Funny Tech Questions, Answers & Trolls from all over the Internet

There are numerous online platforms that are helping a lot of people getting answers and advice on various topics over the years. As the editor of 3rank I see dozens of tech related questions every day. Since almost all questions are moderated, most of the embarrassing fun is edited out and unfortunately most moronic questions never see the light of the day.
If you don’t know what I really mean, have a look at few funny tech questions and trolls we have collected from all over the internet. Few names are hidden to protect the privacy of individuals. Brace yourself, real geeks are coming 🙂

The New Revolutionary Method to Upload Video on YouTube

 How do you get Youtube to come film you

The Exact Difference between Java and JavaScript

The Exact Difference Between Java and JavaScript

Mouse Struggle

 Mouse Struggle

Where to find Water in Ocean?

 Where to find Water in Ocean

So Where Do You Sit? On Computer or On Laptop?

 So Where Do You Sit

Be Careful! Keep Checking Your Wife’s Facebook Status

 Keep Checking Your Wife's Facebook Status

Buy A Big Can of Mirror Spray Paint, Point, and Spray

 How turn computer monitor into mirror

Installing Double Layer of MS Windows

 Installing Double Layer of MS Windows

How Much Does it Cost to Put Disclaimer, Privacy, Terms and Conditions?

 How Much Does it Cost to Put Disclaimer, Privacy, Terms and Conditions

This is What Happens to the People Born On 29th February

 Born on 29 feb

The “dun dun dun dun dun” Actually Did Get Him an Answer

Techno Song
P.S: The question was asked in 2009 when there were no sound tracking apps.

Curiosity of a Social Butterfly

Curiosity of a social Butterfly

The System is Waiting for You to Pay $1 Processing Fee

Credit Crunch

Check Checkbox Checked Property

Check Checkbox Checked Property

Troll Detected

Troll Detected

Dumb Dumber Dumbest

dumb dumber dumbest

Do Not Reply. I Repeat, Do Not Reply

Do not reply

Because Your Dog is Not a Pokemon

Because Your Dog is Not a Pokemon

Strange and Funny Client Requests

Strange and Funny Client RequestsSource

Why Doesn`t the Earth Fall Down?

Why does not the earth fall down

The Answer is Awesome

RegEx match open tags except XHTML self contained tags

Stack Overflow for Asgard and Romulans

Stack Overflow for Asgard and Romulans

Jon Skeet Facts

Jon Skeet FactsSource

The Funniest Comments in Source Code

The Funniest Comments in Source CodeSource

Why did my wife divorce me?

Why did my wife divorce me

A Genuine request from a User

A Genuine request from a User

End Result: Question Closed

So This Guy Wrote C++ Program and its Not Working. Find out Why.

this program erroneously rejected by 3 C++ compilers

Tech Support Jokes (real incidents) 

Strange and Funny Client Requests

Tech Support Jokes (real incidents)

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  • Animesh Singh says:

    Really very funny Jokes for programmers. Although some gone over the head, but the rest I enjoyed a lot. Deserves share!