10 Fun Math Games That Will Make You Smarter | 2024 Edition

I would be lying if a say that I loved math as a kid and so would many of you. But believe me, mathematics can be as interesting as any other subject, especially with the right tools. And what could be a better tool than interactive and fun games? It is now proven that games not only accelerates the learning process but also assists in deeper studies.

Through these games, young students can gain basic knowledge, sharpen their skill sets, and learn new things, but most importantly it keeps them engaged with the subject.

Today, there are literally hundreds of these games available but which are the best? To help you with that, we have compiled a list of 10 fun math games that will make you smarter.

10. Math Game For Smart Kids

Platform: Android

Are you looking for a smart math learning app/game that will keep your kid interested in the subject and enhance his/her grasp on its elementary concepts at the same time? If yes, then you can try Math Game For Smart Kids.

The app has three difficulty levels to choose from. Each question comes with multiple choice answers and a time limit. But be careful as just three wrong answers will end the game so you have to answer fast and correct.

At the end of each game, it will rate your overall problem-solving skills and like any other mobile game, all the scores will be stored and ranked accordingly. This will surely motivate players to practice on a regular basis.

9. 24 Game

Game 24

Platform: Card Game

The 24 Game also known as Math 24 is a popular arithmetic card game. While it’s mainly intended for school students, players of almost all ages can enjoy it. The main objective is to make the number 24 by arithmetic manipulation of four numbers shown on the card. For example, if the numbers are 1,2,4,3 then a possible solution would be 4×3=12×2=24÷1=24.

A standard game card carries four digits anything from 1 to 9 and its difficulty level can be recognized by the number of dots in each corner of the card. You can also play this game with an ordinary deck of cards by removing the face cards and placing aces with the value 1.

One unique thing about this game is that it can either played communally (two or more than two players), in which the first one to solve the problem wins or individually in a time mode, where the times taken by each player in solving all cards are compared. The player with the shortest time would win.

8. Math Games for Adults

math games of adults

Platform: Android
Price: Free

With the help of its unique six on one workout games, the Math Games for Adults app can test as well as improve your mathematical capabilities at the same time. The app focuses on several areas of math learning with the main emphasis on speed and problem-solving skills.

It has various levels which enhance the player’s skills at addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers. The intensity/difficulty rises with increasing level.

7. DoodleMaths


Platform: Android, iOS

DoodleMaths is an intelligent learning app that allows kids to grasp many important concepts of the subject at their own pace. The application is powered by an adaptive algorithm which allows users to customize the app according to their child’s need. Just enter the age plus answer a few math questions and you are good to go.

The app will automatically adjust its math curriculum based on your feedback, keeping their strengths and weakness in mind. The questions and daily challenges will keep kids engaged and provide them with learning opportunities. In one sentence, it’s a decent math learning app.

6. Math Blaster

Math blaster

Platform: Android, Browser based

Math Blaster is without a doubt one of the most popular online math learning application in the world. The player began as a new recruit in the Blaster Academy, ready to commence space missions. As the mission progresses, countless problems will arise, which can only be solved by exerting their knowledge of mathematics.

The main idea here is to encourage kids to embrace challenges and improve their mathematical skills but in a more fun way. The player also gains credits after solving mathematical equations, which increases their powers.

As their math skill improves, they will face much stiffer challenges. The level increases from kindergarten to eighth grade. The game is designed to focus on a few specific math concepts for each level and can prove out to be a perfect supplementary earning program.

5. Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy math game

Platform: Android, iOS, browser-based

Prodigy Math Game is a free, multi-platform application designed specifically for kids to learn basic principle in mathematics. It can be used effectively by teachers to easily monitor the entire class and to assess the progress of students individually in real-time.

The application teaches over 900 different math skills in fun and engaging way. It also has an auto assessment tool which puts each student in grade from 1 to 8 with each grade covering specific math topics.

As we mentioned earlier, Prodigy is a completely free program unless you wish to buy an optional parent upgrade, which will give you access to extra game content and other features.

4. Marble Math Junior

marble math

Platform: Android, iOS

Marble Math Junior is a fun math problem-solving app that allows young users to practice and learn various key concepts in the subject such as shapes, number sequencing, basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtractions, and multiplication) and watch/clock reading, etc.

The game features a series of mazes, in which you have to navigate the marble (pointer) to collect answers by avoiding any obstructions. The difficulty level of the maze increases with the increasing level. To maximize learning, parents and tutors can easily customize the game-play to focus on a specific concept.

Learners can also replay each level in case they didn’t get it right on the first time before moving to the next question.

3. Nim

NimImage Courtesy: plus.maths.org

If you think fun math games are just for kids then you are certainly wrong as there are many advanced mathematical games that can be enjoyed by older players as well. One such game is Nim. It’s a two-player mathematical strategy game composed of pieces (normally five) stacked up in multiple piles.

Turn wise, both players have to remove at least one piece from a chosen pile, (it can be more than one piece). In order to win, players have to keep in mind few things. First, how many pieces are there in each pile and predict how many would remain after a couple of moves.

The game may look simple at first but can turn out to be tricky and really ugly when you decide which piece to take, which to leave at last stages of the game. Many may also love this game because it doesn’t have any winning formula.

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2. KenKen

KenKenA typical KenKen problem with its solution

KenKen is a popular arithmetic puzzle game designed by Japanese teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto in 2004 to help his student develop essential mathematical skills. He derived its name from the Japanese word for cleverness.

A typical KenKen board have a grid size of 6 by 6, however, it can vary from 3 by 3 to 9 by 9. Just like Sudoku, you have to fill out all the square grids with numbers, keeping in mind that no digit can be repeated in one column or row, but there is a little twist. Unlike Sudoku, KenKen has “cages“.

They are boldly bordered lines separating grids into different groups. Each cage has a “target” number and a specified arithmetic operation (i.e addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

Your task is to find a combination of numbers that produces the specified “target” number for each cage when combined with the mentioned arithmetic or mathematical operation. The game made its way into the United States in 2008 after popular magazines and newspapers printed the game every day for their viewers.

1. Nine Men’s Morris

Nine Men's MorrisAn illustration of the game being played with dice from 13th century

Nine Men’s Morris is a classic strategy game which was invented at least 2000 years ago possibly during the classical antiquity era and was well-known in the Roman Empire. It also has few other names such as mills, the mill game, ninepenny or cowboy checkers. The game can be played by two and is suitable for both young and adult users.

The board has three concentric squares with four lines connecting each one of them and 24 intersections or connected-points. Both players can start the game with nine pieces (counters) each.

The entire game is divided into three phases; placing, moving pieces and flying. In the first phase, participants take turns to place their pieces in vacant intersections. In the second phase, while continuing alternate moves, players now can relocate their pieces along the lines. But keep in mind that one may not “hop” another piece. The objective here is to form “mills” (three in a row) by aligning three pieces in a row either horizontally or vertically.

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Once a mill is formed by a player, he/she can remove one of the opponent’s pieces from the board. A player can only win when the opponent is reduced to just two pieces, where he could not form any mills.

There is also a third phase in which the player with fewer pieces (two) can relocate them to any free intersection. However, this phase is not consistently followed.

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