Top 10+ Google Glass Alternatives Available in the Market

The market of head mounted display gadgets is continuously growing and it is estimated that, by 2016, the number of smart glasses could reach over 10 million around the world. Google Glass is considered as one of the most trending wearable gadgets in today’s technology world. It is more than a Smartphone, inbuilt with a microcomputer that features an HD camera, microphone, GPS system. Google didn’t launch it commercially and it already banned in many places in few countries. The reason behind it assumed to be used illegally. Many other companies also created their head mounted displays and some features various new technologies. Google glass is considered as the best head mounted display gadget but this article features some of the most compelling and best of Google Glass alternatives that are available in the market.

11. Epson Moverio BT 200

Epson Moverio BT 200Image credit: engadget

Epson Moverio BT 200 is a new invention in augmented reality gadgets. It is designed for playing games and viewing media. It is transparent and the glass is connected to a touch pad which allows the users to interact with objects on screen. These transparent smart glasses are creating a new world in entertainment, science and medical and many more. Using these glasses, users would be able to play games in real world. The features of the Epson Moverio BT 200 are as follows

  • Lighter weight and more comfortable
  • Dual 3D screen display
  • Augmented Reality Application
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fully transparent display

10. Vergence Labs’ Epiphany Eyewear

Vergence Labs Epiphany EyewearImage credit: wikimedia

Epiphany Eyewear is simple looking glass which is inbuilt with a microcomputer that enable it to record videos. These wearable computers are designed by Vergence Labs. It has a high definition video camera and 10 processing cores that give it a fast speed. It takes images and videos and can be connected to laptop, computers and smartphones via Bluetooth or micro USB. It also has a storage memory that can store up to 32 GB of data and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. It also features electric powered sunglasses that shade the lenses when you are out in the sun.

9. GlassUp

glassupImage credit: glassup

GlassUp is the one of the best smart glasses which shows incoming e-mails, messages, social media updates and other notifications. These actually look like normal glasses and come with and without camera. The non-camera version will cost you around $300 whereas for glass with camera, you need to pay extra $100. The glasses are expected to work with both Android plus iOS and Window phone support coming shortly. There are many other uses of the GlassUp including description what you read, driving directions, news updates, weather forecast and even stock market changes.

8. ChipSiP Smart Glass

ChipSiP Smart Glass

A Taiwanese company, ChipSiP Technology deigned a smart glass which provides an easy way to use mobile phones through the smart glasses. It has a dual cortex A9 processor with 1.2 GHz clock speed. It also features Android platform and more than seventy thousands application are available for this smart glass. The glass slightly looks like Google Glass and has more advanced specification. It is available in the market worth $500, one third of the price of the Google glass. Some of the best features of ChipSiP smart glass are

  • WiFi + Bluetooth + GPS
  • Transparent display
  • HD 720p screen resolution
  • Adjustable view angle

7. Vuzix M100

Vuzix M100

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The Vuzix M100 is the world’s first commercially available smart glasses. It is an Android based wearable computer that has hands free access to data and video capabilities. It is compatible with thousands of Android apps and features Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. It comes with 4 GB of on board storage memory and 3D augmented reality feature. These glasses are mostly used to gather information easily in industrial, medical and in other businesses. It also features GPS system which navigates the directions and head tracking system which maintain the view angle of the users.

6. Telepathy One

Telepathy OneImage credit: slashgear

The Telepathy One is a wearable headset developed in Japan which has similar features as Google glass. It features a sleek and better design that doesn’t touch the user’s face. This smart glass is designed to take pictures and videos and can wirelessly connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. It has an inbuilt camera and micro display technology. The company has funded $5 million and now become a Google glass competitor. It superimposes images and videos directly in front of the user’s face which look like a 5 inch wide display.

5. Recon jet

Recon jetImage credit: reconinstruments

Recon jet is one of the world’s first head up display gadgets and mostly used in sports and outdoor environment. It runs the Android OS version 4.2 and contains the dual core processor with an HD camera, high resolution display and polarized lenses. It has a display screen on the bottom of the lenses so as to provide an easy view for the users. With all these features, it only costs $600. Some other features are

  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Connects to heart rate monitor via WiFi
  • Weighs only 60 grams
  • Interchangeable battery

4. Meta Pro

Meta ProImage credit: spaceglasses

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Meta Pro is a true 3D display smart glass. This augmented reality gadget allows users to interact with the world in a new way. It provides 15 times more display space as compared to Google glass. It contains the Intel i5 processor and in many industries, it is also known as a wearable computer. Its $3000 price tag might scare customers but these smart glasses made a new way in augmented reality. It also features a large collection of applications. Now the company continues to make the more advance version of the Meta Pro.

3. Optinvent Ora S AR

Optinvent Ora S ARImage credit: optinvent

The Optinvent Ora SAR provides a platform that enables hands free wireless mobile computing including location based service, messaging and many more. It was launched in March 2014 with the price of $950. It runs a dual core 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex processor with Android 4.2 and 4 GB flash memory. It features a big 4:3 screen with a 24 degree field of view. It only weighs 80 grams and features wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi with the battery lifespan of 8 hours.

2. Sony Smart Eyeglass

sony smart eyeglassesImage credit: Androidguys

Recently in September 2014, Sony has launched their Smart Eyeglass prototype which is more akin to the Google Glass. It has a slimmed design and integrated with built in projector which display texts and videos to both eyes. Now Google Glass has many rivals but many people still like Google glass’s features. They use a hologram system to display the images which appears 2 meters away from the user. This smartglass also features camera with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity which allows Android apps to run on the glasses for information.

1. Atheer One

Best Google Glass Alternatives- Atheer OneImage credit: atheerlabs

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The Atheer One is regarded as one of the best Google glass alternatives. It provides a platform for true augmented reality. It features two XGA display screen that creates a big screen (26 inches wide) in front of the user’s eyes. Its screen size is seven times the size of Google glass. It can be connected to Android smartphones and compatible with thousands of applications. They initially get funded through Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and it costs $100 for developer kits. Now they are planning to make it commercial with the price tag of $350, making it one of the cheapest smart glasses.

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