Free Theme vs Premium Theme | Which one you should use

The very first thing people see on your site is content as well as the overall design. Along with the quality content it is equally important to design good looking and impressive blog. If you are running a website on CMS platform the first thing to do is select a decent template. There are thousands of templates available on the internet and this make harder to choose. Today we will show you which theme you should get, Free Theme or Premium one.

Free vs Premium theme

We have seen most newbies who download premium theme for free and they feel awesome because they just saved $50 amount. If you are also one of them, then think for a moment

  • Thousands of buyers who spend money are fool or something?
  • Is the author of the template so stupid that he let other websites to distribute his product for free?
  • If you bought a theme, do you upload it on your website for free?

Do you know what you have lost in order to save $30-$50? Let’s find out.

Note: Neither we have any affiliate link in this post nor we are reviewing any firm to earn profit.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic

Premium themes which are available for free contain Malware and Spam links due to which your site can never perform well in search engines. Usually these links are hidden with other lines of codes and hard to identify.

Not Secure

not safe

There is always a risk of being hacked if you download a theme from non-trusted source. Since most of the free templates contain encrypted footer and selling links, you might get permanently deindexed from search engines for having unnatural links.



To survive in the market premium themes contains compelling and tons of modern features and powerful admin panel. However, in free themes you get limited amount feature without any customer support system.
As customers pay for the templates

  • Seller ensures that their theme is bug free, otherwise customer will demand for refund.
  • To make high sales author always release high quality templates.
  • Most of the authors take feedbacks from users so that they can enhance the user experience in the next version.

Updates + Support

support update

The Content Management System is continuously updating their technology. You should have updated and compatible version of the product you are using. We have seen many free themes (developed in 2012) are not compatible with the current version of WordPress anymore. That means you have to switch from one template to another again and again. On the other hand, in premium theme you get a regular update and author support.


For better performance and long lasting results you should go for Premium themes. That doesn’t mean free themes are always useless but if you are using one, make sure you download it from trusted sources like And once again, NEVER download or use a premium theme for free. 

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