How to get Google Adsense Approval: The Complete Guide

There are hundreds of advertising networks and the truth is you can’t compare any of them with Google AdSense. We have tried numerous top level advertising networks and here the interesting fact:
Money earned from 10 highest paying AdSense alternative networks Combined < Money earned from Google AdSense alone

For basic information like how much you can earn, how does the whole Cost per click concept work, what you need to earn etc. Refer: How to Earn Money from Google Adsense

One thing you should remember that AdSense is very serious about their business. They only want to work with genuine publishers. That’s the reason getting AdSense approved is quite difficult as compared to other networks. But if you follow the guideline below, I am damn sure you will get it within a month.

Warning: There is no short trick of getting AdSense. So if you want to earn stably for long time, it’s better you stay out of dirty and some sort new fancy tricks.

How to get Google Adsense Approval: The Complete Guide and how we got it

Do not submit Under-Construction Website

The term under-construction means your site is launched few days/months ago and you are still adding new categories, changing website home page or navigation style etc. I know you wanna earn fast but please don’t hurry up otherwise you will end with nothing. You should at least spend 1 month to create and organize your content.

Do not Compromise with Content Quality

This is very crucial part. The main focus while reviewing application is Content. So according to me, you should spend 85% of time in creating content. You don’t always need to write 1000 word articles. Just give the satisfying answer to your reader what he is searching for. Actually, the problem is most bloggers don’t know what does quality content mean.
More Information: High Quality Content: What does it really mean?

The Images used on website

Copied images could be the cause of rejection. Even if your application has been accepted, you will lose the AdSense account within a month for violating copyright rules. Try to create your own infographics/charts/images as far as possible. You can use free license image on your blog but select each image carefully.
More Information: Internet Images you CAN and CAN’T use on your Website

Content prohibition

A few things you need to avoid

  • Adult contents
  • Online gambling content such as casino sites
  • Violent material
  • Copyright stuff
  • Content related to drugs/tobacco
  • Sports betting or lottery system

Web Design and Structure

Your website structure should be optimal where user can easily navigate from one post to another. Organize your header, content, sidebar and footer area in a pretty nice way. Do not put the main content area at lower position. Moreover, if reader can’t navigate to the homepage within 2 steps, you need to work on design.

Inbound and Outbound links

It is also necessary that Google find and index all your posts. Internal linking help googlebots to easily crawl deep level pages. Whereas external links to spammy, adult and low quality site can lead to rejection. Also, be very careful while accepting comments on your blog.

Already have Ads

Having ads from other network is fine but it also reduces the chance of getting approved. If you are using pop-up or pop-under ads, remove it immediately. Remember, AdSense is not going to approve the application if you are already using 4-5 ads per page.

Apply for Root Domain only

You must apply for root domain for example Domain like or will decrease your approval changes.

The Language

Till now, AdSense supports only 33 language including English, Russian, Arabic, Greek, German, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, French. If you are writing articles in any other language or even if you are making grammatical or spelling mistakes in available languages, don’t expect any approval from Google.

Blocked Domain

Your Domain IP address and Domain Name should not be blocked by Google. How to check this? It’s simple, just go to Google and type”” without quotes. Replace the with your website name. If it is showing search results, (congratulation) your website is not blocked.

The Myth about AdSense approval

Domain must be 6 months old: This is absolutely wrong. Even in India and China you can get AdSense with a month. I am saying this from my own experience; this website got approved within 3 months.

You must have more than n visitors: Daily traffic doesn’t matter. There is no fixed number of visitors you must get before applying.

Things to ask yourself before applying

What is Unique in my site: AdSense is already getting thousands of applications per day and most of them are just a rehash of another website. Make money online and technology blogs are too common these days.

Assume yourself as AdSense owner: Now would you like to display your precious ads on this website?

The perfect Time to apply

Do not apply within a month. First, add 20 high quality articles and then try to get at least 5 good backlinks. Submit your application as soon as you start getting traffic from Google search engine.
In case, they reject your application, read the email carefully and do correct your mistakes. You should wait at least a week before re-applying.

Fill Correct Information while Signing up

This might look silly but sometimes people make mistake in spellings while signing up. This could be the reason of rejection. Be precise with every single data you provide.

Application Review Waiting Time

It is also important to know how long they usually take to review your whole website. Well, in the first step you will receive an email within 10 hours. They will give you a temporary AdSense account and you have to put an ad code on your website.  After putting the code, you will get an email (whether the website is approved or not) within 5 days. 

How we got Approved

We got rejected 3 times and finding reason behind the rejection was really a tough task.

AttemptsRe-appliedResultReasonWhat we Did
1-RejectedSite does not comply with Google policiesRevised all existing content. Added few more in-depth articles.
2after 7 daysRejectedSite does not comply with Google policiesRemoved all nasty outbound links
3after 6 daysRejectedSite does not comply with Google policiesRemoved all images (with copyright) that we have copied from other sources.
4after 8 daysApprovedNAParty!



The all in one solution is, don’t create a website primarily for AdSense. Create it for your readers. If a visitor likes your site, no doubt Google will like it too. In other words, give Google a reason why should they do business with you.

Hope this helps. If you are still facing any problem, feel free to ask. We would love to help you.

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