10 Futuristic Technology Ideas That May Come Very soon

Technology is the most important part of our life that changes the world at every single step. We can’t exactly predict what the future is but the scientists and engineers trying hard to give something new to the world. Upcoming technologies will conquest over the existing ones as they are more advanced and useful for our future. In the last two decades, we saw many technologies continuously growing but in the following article we talk about some futuristic technology. Here is the list of 10 futuristic technologies that we will see in the upcoming years. This list excludes molecular nanotechnology, life extension methods and many more technologies as there is no upcoming evidence of these technologies.

10. Space Tourism

Space TourismPhoto credit: flickr

Space tourism is one of the fastest growing industries which provide opportunities to spend few days in the space. During the period 2001-2009, the price of flights to the International Space Station has been $20-40 million. Few countries such as Russia ended the space tourism in 2010 due to less space in International Space Station. There are many more private space agencies such as Virgin Galactic which recently sold around 700 tickets for $200,000 each in 2014.

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9. Alternative to Petrol and Diesel

Alternatives to Petrol and Diesel

We all know that we have limited source of energy. Rather than thinking about green energy source, the number of automobiles is increasing at a tremendous rate. Due to the limited source, the government has to increase the price. There are many other fuel alternative presents such as natural gas, electricity, hydrogen, bio-diesel and methanol. Now scientists are trying to invent a new and more efficient fuel.

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8. Create Extinct Animals


Photo credit: wikimedia

Resurrection or de-extinction is a controversial process of creating an organism using the DNA fragments. Cloning and selective breeding are the widely known methods that have been applied to endangered animals as you have seen in the film, Jurassic Park series. In 2003 and 2009, scientists failed two times in creating the clone of Pyrenean Ibex. In 2013, a team of Russian and Korean scientists planned to resurrect a Woolly Mammoth using an Elephant as a surrogate mother. These techniques have been later used in trying to conserve endangered species.

7. 3D Printed Food

3D Printed FoodPhoto credit: wikimedia

A German company, Biozoon got popularity as it presents 3D printed food that really tastes good. Now 3D printing is considered as the future and this company came up with an incredible idea. Their main target to create 3D printed food for elderly patients who have difficulty to swallow because this food looks like solid but it melts quickly. The price range of normal 3D printer starts at $100 but for the 3D food printer, Foodini you have to pay $3000.

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6. Fast Battery Charging – StoreDot


StoreDot, an Israeli startup which developed a bio-organic fast charging battery. Now it is only a prototype and rumored that their investors were Samsung. The company produces bio-organic peptide molecules called nanodots which improve the electrolyte performance. They claim that the battery can fully charge in just 30 seconds. The best thing about these is cheap, easy to manufacture and environmental friendly. The company has planned for the mass production of the smart phone batteries in 2016.

5. Aerofex Aero-X

Aerofex Aero-XPhoto credit: pcmag

A California company, Aerofex developed an Aerofex Aero-X, a hoverbike. It is not a hoverboard but more than this. In 2012, Aerofex successfully completed the trials. This bike features carbon fiber chassis and powered by a three cylinder gas engine which will allow carrying up to 140 kg at maximum speed of 72 kmph. Noisy engine may be its negative point. The estimated price is $85000 and the company promised to launch it in 2017.

4. Wireless Charging

Wireless ChargingPhoto credit: macrumors

Until now, wireless charging means charging on electromagnetic pad without using wires or cables. Recently a team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology successfully demonstrated a prototype of a Dipole Coil Resonant System which power up devices up to 4.5 meters. They created a very strong magnetic field that is enough to charge up to 40 mobiles at a time. The best part about it that it can run even large devices such as TV but there is no news when we will be seeing this technology in the real world.

3. Super Maglev Train

Super-Maglev Train

Photo credit: eutimes

The World’s fastest train uses the Maglev technology. Chinese scientists of Southwest Jiaotong University claim their fastest train based on Maglev technology. A vacuum is used to minimize the air resistance which could help the train to reach up to 1800 mph (2900 kmph). Maglev concept uses electromagnetism to lift the train off the track to reduce the friction. Chinese government has doubt about constructing long vacuum tubes and when this problem will sort out, we may travel the long distance in just few minutes.

2. Web Version 3.0

Website Version 3.0 - Futuristic Technology Ideas

Web Version 3.0 is the upcoming and advanced version of the websites. This term was first used in 2006 but there is no exact definition of this word. In the first version 1.0, there is no way to see the information and if you wanted to, you had to go to the source for it. Recently running 2.0 version includes two-way web, blogs and easy sharing of files with the use of social networking. The web version 3.0 have features to access data from anywhere. It is predicted that the 3.0 uses a combination of socially and sourced information and may apply in 2020.

1. 3D Printed Houses

Things You Can Make With 3D Printer - a homePhoto credit: img.rt

3D printing is one of the fastest growing industries in the field of the technology. You can make many amazing things using a 3D printer. China based private company, WinSun has printed ten full size houses of 10 meters wide by 6.6 meters high. This technology is named as contour crafting and it has a huge 3D printer which creates structures using concrete and construction waste. This technology could be used to reduce slums or to provide housing to natural disaster victims in an emergency.

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