75 Free Twitter Tools for Marketers | The Mega Collection

Twitter is much more than a way to stay connected while having fun. It’s a great platform to spread yourself, your business, product and service all over the world. Twitter has more than 280 million active users and it handles over 1 billion search queries per day. Because of this rush, all marketers need a set of useful tools that can help them analyze and manage their overall visibility.

The article is dedicated to all those Twitter marketers who are looking for free power-ups. We have compiled a mega list of Twitter tools and apps that fit almost all needs. Choose wisely.


1. Riffle by CrowdRiff

Riffle by CrowdRiff

Riffle is perfect platform to find and connect with influencer on the fly. It provides activity analytics (in real time) and potential value of every user so you can prioritize and personalize engagement.

2. SocialRank


SocialRank is a web tool to identify, organize and manage your Twitter followers. It shows you a sorted list of your best followers, and most engaged followers.

3. Twitonomy


Twitonomy provides a dashboard that shows detailed visual analytics on users and tweets. You can browse, search, filter, get insight on the people and monitor tweets. It also allows you to export tweets, Retweets, followers and following lists to Excel.

4. SocialBro


SocialBro is a platform to analyze, engage and monetize your Twitter audience. The free version includes features like the best time to tweet report, list management, community segmentation, follow/unfollow reports and more.

5. SumAll


SumAll is all-in-one dashboard that keeps your data neatly organized. Sync your Twitter account and get the report on how your followers growing, your mentions and engagement.

6. Followerwonk


Followerwonk allows you to dig deeper into Twitter analytics. Search Twitter bios, compare users, track and sort followers and analyze their behavior.

7. MyTopTweet


MyTopTweet allows you to find anyone’s top tweet by just entering their username. They look 3200 recent tweets and show you top 10 of them, ordered by engagement.

8. Bluenod


Bluenod is a real time community visualization tool that helps you to find influencers quickly. Export the data and get insight on hashtags. You can target topic-based community and connect with key influencers to share your best content.

9. Klout


Klout tracks your influencers score (1 to 100) and suggests shareable content that your followers hasn’t seen yet.

10. Tweetchup


Tweetchup helps you to analyze your connections, tweets, keywords, hashtags and any user on Twitter, from any device.

11. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a way to analyze your followers, unfollowers, tweets, people interaction and compare your growth with other users.

12. Simply Measured

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a free tool to learn about your followers (from interest to influence) and to measure your key customer service metrics.

13. TweetStats


A robust statistics for Twitter that shows average daily/hourly tweets, replies and retweets in graphical format.


14. The One Million Tweet Map

The One Million Tweet Map

A tool for geo-location and real time tweet monitoring. You can track and follow keywords as they are tweeted in real-time. Zoom into the specific area to get more accurate results.

15. Keyhole


Keyhole is a real time tracking tool. It will report you whenever a URL, hashtag or keyword of your name or company’s brand gets mentioned on Twitter.

16. Twazzup


Twazzup is real time keyword monitoring analytics tool for Twitter. You just need to enter the company name, keyword or hashtag and it will show you numerous related tweets, accounts and influencers.

17. Twtrland


Twtrland helps you build and monitor your brand on Twitter. It displays which demographic you fit in, who is in your close network and lets you analyze your landscape and find influencers.

18. Mentionmapp


As the name suggests, it displays a visualization map of you and the people you get involved with on Twitter.

19. TweetReach


Enter keyword, URL, hashtag or username and TweetReach will return you all the related tweets (along with detailed reports on the metrics) that match your search.


20. Unfollowers


Unfollowers gives you a detailed list of fans, mutual followback, new unfollowers, new followers, people who are not following you back and more.

21. Tweepi


Tweepi helps you to wipe out inactive follows, flush the unfollowers and reciprocate someone else’s follow, within few clicks.

22. DoesFollow


Find out who follows whom. Does Obama follow Linkin Park?

23. ManageFlitter


With ManageFlitter, divide your followers according to the last tweet, location, follower count and whether they follow you back or not. It comes with a powerful dashboard that allows you to manage multiple accounts.

24. Tweepsmap


Tweepsmap is a web tool that shows where your followers are in the world. It also displays the inactive accounts, recent unfollowers, not following back users and more.

25. PeerIndex


PeerIndex allows you to search for influencers for specific keywords on Twitter. In the free version, the list of influencers is limited to 20 only. Moreover, it provides audience insight, alerts and social analytics.

26. Crowdfire


Crowdfire lets you prune your list of those you follow by seeing who recently unfollowed you, who’s inactive, who follows you back. Also, you can create a whitelist of accounts you’d always like to follow to matter what.


27. Trendsmap


This is a geo-location tool for monitoring local Twitter trends. It offers a zoomable map that shows popular hashtags and other terms trending around there.

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28. Trend24


See trending topics from the last 24 hours. Here you can dig hour by hour and country by country.

29. Statweestics


Statweestics shows you live updates about hashtags, users, words and locations. The stat changes every minute.

Chats and Hashtags

30. TweetChat


With TweetChat, you can start chatting by entering your hashtag, or follow a specific hashtag and reply as you like. The hashtag will be automatically added to your reply.

31. Tagboard


Tagboard is more like a “Pinterest of hashtags”. It uses the hashtag to search and collect public media content from social platforms. Here, you can create your own hashtag to monitor and filter out the conversation you are not interested in.

32. BeatStrap


BeatStrap covers news, sports and events as a team. Add the people you want to tweet to your beat and give them hashtags to use. You can embed it anywhere and it will update in real time as you and your friends tweet with your hashtag.

33. Hashtagify.me


Enter the hashtag to discover all related tags, influencers, recent conversation, influencers and competitors.

34. Topsy


Topsy is a social search engine that displays recent and relevant tweets based on keyword search. You can narrow down the search to links, photos, videos or specific date range. Moreover, it displays the sentiment score (of the searched keyword) and trends in Topsy analytics.

35. TwChat


TwChat is a simple real time chat room. Just submit the hashtag, enter the chat room, invite users and have fun.



Enter the hashtag of your chat on TWUBS and get the tweets from one location. You can also brand your chat page to promote your event or organization to your live audience.

37. Ritetag


Ritetag recommends you popular hashtags with tag’s reach, popularity and also gives suggestion for alternative tags. It has a powerful API with over 10 million hashtags.

38. ChatSalad


ChatSalad displays your upcoming Twitter chats and when they are scheduled, along with the hashtag.

39. The Latest

The Latest

This is an automated list of latest and interesting links from Twitter.

40. Nurph


Nurph is a Twitter chat platform that lets you plan and organize your chat, with replays and follow-up stats.

41. Seen


Seen automatically collects and ranks the media for any event. You can find all those media by entering a related hashtag.


42. TweetDeck


powerful tool for Twitter clients, for real time tracking, organizing and engagement. You can split your stream into segmented columns to stay engaged with important content. You can also share an account with your colleagues, without sharing your password.

43. YoruFukurou


This is a native Twitter client for Mac OS X. It has a dashboard that shows incoming tweets, lists, searches and you can split content into multiple tabs.

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44. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Twitter’s very own analytic tool to measure impressions, engagement rate of your tweets. It also displays a graph of growth in number of followers, interest of your followers with location and gender metrics.

Timing and Scheduling

45. Bufferapp


Bufferapp is a simple social media management tool that allows you to schedule your tweet, monitor their performance and get related hand-picked content to share.

46. Tweroid


Tweroid analyze your and your follower’s tweets and gives you the best times to tweet.

47. Tweet4me


Tweet4me is used to buffer or schedule a tweet for any date, any time and from any Twitter application. You need to send them a direct message with a prefix that tells when you want to schedule the tweet.

Content and Users

48. Swayy


Swayy is a tool to easily discover, read and share the best content from the internet. Here you can see what your followers are interested in.

49. Sonar Solo

Sonal Solo

With Sonar Solo, you can search any topic to find trends and influencers about subject, in real time. It visualizes what’s on people’s mind by using advanced techniques like sentiment analysis, trend intelligence and data mining.

50. Nuzzel


Nuzzel helps you to discover what your friends and friends of friends are reading. This is a great platform to see what’s trending among the people you follow.

51. Follerme


Follerme allows you to quickly analyze important stats about any Twitter user. This includes the user’s detail, statistics, tweet topics, hashtags and mentions.

52. TwiPho


TwiPho is a platform to find out what’s happening right now on Twitter, in pictures. You can search by location or keyword.

53. Tweet Topic Explorer

Tweet Topic Explorer

This is a word cloud web tool that shows you the most used words of any user you select.

54. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a great web tool to find most shared content and key influencers. Just enter the topic or URL to see which content gets the most number of shares on Twitter and other social platform.

55. Paper.li


Paper.li is a unique web tool that allows you to collect tweets and arrange them in a newspaper style format, which can be automatically shared on your Twitter account. It’s a great way to grab top tweets and hashtags, and drive traffic.

56. Digg Deeper

digg deeper

This is an algorithmic display of the top links and content that your Twitter followees have shared. It is paired with News.me, which is a daily email newsletter of what your friends share on Twitter.


57. Socialoomph


Socialoomph (free version) allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords, purge your tweets, track your clicks, send DMs to new followers, save/reuse draft and extend your Twitter profile.

58. Storify


Storify makes it easy to find, collect and share what people are saying on the internet. You can gather any number of tweets and media contents and put them all into a storify collection, which you can embed and share on any platform.

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59. HootSuite


HootSuite can be used to schedule your tweets, integrate 3rd party apps, manage and track your follower growth. It is also packed with features like RSS connections (up to 2), URL shortener and more.

60. Tweetbe


Tweetbe is a powerful tool to create and manage (discover, add, share or remove) your Twitter list.

61. GroupTweet


GroupTweet allows multiple users to tweet from your account without sharing Twitter password. You can grant access to any number of users or revoke access (one by one) at any time.

62. Bio is Changed

Bio is Changed

This tool notifies you when someone changes their Twitter bio or profile picture. This might be helpful for tracking new jobs, news, events etc.

63. Twibes


Twibes helps you to connect with people having mutual interests. Joining interest groups or lists is a great way to expose your content to the right audience.

64. Pluggio


Pluggio is all in one Twitter management suite. It allows you to separate the tweets, manage multiple accounts, auto-discover new friends and plug into your favorite blog and news sources.

65. Wefollow


Wefollow helps you to discover prominent people on Twitter. It’s like a Twitter user directory where you can search users by interest and influence.

66. TwtQpon


TwtQpon might be helpful if you are selling any physical or digital product online. TwtQpon allows users to offer discount coupons and they will be active if anyone tweets about your product. A great way to spread your service.

67. Sentiment140


This is a simple tool to find out negative and positive sentiment percentage towards any keyword or brand.

68. BePresent


Track your brand’s social responsiveness in real time and compare yourself against industry benchmarks. It shows you how quick you respond on Twitter in terms of response rate and average response time.

69. Social Mention

Social Mention

Get a quick glimpse of how people are talking about your brand online. Just enter the keyword and Social Mention will show you strength, sentiment, passion and reach of what you have searched for.

70. HowSociable


HowSociable shows you “social media brand magnitude” (from scale 0 to 10). Each social platform gets its own magnitude number. The free account displays metrics of 12 platforms.

71. Mokumax


Know exactly how well you are doing on Twitter. Mokumax gives you a score (0-100) based on your daily tweets, retweets and replies.

72. TwitCam


TwitCam allows you to publish live streams direct to your Twitter feed for your users. It posts your live stream link and description to your profile for all other users to watch. You can interact with viewers via chat dialogue.

73. Tweekly


Add your favorite user(s) and Tweekly will send you a weekly email with all their updates.

74. TW Birthday

TW Birthday

For those who don’t show their “date joined” to the public, there still a way to find out that. Just enter their username on TW birthday and hit enter.

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75. Twitter Course

Twitter Course Book

This is a free Twitter eCourse and eBook, which is packed with some amazing Twitter tips to help you become a powerful Twitter rockstar.

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