Google AdSense Tips: Avoid getting your Account Banned

Google AdSense is the highest paying advertising network on the internet. So, obviously it is the first priority to monetize the blog for every small as well as big publisher. Since 2012, we have seen a tremendous increase in Suspended AdSense accounts. And after getting banned, numerous publisher were found on forum sites asking

  • Why my account has been disabled? I didn’t do anything wrong.
  • My website is getting thousands of visitors on daily basis, so why they have suspended by accounts
  • I never clicked on my ads and neither I requested someone to do, still they banned my website.

Account Suspended

These are the most common questions that were asked thousands of times. Below, you will find the answer of all. Believe me, there is nothing like AdSense in terms of Cost per click (CPC) and once you get banned, it becomes really hard to get it back. So don’t risk your earning source and follow these Google AdSense Tips in order to avoid getting your account banned.

20. Unsupported Language

Till date, AdSense program supports 36 languages. If crawlers detect any other language used on webpages (with ads) then your account automatically gets into a danger zone. Moreover, be sure you are using correct spelling and grammar.
Supported Languages

19. Do not alter the code

You are not allowed to modify any of AdSense code. However, you can specify the ad size for various screens if it is responsive custom ad size script.

18. Do not share your ad code with anyone

Displaying your ads on other’s website or on local network is against the policy.

17. Do not use hidden text

Sentences with white font color on white background can’t be read by user but they are visible to search engine. If you are using these kinds of technique to put keywords in article, better to get rid of this.

16. Do not publish the CPC you are getting for keywords

You are not allowed to tell people how much you get paid for keyword on particular page. However, you can publish the total earning of the month but to be on a safe side, don’t include any screenshots.

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15. Do not link to adult/harmful sites

Be very careful with all external links you are putting on webpage. Do not redirect your reader to adult sites or blogs with malware.

14. Pages with too many ads

Usually, Google allows only 3 ad banners per page including 2 search box and 3 text links. Displaying extra 2-3 ads from other advertising network would put you in trouble.
Note: Make sure the advertising network you are using is compatible with AdSense.

13. Too many affiliate links on site

More than 100 links on a single page would classify you as link farm especially if those links are associated with affiliate market.

12. Use Robots to click on your site

Do not use any sort of automated tool to increase page views and clicks. Google can easily detect fraud/automated views. This trick could easily ban your account.

11. Displaying ads on Email

Many publishers started a new trend in last couple of years i.e. broadcasting ads through emails. This is completely against the policy. Once you get caught you will definitely lose your account.
Also, do not use AdSense on mobile apps.

10. Do not engage in Traffic exchange program

This is another major reason behind the blocked account. You are not allowed to use the program that offers any kind of traffic exchange. That might increase the number of views, but remember your ads will be viewed by a limited group of people. Creating any kind of traffic pattern (other than search engine) could increase the change of getting banned.

9. The placement of Ads

High Content to Add ratio

This is the general reason behind thousands of suspended accounts. Don’t let your reader get confused between the original article and ads. These few placements might take your account at risk

  • Too many ads above the fold.
  • Putting a misleading title above ads such as click here, recommended etc.
  • Placing ads right below the images.
  • Displaying ads on 404 pages

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8. Don’t beg for clicks

Never tell your audience to click on ads to support you financially.

Neither do this

  • Click here and see what happens
  • Click to win a price
  • The best product for you
  • Help our partners/advertisers

7. Pop up and pop under

Pop up ads are really annoying and provides very bad user experience. You are strictly not allowed to create any pop up/under window especially if they are ads.

6. Sticky Ads

You might have seen non scrollable ads on sidebar on many websites. They are referred as sticky ads. At present, Google doesn’t allow sticky ads.
Now you might be wondering, then why top websites like 9gag are using this. Well, they got premium AdSense account and permission to do that.

5. Do not make Pages especially for displaying Ads

This is hard to understand for the publisher who just lost their account. The fact is many bloggers start advertising before they earn enough audience. First, you should focus on quality and valuable contents. If you are rehashing contents from other websites without adding anything new, that’s not gonna help you in any way.
If you are designing a website for the reader instead of ads, you are creating a Business.

4. Content Prohibition

Google is very strict about the type of the content. Make sure your website doesn’t contain any topic on

  • Hacking and cracking
  • Drug Alcohol, Tobacco
  • Violent and weapon related content
  • Adult content
  • More Information

3. Copyright material

If you are writing all posts by yourself, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about copyright laws. There are few additional things that you can’t use on your website

  • Images from other sources
  • Direct links to the copyright content
  • Dedicated audio/video downloads

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2. Do not click on your own ads

Few new publishers become greedy once they start seeing dollars in AdSense account. In intent to earn more, sometimes they click on their own ads and tell their family members to do so.  I don’t know why they forget that Google is smart enough to catch the fraud clicks. This is the easiest way of the getting banned.

We do agree that, there are some genuine publishers out there who got banned because of other’s fraud activity. Sometimes all situations are not under your control if you are a small publisher. For example, what if someone clicks hundred times on your ads on every alternate day. Because of these kinds of activities, many publishers have lost thousands of dollars.
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1. A Few more things to avoid

  • Automatically generated content
  • Keyword stuffing in images
  • Scraped content
  • Nasty redirects
  • Cloaking

Still, didn’t find your answer, feel free to ask. We would love to help!!

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