Classification eBook

27 Page Type Classification eBook

Content Description: This is short eBook that will help you learn the 10 broad classification of typography, with a brief key characteristic of each style.

Author: Jacob Cass

Available Format: PDF

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6. Web Designers Success Guide

Web Designers Success Guide

Content Description: This is definitive guide to start your own freelance web design business. There is step by step instructions on how to transition from full-time to self-employment, market your freelance business, manage your projects and price your services.

Author: Kevin Airgid

Available Format: PDF

5. Web Fundamentals

Web Fundamentals

Content Description: This is a comprehensive resource for multi-device web development. Here you will learn about tools, multi-device layouts, principle of site design, optimizing performance, look and feel, monetization, device access+integration and much more.

Author: Google Developers

Available Format: HTML

4. Building Web Apps With Go

Building Web Apps With Go

Content Description: Learn how to build web application with Go programming language. It teaches you about http package, deployment, URL routing, databases, controllers, rendering, creating basic web apps and various tips and tricks.

Author: Jeremy Saenz

Available Format: HTML + PDF

3. Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive Web Design

Content Description: The free quality eBook crafting rich experiences with progressive enhancement. Learn how to create a great website (plus code) that works for everyone. There are 6 chapters that focus on progressive enhancement with JavaScript, Markup CSS and accessibility.

Author: Aaron Gustafson

Available Format: HTML

2. Guide to Wireframing

Guide to Wireframing

Content Description: A complete wireframing guide that includes theory and practice of building effective designs across every stage in the product development process. It also covers the trending UI design pattern and a detailed compression of digital and analog wireframing tools.

Author: Chris Bank and Waleed Zuberi

Available Format: PDF (zip file)

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1. Pocket Guide to Writing SVG

Pocket Guide to Writing SVG

Content Description: The pocket sized guide provides basic knowledge which will help you to get started with writing SVG. It will teach you syntax and behavior through examples and also includes demo, short description of properties and attributes.

Author: Joni Trythall

Available Format: HTML

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